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[March 1,



PROCEEDINGS OF UNIVERSITIES. OXFORD, Jan. 14,-being the first day Rev. J. P. Hewlett, M. A. of New Coll. of Lent Term, the following gentlemen was elected Proctor in the University were admitted to degrees:

Court, in the room of Mr. Rhodes. M. A.-The Rev. G. White, of Oriel Feb. 4, the following gentlemen were College; the Rev. W. Burrows, of St. admitted to degrees : Edmund-hall.

M. A.--Lord Binaing, of Ch. Church, B. A.-S. H. Cassan, esq. of Magda- Grand Compounder; Mr. S. H. Kilderlen-hall.

bee, of University Coll.; Mr. N. T. ElJan. 20, the following were admitted: lison, of Corpus Christi Coll.

B. D.-The Rev. J. Williains, M. A. B. C. L.-Mr. R. S. Barter, of New of St. Edmund-ball.

Coll. M. A.--W. Hesketh, esq. of Brasen B. A.--Mr. L. P. Welland, of Exeter nose College, grand compounder; the Coll. ; Mr. S. Willis, of Magdalen Coll. Rev. R. Lewis, of Baliol College. Mr. W. S. Ching, of St. Johu's Coll.;

Jan. 24.--The Rev. W. A. Jenner, Viscount Stopford and the Hon. W. Eden, Rev. B. Tate, Rev. J. Chapman, Rev. A. of Chr. Church; Mr. T. Lewes, of BraLoveday, and Rev. E. Ellerton, B. D. sennose Coll.; Mr. Jas. Yonge and Mr. and Fellows of Magdalen College, were C. T. Collins, of Baliol Coll. admitted, in congregation, Doctors in Feb. 7, the following were admitted Divinity.

to degrees: Jan. 26, the following gentlemen were M. A.-The Rev. John Sheppard, of admitted to degrees:

St. John's Coll. D. C. L.-Edw. Hampson, of St. B. A.-Mr. T. Penrose, of Corpus John's College,

Christi Coll. M. A.-Rev. H. D. Morgan, of Trin. The number of Determining Bachelors Coll.; Mr. W. Parker, of New Coll. ; this Lent is 169. Rev. F. W. Millar and Mr. T. Keble, of The Senior Proctor nominated Mr. Corpus Christi Coll.; Rev. John Evans, Chas. Daubeny, B. A. of Magdalen Coll. of Lincoln Coll. ; Mr. George Goriog, of and the Junior Proctor nominated Mr. Brasennose Coll.; Rev. Jos. Fletcher, Thos. Arnold, B. A. of Corpus Christi of St. Edınund-hall.

Coll. to be Collectors. B. C. L.--Rev. T. Brereton, of New CAMBRIDGE, Jan. 20.-The following Coll.

are the subjects for Sir Wm. Browne's B. A.-John P. Potter, of Oriel Coll.; gold medals for the present year:-For Mr. Edwin Jacob, of Corpus Christi the Greek ode: In Augustissimum GalColl.; Mr. Chas. H. Lethbridge, of lie Regem solio adito redditum.-For the Wadham Coll.

Latin ode: Vivus ducent de marmore The same day, in full convocation, the vultus. For the epigrams: Quicquid didegree of Doctor in Divinity, by diplo- cam, aut erit aut non. The Vice-chanma, was unanimously conferred on the cellor has given notice that no prize will Rev. Edward Copleston, B. D. late be adjudged to any candidate who has Poetry Professor, formerly Scholar of not kept at least one term. Corpus Christi College; elected Fellow Jan. 21, being B. A. commencement, of Oriel College, 1795; and Provost of the gentlemen undermentioned were the same House, December 22d, 1814. admitted to the degree of Bachelor of

Jan. 27, G. Hornby, M. A. was elected Arts: Fellow of Brasennose Coll. by the Prin St. Peter's College-Messrs. Bligh, cipal and Fellows of that Society. Dobson, Montague, Quilter, 4. Clare

Feb. 2, in a convocation, George Va- hall-Messrs. Bidwell, Brooke, Metcalfe, lentine Cox, M. A. of New College, was Kidsdale, Worthington, 5. Pembroke unanimously elected Superior Bedel in hall-Messrs. Ainslie, Bond, Phear, Pinthe faculties of Medicine and Arts, in der, Sparke, Taylor, Tennant, White, 8. the room of Mr. Rhodes.---The following Caius College-Messrs. Maud, Rudge, day, Tilleman Hodgkinson Robart, for- Theobald, Wildig, 4. Trinity-hallmerly a member of University Coll. was Messrs. Crossingham, Newdegate, Wilunanimously elected Superior Bedel in kinson, 3. Bene't College, Messrs. Day, Law, in the place of Mr. Cox, and the Flather, Holmes, Law,Tweed, 5. Queen's

sam, 5.

