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And supplicate thy mercies to my father,
Who’s there?—Evander Answer—tell me-

Enter Phocion, from the Tomb.

Phoc. What voice is that ?–Melanthon
Eup. Ha! those sounds!—
Speak of Evander; tell me that he lives,
Or lost Euphrasia dies.
Phoc. Heart-swelling transport!
Art thou Euphrasia 'tis thy Phocion, love;
Thy husband comes.
Eup. Support me;—reach thy hand.
Phoc. Once more I clasp her in this fond embrace!.
Eup. What miracle has brought thee to me?
Phoc. Love
Inspir'd my heart, and guided all my ways.
Eup. Oh, thou dear wanderer! But wherefore
here 2
Why in this place of woe 2 My tender little one,—
Say, is he safe Oh! satisfy a mother;
Speak of my child, or I go wild at once
Tell me his fate, and tell me all thy own.
Phoc. Your boy is safe, Euphrasia; lives to reign
In Sicily: Timoleon's gen'rous care -
Protects him in his camp :—dispel thy fears;
The gods once more will give him to thy arms.
Eup. My father lives sepulchred ere his time,
Here in Eudocia's tomb; let me conduct thee.
Phoc. I came this moment thence. -
Eup. And saw Evander 2
Phoc. Alas ! I found him not.
Eup. Not found him there?—

And have they then—Have the fell murderers—Oh!

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Phoc. I've been too rash; revive, my love, revive; Thy Phocion calls; the gods will guard Evander, And save him to reward thy matchless virtue. . . .

Enter Evan DER and MELANTHoN.

Eva. Lead me, Melanthon; guide my aged steps; Where is he let me see him.

Phoc. My Euphrasia;
Thy father lives; thou venerable man
Behold !—I cannot fly to thy embrace.

Eup. These agonies must end me—ah, my father!
Again I have him, gracious pow'rs again
I clasp his hand, and bathe it with my tears.

Eva. Euphrasia —Phocion, too!—Yes, both are

here !

Oh, let me thus, thus strain you to my heart.

Phoc. Protected by a daughter’s tender care,
By my Euphrasia sav'd That sweet reflection
Exalts the bliss to rapture.

Eup. Why, my father,
Why thus adventure forth : The strong alarm
O'erwhelm'd my spirits.

Eva. I went forth, my child,
When all was dark, and awful silence round,
To throw me prostrate at the altar's foot,
And crave the care of Heav’n for thee and thine.
Melanthon there

Enter PHILoTAs.

Phil. Inevitable ruin hovers o'er you:
The tyrant's fury mounts into a blaze;
Unsated yet with blood, he calls aloud
For thee, Evander' thee his rage hath order'd
This moment to his presence.

Eva. Lead me to him :
His presence hath no terror for Evander.
, Eup. Horror! It must not be.

Phil. No, never, never:
I'll perish rather! But the time demands
Our utmost vigour. His policy has granted

A day’s suspense from arms; yet even now His troops prepare, in the dead midnight hour, With base surprise, to storm Timoleon’s camp. Eva. And doth he grant a false insidious truce, To turn the hour of peace to blood and horror? Eup. I know the monster well: when specious seeming Becalms his looks, the rankling heart within Teems with destruction. Mel. Now, Phocion, now, on thee our hope depends. Fly to Timoleon; I can grant a passport: Rouse him to vengeance; on the tyrant turn His own insidious arts, or all is lost. Phoc. Evander thou, and thou, my best Euphrasia, Both shall attend my flight. Mel. It were in vain ; Th' attempt would hazard all. Eup. Together here We will remain, safe in the cave of death; And wait our freedom from thy conqu'ring arm. Eva. Oh, would the gods roll back the stream of time, And give this arm the sinew that it boasted At Tauromenium, when its force resistless Mow’d down the ranks of war! I then might guide The battle's rage, and, ere Evander die, Add still another laurel to my brow. Eup. Enough of laurell'd victory your sword Hath reap'd in earlier days. Eva. And shall my sword, When the great cause of liberty invites, Remain inactive, unperforming quite Youth, second youth, rekindles in my veins: Tho' worn with age, this arm will know its office; Will show, that victory has not forgot Acquaintance with his hand.—And yet—O shame!

It will not be: the momentary blaze
Sinks, and expires: I have surviv'd it all ;
Surviv'd my reign, my people, and myself.
Eup. Fly, Phocion, fly; Melanthon will conduct
Mel. And when th'assault begins, my faithful co-
Shall form their ranks around this sacred dome.
Phoc. And my poor captive friends, my brave com-
Taken in battle, wilt thou guard their lives?
Mel. Trust to my care; no danger shall assail
them. -
Pho. By Heav'n, the glorious expectation swells
This panting bosom | Yes, Euphrasia, yes;
Awhile I leave you to the care of Heav'n.
Fell Dionysius tremble; ere the dawn
Timoleon thunders at your gates! the rage,
The pent-up rage, of twenty thousand Greeks,
Shall burst at once; and the tumultuous roar
Alarm th' astonish'd world.
Eva. Yet, ere thou go'st, young man,
Attend my words: Tho' guilt may oft provoke,
As now it does, just vengeance on its head,
In mercy punish it. The rage of slaughter
Can add no trophy to the victor's triumph;
Bid him not shed unnecessary blood.
Conquest is proud, inexorable, fierce;
It is humanity ennobles all!
So thinks Evander, and so tell Timoleon.
Phoc. Farewell;-the midnight hour shall give you
[Erit, with MELANTIIoN and PHILotAs.
Eup. Ye guardian deities, watch all his ways.
Eva. Come, my Euphrasia, in this interval
Together we will seek the sacred altar,
And thank the God, whose presence fills the doom,
For all the wond’rous goodness lavish'd on us.




Dio. Ere the day clos'd, while yet the busy eye

Might view their camp, their stations, and their guards,

Their preparations for approaching night;Didst thou then mark the motions of the Greeks?

Cal. From the watch-tower I saw them: all things


A foe secure, and discipline relax'd.

Dio. Their folly gives them to my sword. Are all My orders issued

Cal. All.

Dio. The troops retir'd
To gain recruited vigour from repose

Cal. The city round lies hush’d in sleep.

Dio. Anon
Let each brave officer, of chosen valour,
Forsake his couch, and with delib’rate spirit.
Meet at the citadel. An hour, at furthest,
Before the dawn, 'tis fix'd to storm their camp.
Haste, Calippus,
Fly to thy post, and bid Euphrasia enter.


Evander dies this night:—Euphrasia too
Shall be dispos'd of. Curse on Phocion's fraud,
That from my power withdrew their infant boy.
In him the seed of future kings were crush'd,
And the whole hated line at once extinguish'd,

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