Congressional Reference Bureau: Hearings Before the Committee on the Library, House of Representatives, on Various Bills Proposing the Establishment of a Congressional Reference Bureau, February 26 and 27, 1912

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1912 - 114페이지

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43 페이지 - ... bearing upon legislation, and to render such data serviceable to Congress, and committees and Members thereof...
8 페이지 - Parliament in 1783, but his career both in the House of Commons and in the House of Lords was in striking contrast with that at the bar.
24 페이지 - To printed literature it often adds written memoranda as to fact and even opinion as to merit, which it secures by correspondence with experts. The above work, which organizes and concentrates all the data pertinent to a question in such form as to be readily responsive, is beyond the abilities of the Library with its present organization. The Library would gladly undertake it; it could undertake it without additional appropriation for the material itself, so far as this is in printed form; but it...
25 페이지 - ... organization of these to respond to the legislative need, and the aid to their use; or in addition to this, (2) the preparation of indexes, digests, and compilations of law not having directly such ends in view; or in addition to both the above, (3) the drafting and revision of bills. In any case it must be emphasized — 1. That the organization must be elaborate beyond that provided by any State, since the subjects to be dealt with are far wider in scope, the material more remote, more complex,...
33 페이지 - ... Supreme Court does ? Mr. CLEVELAND. I am not here to argue or present a brief on the subject : I am responding to a request for an opinion with respect to the need for scientific agencies in Government as an aid to officers responsible for the work of each branch. The opinion given is not a new idea. It is the German idea, of having a scientific staff back of the line : and to my mind it is the one thing that has made Germany more proficient than any .other nation in its governmental processes....
33 페이지 - ... application of science in every department of life, including the Government. In the words of the chairman of the President's Economy and Efficiency Commission, Dr. Cleveland, at the House committee hearings last session on the proposed legislative reference bureau and a corps of legislative investigators: To state the view in a summary form, in my opinion the Government should have back of each one of its three branches a scientific agency which would be nonpartisan and which would provide those...
53 페이지 - THE DRAFTING ROOM. 1. No bills will be drafted in the reference room. A separate drafting room and a separate force have been provided. 2. No bill will be drafted nor amendments prepared without specific detailed written instructions from a member of the legislature.
53 페이지 - 1. No bills will be drafted in the Reference Room. A separate Drafting Room and a separate force have been provided. "2. No bill will be drafted, nor amendments prepared, without specific detailed written instructions from a member of the Legislature. Such instructions must bear the member's signature. "3. The draftsman can make no suggestions as to the contents of the bills.
25 페이지 - The first appropriation should be, therefore, a "lump sum." 3. That for the work to be scientific (ie, having only truth as its object) it must be strictly nonpartisan; and that, therefore, whatever the appointing or administrative authority, the selection of the experts and the direction of the work should by law and in fact be assuredly nonpartisan.
86 페이지 - ... shall be referred to the same committee) by the President of the Senate or the Speaker of the House of Representatives, as the case may be.

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