1815.) Proceedings of the University of Cambridge. College-Messrs. Beard, Brereton, Foys Jan. 21, the Rev. John Kave, Master ter, Galland, 4. Catharine-hall-Messrs. of Christ College, was admitted Doctor Norman, sen. Norman, jun. 2. Jesus in Divinity, by royal mandate. College-Messrs. Brackenbury, Calveit, Mr. Bowen, of Trinity College, was Emly, Lovell, 4. Christ College-Messrs. on the same day admitted B. A Benson, Brouk, Hildyard, Marsh, New The following are the subjects for the

St. John's College-Messrs. prizes given by the Representatives in Barnard, Barrow, Bell, sen. Bell, jun. Parliament for this University, for the Blackburn, Boucherett, Briarly, Brown, present year: Carnac, Chapman, Clough, Douglas, SENIOR BACHELOPS.- Quid causa est, Downes, Evans, Fielding, Fiske, Gordon, cur apud Romanos, posiquum sub ImpeGraham, Greenwood, Hale, Flarrison, ratoribus essent, crimia minus fiorerent Henniker, Heysham, Hicken, Higton, ingenia ? Holmes, Jones, Luxmore, sen. Luxmore, MIDDLE BACHELONS.—Utrum clementjun. Miller, Mills, Moore, Owen, Pas- tioris sit animi, leviter delinquentes supcoe, Ramsay, Roberts, Robinson, Sal- pliciis, pro ratione culparum udhibitis, wey, Smith, Thirlwall, Utterson, Watson, coercere, an impunitos dimittere ? White, Worsley, 44. Magdalen College Jun. 30.-The Anniversary of the MarMessrs. Bird, Gisborne, Pratt, Raven, tyrdom of King Charles, was observed Rawson, Vale, 6. Trinity College- with the usual solemnity. The serinon Messrs. Bagshaw, Bawtree, Beckett, at St. Mary's was preached by the Rev. Blayds, Brisco, Cator, Cheap, Clapham, Dr. Chafy, Master of Sidney College, Dalton, Douglas, Ferard, Foley, Franks, and the Latin Speech in the SenateGolding, Gordon, Graham, Green, Hag- house was delivered by the Rev. S. B. gitt, Hort, Lefevre, Leicester, Moody, Vince, Fellow of King's College. Mowbray, Price, Purvis, Scarlett, Sen Feb. 3.- The Rev. 1. C. Powys and house, Sperling, Thomson, Waddington, T. Sheldon, B. A. of Corpus Christi Wigram, Wilson, sen. Wilson, jan. 33. College, were lately erected Fellows of Emmanuel College-Messrs. Archdall, that Society. Burroughes, Price, 3. Sidney College Feb. 10.-T. Silvester, esg. of St. PeMessrs. Dale, Dicken, Goddard, Keene, ter's College, was admitted B.C.L. Mitchinson, Roy, Southcombe, Thimble Feb. 11. -The Rev. Jas. Wood, B. D. bye, Wynch, 9. Total 139.

President of St. John's College, was The list of Academical Honours is as unanimously elected Master of that sofollows:

ciety, in the room of the late Dr Craven. Wranglers-Leicester, Trinity; Cal The subjects of the Bishop of London's vert, Jesus; Theobald, Caius; Holmes, two gold inedals, of the value of 15 Bene't; Wigram, Trinity; Smith, St. guineas each, for the present year, are, John's; Burroughes, Emmanuel; Ains For the Latin Dissertation : :- Vera lie, Pembroke; Moody, Trinity; Watson, probatur esse Religio Christiana, co quo St. John's; Clapham, Trinity; Dicken, Quatuor Evangelistæ inter se discrepent. Sidney; Phear, Pembroke; Beckett, For the English: -Every kingdom din Trinity; Owen, Robinson, St. John's; vided against itself is brought to desolaBidwell, Clare: Purvis, Trinity; Miller, tion.—Matt. xii. 25. Graham, Barrow, St. John's; and Sperl Any member of Christ College may be ing, Trinity.

