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[May 1,


supposed to be large. A specimen may be Died.] At Shadforth, near Durhani, seen at the Devon and Exeter Institution. Mary Paddison, 103.

Married.] At Ilton, Rob. Hole, esq, to At South Shields, Mr. J. Jackson, of the Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mich. Hole, firm of Jackson anci Branston, ship.chandlers, esq. of Old Knowle.

59.--Mr. Thos. Gilroy, of Rock, NorthumAt Hartland, the Rey. John Edgcumbe, berland, 88.--Mrs. Glover, widow, 70. rector of Thornbury, to Miss Cann, daughter In London, suddenly, Simon Temple, of Mr. Thos. C. of Holy Ford.

esq. of South Shields. He had sent the At Maker, John Fisher, esq. surgeon of waiter of the inn for a physician, but died H. M. S. Bittern, to Miss Ross, second before his arrival. daughter of the late Jas. R, esq. purser in At Durham, Jane, wife of Mr. Mich. his Majesty's navy.

Heaviside, 62.-Mr. Geo. Bland, 35.-Mr. At Stoke Damarel, Pat. M'Cabe, esq. of Hopper, schoolmaster, 79.–Mr. Edw. Gibthe Medical Staft, to Miss Rose Wilkins, of son, chemist ani druggist, from the effect Plymouth Dock.

of poison, swallowed some days before in Ar Teignmouth, Capt. R. Williams, R. N.

consequence of the deranged state of his to Miss Whitnore, eldest daughter of Wm. aftairs. W. esq. of Dudmaston, Salop.

At Burtery-louse, near Darlington, Mr. Died.) At Exeter, in consequence of Go. Cummings, po. breaking a blood vessel, Mr. Ald. Gaitey, si cresterie-st. Mrs. Jopling, widost, 75. who served the office of chief magistrate in Al Monkwearniouth Grange, Mrs. Lalag, 3798 and 1808.- Mr. R. Houghton, drug- mother of John L. esq. 83, gist, 80.- Mr. Thos. Newman, 79.-Mr. At Claypen, Mrs. Marg. Ridley, 67. Radford, one of the surgeons of the Devon At Sunderland, Mi. Edw. Robson. and Exeter Hospital. At Tiverton, Mr, Jos. Armitage.

Government are aloud to form a very er. At Kingsbridge, Mr. W. Hannaford. tensive armorial foundiy at Waltham Abbey, At Witheredye, Mr. W. Comins, 59. under the immediate direction of the Board

At Buckland Filleigh, Mrs. Fortescue, wife of Odoance. The manufacturers of Biro of John Inglest F. esq.

iningham have sent a kleputation to repreAt Heavitree, Mrs. Pilbrow, wife of Mr.P. sent the injury they will sustain if the plan of Exeter, professor of music.

be carried into effect. At Derriford, near Plymouth, J. C. Lang- Married.) At Danbury, Mr. Corn. Butler, mcad, esq. an aldeiman of that borough, surgeon, of Brentwood,

10 Miss Martha and a magistrale for the county, 49.

Hawes, formerly of Plaistow. At Chulleigti, John Gawler, esq. lale a At White Notley, Chas, Dennis, esq. of Captain in the Cornish Militia.

the West Essex Militia, to Mary, daughter At East Down-house, Barnstaple, the of the late Simeon Warner, esq. of London. Hon. Nir, Lysaght.

Diesl.) Ai Colchester, E. Brockway, The Rev Dr. Adnty, 53 years rector of gent. 72. the parishes of Uplowman and Sampford Ac Jlalsted, Mr. E, Green.-Miss Sarah Peverell, and a magistrate for the counıy. Day, eldest surviving daughter of the late DORSETSHIRE.

Cater D. esq. many years an eminent sur. Marritd] At Poole, Mr. J. H. Bracher, geon of Colchester, of Salisbury, to Miss Stickland.

At Mill Billericay, Mrs. Ward, 82. At Sturminster Newton, Mr. John New- Al Snaresbrook, Mrs. Lloyd, relict of man, jun. to Miss Guy, daughter of the late Sampson L. jun. esq. banker, of Birming. Mr. G, of Newfoundland.

ham, 46; and four days preceding, het Dietl.] At Weymouth, Wm. Backwell, only child, Sampson L. 18. esq.

At South Weald, John Lodge, esq. 74. At Potgreen-house, Mary, youngest daugh

GLOUCESTERSHIRE.. ter of E. B. Meiforde, M. D. of Hook-house, Birth.] At Barton End-house, the lady Taunton.

of Adm. Young, of a daughter. At Dorchester, Ann, wife of Capt. Henry Married.] Ai Churcham, Capt. Chas. Barnwell, and daughter of the late Dr. Rye, Gordon, R. 1. to Harriet Elizabeth, eldest of Bath, 27

daughter of the Rev. G. Parke, of Highoam. At Poole, Ann, wise of Capt. Tait, R. N. Mr. P. Watkins, printer and bookseller, At Shaftesbury, Mr. W. Fitz, 82. of Cirencester, to Miss Foreshew, of Maisey

Hampton. Birth.) At Barnardcastle, the wife of Died.) At Wanswell, M:. Wm. Alpas, M:, T. Weardale, of three children, one of late of Bath. which was dead.

At Pagan Hill, near Stroud, Mrs. ClutterMarried.] At Seamer, John Taylor, esq. buck. of Everley, to Miss Wilson, of Ayton.

