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Dr. Buchanan---Sir J. Sheffield-Sir C. W. Malet.

[March 1,

etical epistle on the rage for collecting old purpose of ascertaining the state and wants of and scarce books, addressed by Dr. Ferriar, the Christians in those parts; and at the time through the medium of the press, to Richard of his death, which happened on the oth of Heber, esq. furnished the Rev. Mr. Dibdin February, he was actually engaged in superwith the idea of his well-known work pub intending an edition of the New Testament lished under the same title. The last of the in Syriac for their use. Doctor's literary performances was “ An Es In Portland-place, Sir John Sheffield, bart. say toward a Theory of Apparitions," 8vo. 72. He succeeded his father, Sir Charles, published in 1813. The high rank’ which the first baronet (a natural son of John ShefDr. F. held in his profession, not only in field Duke of Buckingham) in 1774, and in Manchester and its inmediate neighbour- 1784 married Sophia Charlotte, daughter of hood, but through a wide circle of the sur Dr. Wm. Digby, dean of Durham, brother rounding country, was founded on long and to the first Earl Digby. As he had no issue general experience of the efficacy of his by this lady, he is succeeded in his title and counsels In the common relations of life, estates by his brother the Rev. Robert Shefhe will long be remembered as a man of in- field. flexibe honour and integrity, as a warm and At Bath, Sir Charles Warre Malet, bart. steady friend, and as a tender and most in- F. R. S. and F. A. S. This gentleman dulgent parent.

derived his descent from William Lord MaABroxbourne, Hertfordshire, the Rev. let, one of the great barons who accompaClaudius Buchanan, D. D. and L. L. D. of nied the Norman conqueror in his invasion Queen's College, Cambridge. This divine, of England, and whose family acquired very who left England in 1796 for the East Indies, large possessions in various parts of this where he for several years held the office of country. Sir Charles entered in 1770 into vice-provost of the College of Fort William, the service of the East India Company, and Bengal, has particularly distinguished him- held several offices of great trust and responself since his return by the zeal which he has sibility. In 1785 he was appointed plenipomanifested for the introduction and propaga- tentiary to the court of the Peshwa, or Chief tion of the precepts of christianity among the of the Mahrattas, having previously visited natives of the East. In 1804, he gave two the Great Mogul, and been created one of hundred guineas to the university of Cam- the nobles of his empire. For his meritobridge as a prize for the best English prose rious services his Majesty was pleased in dissertation on the best means of civilizing 1701 to create him a baronct. This dignity the British empire in India, and of diffusing had been conferred by Charles II, on his the light of religion among its inhabitants ; ancestor Sir Thomas Malet ; but atter his it was adjudged to the performance of the death it was suffered to lie dormant in the Rev. James Bryce, which was printed in an family through three generations. In 3 708 8vo. volume in 1810. From the following he left Bombay, of which he had been acting list of Dr. Buchanan's publications it will governor, and returned to England, bringing appear that most of them have originated in with him the first testimonial of respect and the same laudable solicitude for the conver- attachment that has cver been transmitted sion of the Heathen:-“ Memoir of the Ex- direct from the Peshwa to the East India pediency of an Ecclesiastical Establishment Company. In September of the year folin British India,” 4to. 1805. “ The Star lowing he married Susanna, eldest daughter in the East," a sermon delivered in thc of Mr. James Wales, a celebrated paintes, church of St. James, Bristol, for the benefit who fell an untimely and much-lamented of the Society for Missions to Africa and the sacrifice to the ardour with which he devoted East, June 12, 1809. “Three Sermons on himself in the climate of India to the colthe Jubilee," svo. 1810. “ A Sermon lection of subjects for his clegant pencil. preached before the Society for Missions About the same time Sir Charles endeato Africa and the East, June 12, 1810." voured to re-establish himself in some of “ Christian Researches in Asia," svo. 1811. the ancient possessions of his family in So“ The Three Eras of Light," being two dis- mersetshire, the principal seat of his family courses preached before the University of ever since the Norman conquest, but failing Cambridge, July 1, 1810. 8vo. 1811. in this object, he chose Wilbury-house, with “ The Healing Waters of Bethesda," a ser the parish and manor of Newton Toney, in mon preached at Buxton, 1811. “ Sermons Wiltshire, for his future residence. He has on interesting subjects.” svo. 1812. “A left a family of ten children, of whom his Brief View of the State of the Colonies of eldest son Alexander succeeds to bis title and Great Britain and of her Asiatic Empire in respect to Religion and Instruction.” gvo, At Killiney, near Dublin, Charles John 1813. “ A Letter to the Hon. East India Frederick Sackville Duke of Dorset, Earl of Company, in reply to the Statements of Dorset and Middlesex, Baron Buckhurst and Chas. Buller, Esq M. P. concerning the idol Baron Cranfield. His grace was born Nov. Juggernaut." 8vo. 1813. About iwo years 15, 1793, and succeeded his father, the since, Dr. Buchanan announced his inten- third duke, in 1709, About two years after tion of visiting Palestine and Syria for the this event his mother, the duchess dowager,