a candidate ; and the dissertations are Senior Optimes.-Luxmore, jun. St. to be sent to the Master of that College John's; Taylor, Pembroke; Thirlwall, before the 1st of July next. St. John's; Ridsdale, Clare ; Sparke, DR. CLARKE, the Professor of Mines Pembroke; Wilding, Caius; Franks, Tri- ralogy, began his Course of Lectures, as nity; Keene, Sidney; Flather, Bene't; usual, on Tuesday the 14th of Febrnary, Salwey, St. John's, Waddington, Hag- and will continue to deliver them in the gitt, Trinity; Briarly, St. John's; Arch- Museum of the Botanic Garden, every dall, Emmanuel; Pinder, Pembroke; Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at White, Pascoe, St. John's; Tweed, twelve o'clock. Their object is to illusBene't; Metcalfe, Clare; Dobson, Peter- trate the inineralogy of every country house ; Emly, Jesus; Tennant, Pem- hitherto explored, with occasional rebroke; and Raven, Magdalen.

ferences to travellers of all ages; the naJunior Optimes.—Bell, jun. St. John's; tural history of every mineral substance Gordon, Trinity; Chapman, Mills, St. employed by man in any useful or ornaJohn's; Green, Golding, Trinity; Rudge, mental undertaking; the nineralovy ot Caius; White; Pembroke; and Pratt, sacred and profane bistory, poetry and the Magdalen.

fine arts. Wirb that liberality and luxe ui New MoxrILY MAG.No. 14.

VOL. 111.

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142 Intelligence in Literature and the Arts and Sciences. [March 1,
science which have hitherto marked the public to the fall of the Corsican Tyrant,
career of the learned Professor, he has in 3 vols. Svo, is printing in French and
given notice that, “As a grateful return for English.
the success which has attended these Lec The llistory of the secret Societies of
tures during eight years, and with a view the French army, and of the Military
to bequeath a Professorship to the Uni- Conspiracies designed to overthrow the
versity under circumstances which may government of Buonaparte will also
best tend to the advancement of mine appear in French and English, in one ro-
ralogical science, the plan of admission lume, 8vo.
will in future be altered. Noblemen Dr. Kidd, Professor of Chemistry at
and Fellow-Commoners may attend upon Oxford, bas in the press a Geological
the usual terms of other public Lectures; Essay on the General Structure of the
but all Senior Sophis, Bachelors, Masters Earth, and the changes produced on its
of Arts, and all private Tutors, will have surface by the operation of existing
a free admission. Heads of Houses will cause's.
have the usual privileges of appointment Mr. Andrew Becket, author of Lu-
from the class of Junior Students; and cianus Redivivus is preparing for the
the collection of materials, which the press the Dramatic Works of JAMES
Professor has been many years in form- SHIRLEY, now first collected, with notes
ing, will be always open to the members and observations, and an account of the
of the different Universities of this coun- author's life, which are intended to form
try, and to travelling Students of foreign four 8vo. volumes.
Universities of whatsoever nation." He Mr. TORRexs will speedily publish, in
also requests that those who propose to one 8vo. volume, an Essay on the Exter-
attend, will, as usual, inscribe their names; nal Trade in Corn.
a correct list having been preserved since Mr. J. Aspin is engaged upon a Syse
the foundation of the Professorship.- tematic Analysis of Universal History,
In his introductory Lecture Dr. Clarke which will extend to four 4to. volumes,
explained the origin of Meteoric Stones; and be published in parts.
and, being again assisted by the Geolo The Rev. Mr. COBBIN will shortly put
gical Society, with a series of Aerolites, to press the French Preacher, consisting
he illustrated his theory of their forma- of valuable Discourses translated from
tion, by an exhibition of the most re the most eininent Catholic and Protestant
markable substances which are known Divines, with biographical notes, in one
to have fallen from the atmosphere.

volume 8vo.

We are glad to find that the suggestion Mr. Peter Coxe has circulated pro- of a Correspondent in one of our late posals for publishing by subscription a numbers relative to Sir H. Davy's Agripoem entitled The Social Day, in four cultural Chemistry has been adopted,

