Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Surrogate's Court of the County of New-York, 3권


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46 페이지 - No will in writing, except in the cases hereinafter mentioned, nor any part thereof, shall be revoked or altered, otherwise than by some other will in writing, or some other writing of the testator, declaring such revocation or alteration, and executed with the same formalities with which the will itself was required by law to be executed...
525 페이지 - This controversy relates to the validity and effect of the seventh clause of his will, which is as follows : "I give, devise and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal...
328 페이지 - ... by the burning, tearing, or otherwise destroying the same by the testator, or by some person in his presence and by his direction, with the intention of revoking the same.
60 페이지 - Where a grant for a valuable consideration shall be made' to one person, and the consideration therefor shall be paid by another, no use or trust shall result in favor of the person by whom such payment shall be made; but the title shall vest in the person named as the alienee in such conveyance, subject only to the provisions of the next section.
98 페이지 - ... no devise in writing of lands, tenements or hereditaments, or any clause thereof, shall be revocable, otherwise than by some other will or codicil in writing, or other writing declaring the same, or by burning, cancelling, tearing or obliterating the same by the testator himself, or in his presence, and by his directions and consent...
74 페이지 - I give, devise and bequeath all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, to my beloved wife, Susie E. Smith, to have and to hold to her, my said wife, and to her heirs and assigns forever.
350 페이지 - ... at the time of making the will, and at the time of the death of the testator, and during the intermediate period, (if there be any change,) so that the elements of a full decision may be finally brought before the court.
124 페이지 - The question is, not what the testator had in his contemplation when he made his codicil, but what the words he has used will embrace, according to their ordinary signification, which must prevail, unless qualified by other expressions in the instrument.
98 페이지 - ... 2. By being burnt, torn, canceled, obliterated, or destroyed, with the intent and for the purpose of revoking the same, by the testator himself, or by some person in his presence and by his direction.
202 페이지 - ... such child and his descendants shall be excluded from any share in the distribution of such surplus.

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