Duke of Dorset-Lady Hamilton.

171 married Lord Whitworth, the present viceroy the latter was so well satisfied that he soon of Ireland. This promising young noble- afterwards married her. At Naples, where man has been prematurely snatched from Sir William filled the post of British ambas, his family and the world by one of those sador, his lady by her talents and assiduity aecidents which are occasionally permitted found means 10 recommend herself so to baffle all human calculations. Whilst strongly to the King and Queen, that she hunting he was thrown from his horse, and soon became a great favourite with both, parsuch was the injury he received that he sur- ticularly with the latter. Under the difficult vived but about an hour. Dying unmarried, circumstances which arose out of the invaand without issue, he is succeeded in his sion of Naples by the French and the expultitles and hereditary' estates by his second sion of the royal family from its continental cousin, Charles Viscount Sackville.

dominions, Lady Hamilton is allowed to At Calais, in poverty and exile, the once have exhibited extraordinary promptitude, celebrated Lady Hamilton, relict of Sir Wm. energy and presence of mind. It was during H. who adds another to the long list of her residence at this court in 1798 that her striking examples of the melancholy conse- friendship with our great naval hero, Nelson, quences that, sooner or later, result from a commenced,-a friendship which, however persevering course of indiscretion and disre- innocent originally, must be admitted in its gard of propriety. Her origin was of the progress to have reflected very little credit most bumble kind; she is said to have been upon either. After the death of Sir Wm. the daughter of a cottager, in the forest Hamilton in 1803, his lady resided entirely of Bere in Hampshire, and to have first at with her gallant admirer at his mansion at tracted the notice of Lord Halifax, who then Merton,which, with the estate, he bequeathed resided at Stanstead Park, in Sussex, a place to her by his will. He also recommended her notorious for the gallantry, or more correctly to the consideration of his country for the speaking, the profligacy of a subsequent services rendered to it by her during her reowner. Emma Hart, for this was her pa- sidence abroad, and committed to her care ternal name, experienced in early life all a young lady, the secret of whose birth yet those vicissitudes which too generally attend remains to be explained. Providence in pethose females whose beauty has betrayed cuniary matters was not a quality of Lady them into vice, and who unhappily depend Hamilton; Merton Place was soon sold, and upon it for subsistence. It has recently been for some years she was confined to the Rules asserted, that on her arrival in the metropolis of the King's Bench, till about twelve months she was for some time in a menial capacity since she was released, as it is said, through in the families of Alderman Combe and the the interference of an alderman of the city of late Mr. Linley, the musical composer; London, who made himself responsible for and it is also said that about the year the debt for which she was detained, and 1782, she personated the Goddess of Health thus enabled her to remove to the continent. at the infamous establishment of Dr. Gra- The recent publication of letters, many of ham in Pall Mall. The personal charms them extremely gross, addressed to her by wbich nature had so profusely bestowed be- Lord Nelson and some other eminent chagan also to attract the notice of artists, and racters, if it were proved to have been dithe late Mr. Romney in particular, who evi- rected by her, would doubtless be considered dently felt a stronger admiration for her than as a greater breach of decorum than any part what he might be supposed to entertain of her former conduct ; and though she has merely as a painter, made her the frequent denied any participation in this affair, and subject of his pencil. Her “ Attitudes," asserted that the letters themselves were surdrawn at a later period by Mr. F. Rehberg, reptitiously obtained by the publisher, yet an eminent German artist, and engraved by there is but too much reason to suspect that Piroli of Naples, are well known. She lived necessity may have induced her to give to for some years under the protection, as it is the world what the slightest regard for her kermed, of the late Rt. Hon. Charles Gre- own character and for that of her renowned ville, by whom she was recommended about admirer would have taught her to veil in im1788 10 his uncle, Sir Wm. Hamilton, and penetrable obscurity.



of Mr. J. Gaskin, porter at the Queen's Married.) At Wargrave, Captain Han- Lodge, 77. mer, of the Royal Horse Guards, son of Sir At Binfield, Mrs. Walker, 81. Thos. H. to Miss Ximenes, only daughter of At Datchett, Letitia, widow of T. Dell, Sir Morris X.

esq. 75. Died.) At Windsor, H. Proctor, esq. At Connington, Harriet, eldest daughter of Miss Mary Ana Griesbach, --Isabella, wife the late Osman Vincent, esq..