The subject embraces a circle and that an abridgment of that work is of social intercourse, commencing at preparing. the hour of breakfast, extending until The Rev. Mr. PolWHELE has nearly midnight, and interspersed with occur- ready for publication The Fair Isabel, rences and remarks drawn from society a Cornish romance, in six cantos, at large. The work will be printed in A Geological Itinerary through the royal 8vo., and embellished with 25 plates, counties of Warwick, Stafford, and Derdesigned and engraved by the most emi- by, accompanied with coloured plates, nent artists in their respective departe illustrative of the natural productions, is ments. We must not omit mentioning printing in an 8vo. volume. that all these embellishments are spon Mr. SAMUEL Smith, of the Inner taneously and gratuitously contributed Temple, will soon publish, in 8vo. Ob-a token of regard that reflects the servations made doring a recent Visit to highest credit upon the liberality of the Paris. artists, and strikingly evinces the sense Mr. G. WOODLEY, of Tiuro, is preparthey entertain of the talents and worth ing for publication an Essay on Shipof the amiable author. Most of the wreck, a work founded on experiment members of the royal family appear at and actual observation, in which the vathe head of the numerous and truly re- rious disasters incident to shipping are spectable list of subscribers.

traced up to their first causes, and a taA History of the Conspiracics formed riety of expedients for preserving ships, against Buonaparte from 1797 to 1814, lives, and property, are suggested. As or Secret Chronicle of France and Italy, some time must elapse before this essay from the erection of the Cisalpine Rc- can make its appearance, the author will



Intelligence in Literature and the Arts and Sciences.


readily communicate such parts of his stances, &c. containing a translation of plans to respectable individuals as the the Proverbs and Proverbial Poems into urgency of peculiar circumstances may English from the Meryrian Archaiology., require.

At the request and by the generosity Nr. T. GRINFIELD, of Trinity Cole of one of the most liberal benefactors of lege, Cambridge, bas in the press a vo the same society, a premiun of fifty lume of Epistles and other Poems. pounds will be given for the best Essay

The Rev. Mr. EUSTACE is now in Italy, on the Divine Origin and Succession of collecting materials for a third volume of the Christian Priesthood: on its Neceshis Classical Tour in that country. sity, as a Divine Appointment: and on

A work under the title of Lite Smooth the relation which it bears to the Jewish and Rough as it runs is in the press. Priesthood.

Mr. Bellamy, the author of the His Mir C. BLUNT, Optician, of Tavitory of all Religions; the Ophion, in re stock-street, Covent Garden, is preparfutation of the opinion of Dr. A. Clarke; ing for the press a Descriptive Essay on and Biblical Criticisms; has undertaken the Instrument vulgarly termed the la-, to edit a quarterly periodical work enti- gic Lantern, with many platia and woodtled The Biblical Journal, wherein all cuts, which will contain complete inthe objections advanced by the ancient structions for the more perfect manageand moderu Deists will be refuted, strictly ment and the more extensive and raabiding by the literal translation of the tional use of this most curious instrusacred original. The first number will ment in its present improved state, and appear on the 31st of March.

an account of the various instruments and Mr. Bellamy's New Translation of contrivances for exbibiting optical dethe Scriptures from the Original Hebrew ceptions ; a desc iption of various simple will be sent to press as soon as the sub- and amusing combinations to be made seription is filled up.

with the Magic Lantern, and distinct inMr. Robert THOMPSON has in the structions for the choice and managepress a rapid Sketch of the French Revo- ment of the colours, &c. used in painting lution, including the eventful period from the slides, (according to a new and more 1789 to the downfall of Buonaparte, simple process discovered and practised with many interesting anecdotes. The by the author ;) which enables perauthor was himself an eye witness of the sons who can draw in ater colours, to principal facts here related.

paint very superior slides theniselves; In a few days will be published, in directions for fitting up portable theatres one vol. 8vo. A Memorial offered to her of optical amusement at a small expense, Royal Highness the Princess Sophia,' and the mode of construction and conElectress and Duchess Dowager of trivances necessary to render improved Hanover, containing a delineation of the optical instruments of this nature very constitution and policy of England, with powerful auxiliaries in public theatres; anecdotes concerning remarkable per- dissertations on the probability of optical sons of that time, by GILBERT BURNET, deceptions having been used during the Bishop of Salisbury; now first published dark ages to overawe the ignorant, and by permission of his Royal Highness the the eligibility of now employing the Prince Regent according to the original sanie means io promote and simplify the in the Royal Library at Hanover. To objects of general eclucation. which are added some Letters from Bur Mr. Accum has in the press a Treatise net and Leibnitz, and fac-similes of the on Gas Light; exhibiting a summary dehand-writing of those two distinguished scription of the apparatus and machinery

best calculated for illummaling streets, , The Society for promoting Christian houses and public edifices, with carbuKnowledge and Church Union in the retted hidrogen, or coal gas; tugather with Diocese of St. David's has offered for the remarks on the utility, safety, and general present year a premium of ten pounds nature of this new branch ofc vil economy. for the best essay on the evidence that This work will be illustrated with geoSt. Peter never was at Rome, digested metrical and perspective designs, showfrom the writings of Salmasius, Spanheiin, ing the structure of the larger gas light and others; also a premium of ten pounds apparatus now successfully employed for for the best essay on the British proverbs lighting the streets and houses of this and British proverbial poems, arranged metropolis, as well as the smaller apparespectively under their several charac- ratus used for lighting manufactories and ters as they relate to Religion, Morals, private establishments. History, Natural and Local Circum Mr. Parkes, author of the “ Che


