Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 58권


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19 페이지 - The objects of the Association are, by periodical and migratory meetings, to promote intercourse between those who are cultivating science in different parts of America, to give a stronger and more general impnlse and more systematic direction to scientific research, and to procure for the labors of scientific men Increased facilities and a wider usefulness.
24 페이지 - Council shall meet on the day preceding each annual meeting of the Association, and arrange the programme for the first day of the sessions. The time and place of this first meeting shall be designated by the Permanent Secretary. Unless otherwise agreed upon, regular meetings of the Council...
235 페이지 - Observations with the Bruce Spectrograph. (With lantern.) EDWIN B. FROST, Yerkes Observatory. Astrophysical Journal. Comments on the Zeiss Stereocomparator and the Spectrocomparator Belonging to Yerkes Observatory. (With lantern.) EDWIN B. FROST. Director's Report, Yerkes Observatory: Photographic Phenomena of Comet d 1907. (Daniel.) (With lantern.) EE BARNARD, Yerkes Observatory. On a Great Bed of Nebulosity in Sagittarius, Photographed with the Bruce Telescope of the Yerkes Observatory.

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