[March 1,



Anne, eldest daughter of the Rev. W. At Witchford, Mr. Thos. Cave. Marris, D. D. rector of Wallingford and vicar At Wisbech, Mr. John Benney, 35. of Bishop's Lavington, Wilts, 16.

At Newmarket, the youngest son of Mr.

Hustler, of the Crown inn, 16.- Mr. North, During the present session of parliament, tailor, 91 Tesolutions were passed in a committee of the whole House of Commons, that it would Birth.] At Tatton-park, the lady of Wilbe adviseable, instead of the existing duties braham Egerton, esq. of a son. on the importation of thread and silk lace, to Married.) At Chester, Jas. Spence, esq. charge a duty of 201. for every 100l. worth of Jamaica, to Jane, youngest daughter of imported ; and to subject dealers in foreign Mr. R. Jones.-Mr. Sandford to Miss Done, lace to a stamp duty of 31. 3s. for a licence, daughter of Mr. D. of Budworth. and dealers in lace of British manufacture Ac Middlewich, Mr. John Henshall, of to a duty of 55. The lace manufacturers of Knutsford, corn-merchant, to Miss Yoxall, this and the adjoining counties of Northamp- of Sproston. ton and Bedford, having met to take these At Prestbury, Mr. Geo. Whitaker to Miss proposed measures into consideration, unani- Eliz. Johnson, daughter of Mr. J. of Broken mously resolved, that in their opinion any Cross, near Macclesfield. duty imposed upon foreign lace, except by Died] At Davenpori-hall, near Conglethe system of law now existing, would ton, Mrs. Broome, reliet of Wn. B: esq. greatly benefit the French manufacture, and of Dedsbury, a magistrate for the cuunty materially injure the trade and interests of of Lancaster, these counties. A subscription has been At Overleigh-hall, Susan, wife of the Reri opened to desray the expenses of opposing Jas. Smedley, 28. the resolutions of the House of Commons, At Altrincham, Frances, youngest daughand any bill that may be brought in to give ter of the Rev. Oswald Leicester, 15. effect to them.

At Chester, Mrs. Wilbraham, wife of Married.] At Wingrave, Mr. Rob. Sea- Geo. W.esq.-Mrs. Clayton, wife of Mr. C. brook, of Hogshave, to Miss Drusilla Cook. editor of the Chester Courant.--Mr. May,

Died.) At Olney, Mr. Rob. York, 72. son, cotton-manufacturer.--Mr. Pickford, of At High Wycombe, Mrs. Harman, relict the Nag's Head of Geo. H. esq. and daughter of the late Thos. Bamford Hosketh, esq. of Bamford, Rev. F. Collett, rector of Rye.

in this county, and of Gwrych, Denbigh. At Eton, Mr. H. Lovegrove, 07.

Ac Macclesfield, Mr. Benj. Swan, 65.

At Prestbury, Mrs. Sutton, 79. The Earl of Hardwicke, president of the At Knutsford, Miss Froggatt, 17. Agricultural Society, has offered for the Isaac Worthington, esq. late of Altrinannual meeting in 1815, a premium of 5ol. cham, 75. for the best cultivated farm, of not less than 100 acres, occupied by a tenant in an in Married.] At Kenwyn, Mr. John Paintes, closed parish; 10l. for the best cultivated of Bell, Gwennap, to Maria, second daughter acre of fiorin grass; and 5l, for the next of Jolin Moyle, esq. of Chacewater. best acre.

