Public health. The Lomb prize essays

Republican Press Association, 1886 - 198페이지

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65 페이지 - The object of disinfection is to prevent the extension of infectious diseases by destroying the specific infectious material which gives rise to them. This is accomplished by the use of disinfectants. There can be no partial disinfection of such material ; either its infecting power is destroyed or it is not. In the latter case there is a failure to disinfect.
116 페이지 - Vice-President, or in the absence of both a chairman pro tempore, shall preside at all meetings of the Society, and shall have a casting vote. He shall preserve order, and shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Society.
66 페이지 - This is true, for example, as regards the sulphate of iron or copperas, a salt which has been extensively used with the idea that it is a valuable disinfectant. As a matter of fact, sulphate of iron in saturated solution does not destroy the vitality of disease germs or the infecting power of material containing them. This salt is, nevertheless, a very valuable antiseptic, and its low price makes it one of the most available agents for the arrest of putrefactive decomposition in privy vaults, etc.
65 페이지 - ... and practical sanitation is now based upon the belief that the infecting agents in all kinds of infectious material are of this nature. Disinfection, therefore, consists essentially in the destruction of disease germs. Popularly, the term "disinfection" is used in a much broader sense. Any chemical agent which destroys or masks bad odors, or which arrests putrefactive decomposition, is spoken of as a disinfectant. And in the absence of any infectious disease, it is common to speak of disinfecting...
117 페이지 - Society, to digest and prepare business, and to execute such other duties, as may from time to time be committed to them by the Society. They shall have power to make rules for their own government in their meetings.
115 페이지 - Associate. The Executive Committee shall determine for which class a candidate shall be proposed. The Active members shall constitute the permanent body of the Association, subject to the provisions of the Constitution as to continuance in membership. They shall be selected with special reference to their acknowledged interest in or devotion to sanitary studies and allied sciences, and to the practical application of the same.
78 페이지 - In cholera, diphtheria, yellow fever, and scarlet fever, all vomited material should also be looked upon as infectious. And in tuberculosis, diphtheria, scarlet fever, and infectious pneumonia, the sputa of the sick should be disinfected or destroyed by fire. It seems advisable also to treat the urine of patients sick with an infectious disease with one of the disinfecting solutions below recommended.
108 페이지 - Public Health Service and the Highest Educational Qualifications of the Medical Profession.
79 페이지 - No. 1, diluted with three parts of water, or with 1: 1000 solution of corrosive sublimate. Standard Solution No. 3, diluted in the proportion of four ounces to the gallon of water, may be used. The walls and ceiling, if plastered, should be brushed over with one of these solutions and subsequently washed over with a lime wash. Especial care must be taken to wash away all dust from windowledges and other places where it may have settled, and to thoroughly cleanse crevices and out-of-the-way...

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