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Who is it thou hast slain? Clytus! What was he?
The faithfullest subject, worthiest counsellor, o
The bravest soldier! He, who sav'd thy life,
Fighting bareheaded at the river Granic,
For a rash word, spoke in the heat of wine,
The poor, the honest Clytus thou hast slain,
Clytus, thy friend, thy guardian, thy preserver.
Heph. Remove the body, it inflames his sorrow.
Aler. None dare to touch him: we must never
art. -
Cruel Honestion and Lysimachus,
That had the power, yet would not hold me! Oh!
Lys. Dear sir, we did.
Aler. I know ye did; yet held me
Like a wild beast, to let me go again
With greater violence.—Oh, ye have undone me!
Excuse it not; you, that could stop a lion,
Could not turn me! ye should have drawn your
And barred my rage with their advancing points,
Made reason glitter in my dazzled eyes,
Till I had seen the precipice before me.
That had been noble, that had shown the friend;
Clytus would so have done to save your lives.
Lys. When men shall hear how highly you were
Aler. No ; you have let me stain my rising glory,
Which else had ended brighter than the sun. .
Oh! I am all a blot, which seas of tears
And my heart's blood can never wash away!
Yet 'tis but just I try, and on the point
Still reeking hurl my black polluted breast.
Heph. Oh, sacred, sir—it shall not—must not be.
Lys. Forgive, dread sir—forgive my pious hands,
That dare in duty to disarm my master.
Alex, Yes, cruel men! ye now can show your
strength :

Here's not a slave but dares oppose my justice,

Yet none had courage to prevent this murder:
But I will render all endeavours vain,
That tend to save my life—here will I lie,

* [Falls on Clytus.
Close to my murdered soldier's bleeding side;
Thus clasping his cold body in my arms,
Till death like his has closed my eyes for ever!.

Enter PERDIccAs.

Per. Treason! foul treason! Hephestion, where's

the king 2 Heph. There, by old Clytus' side, whom he hatn slain. Per. Rise, sacred sir; and haste to save the queen.

Roxana, filled with furious jealousy,
Came. with a guard unmarked; she gain'd. the
And broke upon me with such sudden fury
That all have perished who oppos'd her rage.
Aler. What says Perdiccas’ is the queen in
Per. Haste, sir, to your Statira, or she dies.
Aler. Thus from the grave I rise to save her life:
All draw your swords, on wings of lightning move,
Young Ammon leads you, and the cause is love.
When I rush on, sure none will dare to stay;
'Tis beauty calls, and glory leads the way. [Ereunt.



The Bower of Semiramis,

STATIRA discovered.

Stat. Bless me, ye powers above, and guard my virtue ! Where are you fled, dear shades? where are you fled 2 "Twas but a dream, and yet I saw and heard My royal parents, who, while pious care Sat on their faded cheeks, pronounced with tears, Tears such as angels weep, this hour my last! But hence with fear—my Alexander comes, And fear and danger ever fled from him. My Alexander—would that he were here! For oh, I tremble, and a thousand terrors Rush in upon me, and alarm my heart! - [Flourish of Trumpets. But hark' 'tis he, and all my fears are fled: My life, my joy, my Alexander, comes Ror. [Within..] Make fast the gate, with all its massy bars: At length we have conquered this stupendous height, And reached the grove. . . Stat. Ye guardian gods defend me! Roxana's voice! then all the vision's true, And die I must.


Enter RoxANA.

Roz. Secure the brazen gate. Where is my rival? 'tis Roxana calls: Stat. And what is she, who, with such towering pride, . ." Would awe a princess that is born above her. Row. Behold this dagger! "Tis thy fate, Statira! Behold, and meet it as becomes a queen. Fain would I find thee worthy of my vengeance; Here, take my weapon then, and if thou darest— Stat. How little know'st thou what Statira dares : Yes, cruel woman! yes, I dare meet death With a resolve at which thy coward heart Would shrink; for terror haunts the guilty mind; While conscious innocence, that knows no fear, Can smiling pass, and scorn thy idle threats. Row. Return, fair insolent return, I say: Darest thou, presumptuous, to invade my rights! Restore him quickly to my longing arms, And with him give me back his broken vows, For, perjured as he is, he still is mine, Or I will rend them from thy bleeding heart. Stat. Alas, Roxana' 'tis not in my power; I cannot if I would—and oh, ye gods ! What were the world to Alexander's loss | Ror. Oh, sorceress' to thy accursed charms’ I owe the phrensy that distracts my soul; To them I owe my Alexander's loss : Too late thou tremblest at my just revenge, My wrongs cry out, and vengeance will have way. [Holds up the Dagger Stat. Hold, hold, thy hand advanc'd in air: I read my sentence written in thine eyes; Yet oh, Roxana! on thy black revenge One kindly ray of female pity beam; And give me death in Alexander's presence.

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Row. Not for the world's wide empire shouldst thou see him. Fool' but for him thou might'st unheeded live; For his sake only art thou doom'd to die. The sole remaining joy that glads my soul, Is to deprive thee of the heart I have lost.

Enter SLAVE.

Slave. Madam, the king and all his guards are come; With frantic rage they thunder at the gate, And must ere this have gained admittance. Ror. Ha . Too long I have trifled. Let me then redeem The time mispent, and make great vengeance sure. Stat. Is Alexander, oh ye gods ! so nigh, And can he not preserve me from her fury? Ror, Nor he nor Heaven shall shield thee from my justice. Die, sorceress, die, and all my wrongs die with thee! - [Stabs her. Alexander. [Without..] Away, ye slaves! stand off; Nor Heaven nor earth shall stop me.

Enter ALEXANDER, LysimachUs, CAssanDER, PERDiccAs, THEssaLUs, OFFICERs, and GUARDs.

Ha! Oh! my soul! Iny queen, my love, Statira!
Are these my promised joys 3
Stat. Alas !
My only love, my best and dearest blessing!
'Would I had died before you entered here;
For, thus delighted, while I gaze upon thee,
Death grows more horrid, and I'm loath to leave
thee. -
Aler. Thou shalt not leave me—Cruel, cruel
Oh, where's the monster, where's the horrid fiend,
That struck at innocence, and murdered thes?

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