The society, besides numerous At Calstock, Capt. Alex. Williams, of premiums for stock and labourers in husban Wheal Duchy Silver Mine, to Mary, daugh. dry, has offered a premium of 211. to the ter of Mr. John Moon, of Well Park, Cal. tenant of a farm of not less than 100 acres, stock. and 161. to the tenant of not less than 50 Dicd.] At Falmouth, on his return from acres, who shall effectually underdrain the Lisbon, James, only son of Jas. A her. esq. greatest quantity of land in proportion to the of the Custom House, London. size of the farm, not being successful can At Penzance, Mrs Delia Bennetts, a mai. didates for the president's premium.

den lady, 82.--Mrs. Sarah Lander, 88. As some labourers were lately digging an At Polruan, Mrs. Jane, wife ot Capt. J. old bank, belonging to Mr. French, of Cas Ai Trevere, Mrs. Moon, 80. tle Camps, ncar Linton, they found several At Mawgan, Mrs. Eliz. Bennett, 78. ooins and a small handsome dagger, appa At Gwithian, the Rev. Rowland Veale, rently in a mould of blue clay. They are who had been ncar ten years a lunatic. in the possession of Mr. French, and are At Gwincar, Mrs. Osborne, 19. supposed to be not less than 1700 years old. Al Chacewater, Mr. Wm. Richards.

Births.]. At Cambridge, the lady of the At East Looe, Mr. Jon. Jackson, one of the Rev. Dr. Clarke, of a son.-The lady of Dr. officers of the custums of that port, 74. Whitfield, of a daughter.

At West Looe, Mr. Chas. Bowden, master Married.] At Thorney Abbey, Lieut. col. of the stoop Two Brothers of that port.-Mr. Castle, of the oth W. India reg. to Mrs, Thos. Angear, of thc Cornish Arms inn, 54. Hemment, rclict of John H. esq.

At Lezant, the Rev. Chas. Mayson, D.D. Died.] At Cambridge, Mrs. Day, relict formerly fellow of Wadham College, Oxford. of Jas, D. esq. late clerk of the peace for At Scilly, Phæbe, wife of Licur. Chası this county.--M6. Tim. Jehrson, 33. Mass, of the 2d Royal Veteran Barcaljon,



esq. R. N.



At Padstow, the wife of Abraham Rose, At Maryport, Mrs. Newton, 70.

At Gerrans, Miss Grace Oxenberry, 20. Married.] At Marlock, the Rev. Philip

Ac Illogan Parsonage, Thomas, the infant Gell, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of luie son of the Rev. Mr. Keigwin.

late Chadwick Dod, esq. of Macclesfield. At Gram pound, within a few days of At Eekington, Mr. Barnes, of Che terfield, each other, Charles and John, sons of Mr. lo Miss Broomhead, of the Courage, Matlock, George Hoyte.

daughter of the late Jas. B. esq. CUMBERLAND.

Died.] At Buxton, Mrs. Hall, relict of Messrs. Holmes, carriers, of Carlisle, have Mr. H. of the Great Hotel, which she conconstructed a waggou upon truly scientific ducted 30 years with great credit. principles. The improvements consist in At Derby, Wm. Ingham, gent. 62.--Mrs. the adoption of broad cylindrical wheels and Edge, 69.- Mr. John Cade, draper, 62. straight axles, with the adoption of Lord So At Wirksworth, Mr. Joseph Mather, of merville's drag. The motion of the carriage the Miners Standard inn, 70.--Mrs. Heap, is peculiarly easy in.passing over pavements,

wife of Mr. Geo. H. and the wheels overcome the obstructions Al Morley, Ellen, widow of Mr. Wm. which invariably arise froin new-made roads Parker. John, eldest son of the late Mr. H. with an extraordinary facility. Waggons of Shaw, 34. this construction materially improve bad At Bonsall, Mr. Anthony Tissington, 52. roads, from the pressure of the wheels being At Hilton, Mrs. Borrows, 69. applied to an extensive surface; and for the At Ashover, Miss Haslam, youngest same reason, they preserve good ones in re- daughter of Mr. H.19. pair at much less expense. Such machines Al Cromford-bridge, Mrs. Evans, relict of are also much safer from the breadth and Geo. E. esq. and sister of Peter Nightingale, cylindrical figure of the wheels, which pre- esq; late of Lea and Woodend, 81. vent them from being readily overturned: the At Middleton, Mr. Stephen Hall, 72. friction is materially lessened both on the At Chaddesden, Juhn, son of Mr. Richard axles and the road, the diminution of which Holland, 37. makes the draft comparatively easy. The in At Belper, Mrs. Spencer, relict of Mr. Jos. jury done to public ways as well as carriages S. 78. by the usual method of locking, are too well At Kedleston, Miss Eliza Bull, 27. known to require enumeration ; but the expenses incurred in both cases, are in a great Married.] At Exeter, Mr. Mich. Wal

