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This dagger then may free me from his pow'r,
And that drear vault intomb us all in peace.
IPuts up the Dagger.
The din
Of arms with clearer sound advances. Hark!
That sudden burst!—Again l—They rush upon us!
The portal opens; lo!—see there!—behold !
War, horrid war, invades the sacred fane;
No altar gives a sanctuary now. [Warlike Music.

Enter Dionysius and CALIPPUs, with several

Dio. Herewill Imocktheir siege!herestand at bay, And brave them to the last.

Cal. Our weary foes Desist from the pursuit.

Dio. Tho' all betray me, Tho' every god conspire, I will not yield. If I must fall, the temple's pond’rous roof, The mansion of the gods combin’d against me, Shall first be crush'd, and lie in ruin with me. Euphrasia here! Detested, treach'rous woman! For my revenge preserv'd —By Heav'n, 'tis well; Vengeance awaits thy guilt, and this good sword Thus sends thee to atone the bleeding victims This night has massacred.

Cal. [Holding Dionysius’s Arm.] My liege, for


Her life preserv'd may plead your cause with Greece,
And mitigate your fate.

Div. Presumptuous slave?
My rage is up in arms;—by Heav'n, she dies.

Enter EvanDER, from the Tomb.

Eva. Horror! forbear!—Thou murd'rer, hold thy hand The gods behold thee, horrible assassin . -Restrain the blow ; it were a stab to Heav'n ; F

All nature shudders at it !—Will no friend
Arm in a cause like this a father's hand 2
Strike at this bosom rather. Lo! Evander
Prostrate and groveling on the earth before thee!
He begs to die —exhaust the scanty drops
That lag about his heart;-but spare my child.
Dio. Evander' Do my eyes once more behold
him : -
May the fiends seize Philotas . Treach'rous slave!
'Tis well thou liv'st; thy death were poor revenge
From any hand but mine. [Qffers to strike.
Eup. No, tyrant, no; [Rushing before Evand ER.
I have provok'd your vengeance; through this bosom
Open a passage; first on me, on me .
Exhaust your fury. Ev'ry pow'r above
Commands thee to respect that aged head: -
His wither'd frame wants blood to glut thy rage :
Strike here; these veins are full; here’s blood enough;
The purple tide will gush to glad thy sight.
Dio. Amazement blasts and freezes ev'ry pow'r to
Ha! the fierce tide of war [A Flourish of Trumpets.
This way comes rushing on. -
- [Goes to the Top of the Stage.
Eup. [Embracing Evander.] Oh! thus, my father,
We'll perish thus together. -
Dio. Bar the gates; .
Close ev'ry passage, and repel their force. -**
Eva. And must I see thee bleed 2 Oh, for a sword :
Bring, bring me daggers |
Eup. Ha!
Dio. Guards, seize the slave,
And give him to my rage. -
Eva. [Seized by the GUARDs.] Oh!
Inhuman villains! -
Eup. Now, one glorious effort!— --
Duo. Let me despatch; thou traitor, thus my arm—
Eup. A daughter's arm, fell monster, strikes the
blow. , [Stabs Dionysius.

Yes, first she strikes; an injur'd daughter's arm
Sends thee devoted to th' infernal gods. . [He falls.
Dio. May curses blast thy arm! May AEtna's fires
Convulse the land; to its foundation shake
The groaning isle ! May civil discord bear
Her flaming brand through all the realms of Greece;
And the whole race expire in pangs like mine! [Dies.
Eup. Behold ! all Sicily behold!—The point , ,
Glows with the tyrant's blood. Ye slaves, [To the
GUARDs.] look there;
Kneel to your rightful king: the blow for freedom.
Gives you the rights of men! And, oh my father,
My ever honour’d sire, it gives thee life!
Eva. My child—my daughter—sav'd again by
thee | [He embraces her.

A Flourish of Trumpets. Enter Phocion, MELANTHON, PHILOTAs, &c.

Phoc. Now let the monster yield.—My best Eu- phrasia |

Eup. My lord l—my Phocion'—welcome to my


Lo! there the wonders of Euphrasia's arm!

Phoc. And is the proud one fall’n The dawn shall

see him

A spectacle for public view. Euphrasia!
Evander too !—Thus to behold you both-

Eva. To her direct thy looks; there fix thy praise,
And gaze with wonder there. The life I gave her,
Oh, she has us’d it for the noblest ends !
To fill each duty; make her father feel
The purest joy, the heart-dissolving bliss
To have a grateful child.—But has the rage
Of slaughter ceas'd

Phoc. It has.

Bva. Where is Timoleon 2

Phoc. He guards the citadel; there gives his orders To calm the uproar, and recal from carnage His conqu'ring troops.

Eup. Oh! onee again, my father, Thy sway shall bless the land. Not for himself Timoleon conquers; to redress the wrongs Of bleeding Sicily, the hero comes. Thee, good Melanthon, thee, thou gen’rous man, His justice shall reward. Thee too, Philotas, Whose sympathizing heart could feel the touch Qf soft humanity, the hero's bounty, His brightest honours, shall be lavish'd on thee. Evander, too, will place you near his throne ; And show mankind, ev’n on this shore of being, That virtue still shall meet its sure reward.

Phil. I am rewarded: feelings, such as mine, Are worth all dignities; my heart repays me.

Eva. Come, let us seek Timoleon; to his care I will commend ye both: for now, alas! Thrones and dominions now no more for me. To thee I give my crown: yes, thou, Euphrasia, Shalt reign in Sicily. And, oh!ye Pow’rs, In that bright eminence of care and peril, Watch over all her ways; conduct and guide The goodness you inspir’d; that she may prove, If eer distress like mine invade the land, A parent to her people; stretch the ray Qf filial piety to times unborn, That men may hear her unexampled virtue, wn And learn to emulate “The Grecian Daughter,

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