Inteiligence in Literature and the Arts and Sciences. [March 1, mnical Catechism," has now in the press the Jesuits were the authors of almost a series of Chemical Essays, which he all the calamities which desolated the ylesigns to publish in four pocket volumes, world at large, and Europe in particular, including a variety of explanatory notes especially the Protestant part of it;and a copious index. These essays are that to doctrines of the most pernicious. written in a familiar style, so as to suit tendency, both in morals and politics, those readers who are not yet proficients they have added practices in each of a in chemical science, and they embrace nature utterly indefensible;- that the an assemblage of curious and interesting agents employed by them in the prosesubjects in the economy of nature as well cution of their objects, have been almost as on soine of the most important manu- exclusively members of the Catholic factures of this country. The work will communion, who have ever been their be illustrated with more than twenty willing instruments; and that, since the copper-plate engravings, and all from concessions of the present reign (espeoriginal drawings, either of new chemical cially the grant of the elective franchise) apparatus, or of such improved ma- have greatly increased the number and chinery as are now einployed in the re- influence of Catholics both in England spective inanufactories on which the au- and Ireland, the connexion which has zhor lias treated in these essays. The ever subsisted between the Jesuits and whole is in considerable forwardness, themselves assumes the more importand will probably be ready for delivery ance, and threatens greater danger to by the end of March or beginning of the interests of a Proiestant nation and April.

government;—that the circumstance of On the 1st of April is intended for ihe Jesuits having lately arrived in Irepublication, the eleventh part of Mr. Land, in spite of laws which have never STORER's Graphical and Historical De been abrogated, is part of the system of scriptions of the Cathedrals of Great achieving by fraud what cannot be Britain. This part will contain the His- effected by force ;-that under these cirtory of Hereford Cathedral, with eight cumstances the present Pope, in reviving highly finished engravings.

an order which was abolished by Pope A pamphlet has just appeared, enti- Clement XIV. about forty years since, tled " A Brief Account of the Jesuits, and in assigning to it at the same time with Historical Proofs in support of it, the aid of THE INQUISITION, its oldest tending to establish the danger of the and best ally, has himself acted upon revival of ibat order to the world at

the great principle of Jesuitism, viz. that Large, and to the united kingdom in par- the end to be achieved will sanction the ticular;" published by Rivington, Hatch use of the worst meuns, and bas etfectuard, White, and Seely. The plan em- ally provided for the revival of all the braces three parts: 1st, À sunimary of evils iuseparable from the employment the history of the Jesuits ; 2d, Evidences of such asents;-finally, that the Vnited drawn from the history of other nations Parliament owes it to its own safety, and and our own, for the purpose of esta to the interests of the nation at large, imLlishing it; and, 3d, Reflexions on the inediately to dismiss the Jesuits who whole subject. The great object of the have at this time arrived in Ireland, and writer appears to be, lo shew that, not- probably in England, and to prevent withstanding the pretensions of the Je- ihe landing of others of the same prosuits to superior learning and talents, fession. their order is only a corrupt modifica DR. CLARKE and Mx, CLARKE will tion of the papal system; and that its commence their next Course of Lectures members have been at all times the most on Midwifery and the Diseases of Women ardent and active agents of the Romish and Children, on Monday, March 20. church; having been by no means scru- The Lectures are read at Mr. Clarke's pulous in the employment of all the house, 10, Saville Row, Burlington Garincans in their power (not excepting dens every day, from a quarter past ten PERSECUTION in every form) to swell the to a quarter past eleven, for the conviumphs, and enlarge the possessions, of venience of students attending the hosthat church;-ihat the constitution and pitals. For particulars apply to Dr. rules of the society oblige its members Clarke, New Burlington Street, or to to a practice opposed to the plainest Mr. Clarke. dictates of religion and good conscience, Speedily will be published, in 4to. An and hostile to the safety of sovereign Inquiry into the Origin and Early Hisprinces, governments, and states ;-that tory of Engraving, on Copper and in in the two centuries of their existence, Wood, with an account of the most an

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