obviated by the adoption of Lord key, merchant, of Bridgwater, tu Miss WalSomerville's drag. This is contrived to clasp key, daughter of Benj. W. esq.-B. Floud, the sides of the hind wheels, in steep parts esq. of London, to Miss Hakewell. of a road, thereby impeding the otherwise At Bishopsteignton, Col. Goodridge, 02d increasing velocity of the waggon, in conse

reg. to Miss Camden. quence of which, the horses draw it down At Totnes, Capt. Charles Farwell, R N. to the hill in perfect safety. A waggon on this to Maria, only daughter of the late Richard principle is calculated to save 30l. per ann. Clarke, esq. of Jamaica. in tolls.

At Teignmouth, Stephen Oakley, only Alarried.] In the Isle of Man, - Car son of S. O. Attley, esq. of Knightsbridge, to ter, esq. to Miss Crigan, daughter of the late Maria Joanna, third daughter of the late J. Bishop of Sodor and Man.

M. Woolcombe, esa, of Ashbury. At Cross Cannonby, Geo. Donaldson, esq. At Plymouth, the Rev. Wm. Atkinson, of of Harbour House, Durham, to Miss Reed, Exeter, to Eleanor, daughter of Thos. Miller, only daughier of the late John R. esq of esq. agent-victualler. Maryport.

Died.] At Exeter, Mrs. Bidwell, wife of Dierl.) At Whitehaven, John Dixon, esq. Mr. Jos. B. sen.--Miss Mary Burrow, eldest major in the Whitehaven local militia. - Mr. daughter of the late Robert B.esq.- ElizaB. Franco, formerly master of a vessel from beth, eldest daughter of Wm. Cutliffe, eso. that port. Thos. Phillips, esq. collector of 24.-Harriott, only daughter of the Rev. R. excise, 48.

Hind, D. D. late vicar of Rochdale, LancaAt Douglas, Isle of Man, Mrs. Durie, re shire.--Rich, kooke, esq. 55. lict of Thos. D. esq. 80.

At Heavitree, Mrs. Drewe, widow of At Carlisle, Mr. S. Bazeley, 50.-Mrs. Francis D. esq. uf Grange, 90. Hindson, 54.

At the Parsonage-house, Berry Narber, At Cockermouth, Mrs. Coulthard, 69,- Jane, wife of the Rev. W. Spence. Mrs. Jas. Wilson, 64.

At Sidmouth, Sarah, widow of J. Feltham, At Brampton, Mary, wife of Mr. John, esq. late of Hinton St. George. Nicholls, 55.--Mr. Thos. Corry, 58.

Ac Lifton, Mrs. Burne, widow of the Rev. At Robinson-house, Cawthwaite, Mrs. F.

Walter R. rector of that parish, 73. Hewitt, 84.

At Teignmouth, Mr. John Cooper, 36. At Mick Booths, Castle Sowerby, John, Al Topsham Mis. Brooke, relict of Rich, son of Mr. Jas. Jefferson, 18.

B. csq.$". New MONTHLY Mac, No. 14.





[March 1, At Hunton, Mr.John Hutchinson, farmer, in the cause, the magistrates of the county of 96. His wife died in March last, aged 93, Durham, versus Sandys, requiring the deafter they had lived together in wedlock 72 fendant to pay the sum of 3,3801. 36. 3d. for years.

damage done the county, in the improper At Chorleigh, Mrs. Cornal, 87.-Mrs.Jane erection of the New Courts of Justice, &c. in Reed, widow, 94. She has left 9 children, the city of Durham. 91 grand-childien, and 8 great grand-chil Birth.] The wife of the Rev. J. Collin. dren.

son, rector of Gateshead, of a daughter. Ac Piymouth, Mrs. La Barre. At the The wife of the Rev. John Headlam, rechouse of Mr. Joseph Joseph, where he had tor of Wycliffe, of a daughter. resided 35 years, Rabbi Moses Ephraim, 70. Married.] At Durham, Mr. John RoIn his earliest infancy, he was so distinguish- binson, of Newcastle, to Miss Mary Jacked for his attainmients, that he had the rare honour of receiving the diploma of a Rabbi, At Gateshead, the Rev. R. H. Scott, of the when only eight years old. - Ann, wife of Grammar School, Newcastle, to Mrs. Jane Capt. W. P. Cumby, H. M. S. Hyperion, 46. Brown, sister to John .Bell, esq. of North -Suddenly, Mr. Charles Cudlipp, 30 years Shields. a surgeon in the royal navy.-Mr. Han At Sunderland, having previously been nam, 9o.

married at Gretna Green, Wm. Spence, esq. At Strawberry-hill, near Cullumpton, Jos. to Elizabeth, second daughter of T. Jones, Lyon Walrond, esq. a gentleman possessing esq. of Bishop Wearmouth, extensive plantations in Antigua.

At Kumble-kirk, near Barnard Castle, the DORSETSHIRE,

Rev. Robert M.Lean, of Kendal, to Miss The inadequacy of the old church of Mel. Joplin, of Cotherstone. combe Regis to accommodate the inhabitants At Witton Gilbert, John Wood, esq. to of that parish, including the watering-place Miss Crofton, both of Kiblesworth. of Weymouth, is so seriously felt, that a Died.] At Durham, Mrs. Deason, relict plan for erecting a new church capable of of the Rev. Jas. D. minor canon of the cathecontaining 2000 persons, with ample space dral, 81.--Mrs. Mary Middleton, 77.-Eli. for the poor, has been proposed and approve zabeth, wife of Mr. John Bland, serjeant at ed. If the requisite sum, which it is in mace of the corporation.-Mr. Rob. Wethercended to raise by subscription, can be ob. all, printer, 52. tained, the work will be immediately com At Sunderland, Mr. Rob. Mather, 73. menced.

Miss Duesberry. Harried.) Capt. W. Birchall, R. N. to At Darlington, Francis Hall, esq. formerly Leonora, third daughter of Richard Bingham, in the East India trade, 73.Mary, wife of esq. of Bingham's Melcombe.

Mr. Chris. Dove. At Stockland, Mr. W. P, Coleman, sur At Bishop Auckland, Mrs. Dorothy Augeon, of Up-Otterry, Devon, to Miss Mait- tram, 69. land, niece of Wm. Maitland, esq. of Lord At Lastington, Mr. John Wilson, 07. House.

At South Shields, Mrs. Roxby, reliet of At Sherborne, J. Tulk, esq. licutenant in Mr. R. ship-owner, 58.-Elizabeth, second the service of the E. I. C. to Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Richard Kelly, 16.-J. Sheeldest daughter of the late Mr. H. S. Brice, riff, seaman, 100.-Mrs. Twizell, wife of

John T. esq. Al Compton Vallance, Thos. Prickman, Ac Bishop Wearmouth, Mr. Henry Dixon, eset. of Crediton, to Frances, youngest 89.-Miss Dewsbury, daughter of the late daughter of Henry Davis, esq. of Compton Mr. D. of Scarborough. House,

At Scarforth, Mr. Thomas Hanby, 06. Mr. T. R. Simonds, printer, of Sherborne, At Aycliffe, John Boarman, esq. 38. to Miss S. Swyer, of Dorchester,

At Sedgefield, Mr. Wm. Rawes, master of Died.] At Chetnole, Mrs. Mary Hewlett, the Grammar School there. relice of the Rev. Timothy H. and mother of At Stockton, Wm. Wansbrough Pinchard, the Rev. John H. morning preacher at the esq. 80, Foundling Hospital, London, 91.

ESSEX At Bridport, Mrs. Hayrer, who many Married.] At Greensted, the Rev. Geo. years kept the Golden Lion inn in that Hughes, eldest son of John H. esq. of Martown, 87.

den Ash, to Harriet Mary, only daughter of At Dorchester, Mr. G. Frampton, 76. Craven Ord, esq. of Greensted Hall.

Ac Millbrook House, Child Okeford, Mrs. At Hordon on the Hill, Jos. Squier, esq. Seymour, widow of Henry S. esq. of Han- of East Horndon, to Miss Mary Westwood. ford,

Mr. Thomas Abbott, of Latchingdon, to At Weymouth, Caroline, daughter of C. Miss Gibson, only daughter of Mrs. HorTrelawney Brereton, esq.

ridge, of Althorpe. DIRHAM.

Ac Hornchurch, Octavius Mashiter, esq. Mr. Littledaie, to whom the matter was of Priests, to Maria, third daughter of Chris. referred as arbitrator, has given bis decision Tyler, esq. of Whybridge.


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