At Prinknash-park, T. B. Howell, esq. At Bishopwearmouth, Mr. Wm. Kirk, of barrister at law, F.R. S, and S.A. Sunderland, to Miss While, daughter of Mr. Al Cheltenham, Mrs. Perkes, sg. John W. ship-ownes,

At Conderton, Tbos. Darke, esy. 76.







At Harpenden, Mrs. Ord, wife of the Rev. In an ancient barrow on Arreton Down, Hen. Craven. O. Isle of Wight, (part of the estate of J. Fle.

HUNTINGDONSHIRE, ming, esq. of Stoneham-park,) a set of hu- Died.] At Huntingdon, Mr. Rob. Ferguman bones has been discovered, the skull son, 62. quite perfect, and several teeth remaining. Part of an earthen pot, which appeared to Births.] At Riverhead, the lady of the have contained the heart, and fell to pieces Hon, and Rev. J. Evelyn Boscawen, of a as soon as exposed to the air, was also found, daughter. but no coins or weapons, or any thing to At Shcerness, the lady of Rear-adm. Sir shew the period at which those tumuli were Chas. Rowley, of a daughter. made.

Married.] At Faversham, Mich. Jones, Birth.) At Winchester, Lady Mary Long, esq. to Miss Sophia Hutton. of a daughter.

At Rochester, Mr. T, Cornwell, to Miss Married.) At Kingston, Lieut. Beckett, Jane Eagleston, of Town Malling. R. N. to Miss Harding, of Portsea.

At Canterbury, Geo. Denne, esq. to CharAt St. Helen's, I. of Wight, W. W. An- lotte, only daughter of Osbourne Snoulton, wyl, M.D. of Oswestry, to Elizabeth, daugh- esq.--Mr. E. Holthem, chemist and druga ter of the late Hon. Justice Grose.

gist, to Miss Pout, only daughter of Mr. At North Yarmouth, Capt. B. D. Travers, Alderman P. R. N. 10 Miss Ann Steward.

At West Wickham, Major Cator, of the At Northwood, Lieut. Edw. Stepheng, Royal Horse Artillery, to Miss Farnaby, of R. N. to Miss Jane Comben, of West Cowes. Wickham Court.

At Portsea, Mr. Rowe, surgeon, to Miss At Acrise, Lieut. Hardinge, Royal Horse Ellis.

Artillery, to Ann, eldest daughter of Thos. Mr, Rich. Budd, eldest son of Edw. B. Papillon, esq. esq. of Winchester, to Miss Davis, of Ring- Died.] At Boxley, whilst sitting in his wood, only daughter of Theoph. D. esq. chair, in good healih, after having eaten a

Died.] At Romsey, Mr. Chas. May, late hearty dinner, and drunk a bottle of wine, of the form of Plowman and May, brewers, 69. Wm. Fowle, gent. 59. He was a man of

At Portsmouth, Mrs. Houghton.-Mrs. very eccentric habits, and has in his will Earwicker; and the following day, her son, directed, that his body shall be deposited in Mr. Jas. E. 30.--Lieut. Geo. Kneller, late a niche of the wall of a roon, under his of ti e ist W, York Militia, 24.-Mrs. Alex- windmill, at Boxley; and the parties to whom ander, 81.

he has bequeathed his property are to enjoy lo the I. of Wight, Mrs. Mew, of Caris. it on condition only of obeying his direc. brooke, 25.-Mr. Benj. Corion, of Fresh. tions for the disposal of his body. They water.--Suddenly, Eliza Ann, wife of the were of course complied with ; and, frorn Rev. G Burrard, rector of Yarmouth. their eccentricity, the funeral drew together

At Petersfield, Mr. T. Belam, many years a considerable concourse of people. The chemist and druggist at Portsmouth, 38. following lines were composed by the deAt Southampton, Mrs. Black, 90.

Ceased for his epitaph, and are tu be inscribed. HEREFORDSHIRE.

on his tomb:Birth.] At Harewood, the lady of Sir "“ Underneath this little mill Hungerford Hoskyns, bart. of a daughter. Lies the body of poor Will:

Married.] At Hereford, T. L. Topping, Odd he liv'd, and odd he died, esq. to Ellen, third daughter of Mr. Oakley. And at his burial no one cried."

Died.) At Hereford, Penelope, wife of At Canterbury, Mrs. Baker, wife of John Mr. Jas. Payne, formerly of London, 66..-- B. esq. M. P. for this city.--Eliza, second Mrs. Jane Bradford, 87.

daughter of Rich. Frent, esq. - Mrs. Sere At Brampton Abbois, Mrs. Dew, widow, vante. - John Wigzell, esq. 85.

At Beltring Green, Yalding, Wm. Checs. At Kington, Mr. Beavan, tanner.

man, esq. At Credenhill, Mr. John Williams, 60. At Sheidwich, Mr. Thos, Howland, 92. HERTFORDSHIRE.

At Walmer, Mrs. Matson, wife of Capt. Birth.] At Oak Hill, the lady of Sir Henry M. of the Royal Navy, 21. Simon Clarke, bart. of a daughter.

At Maidstone, Mr. Wm. Sage, only son Married.] At Berkhamsteau, John East- of Mr. S. miller, 21.---Mr. Wm. Hughes. wood, esq. of London, to Miss Howe, Suddenly, while sitting at dinner, John Rusdaughter of Col. H.

sell, esq.--Mr. Edw. Ind. Died.] At Boswell-lodge, Cheshunt, in At Tenterden, Mr. Edw. Foggles, 83. his 35th year, John Scarling Holyland, in Ac Ramsgate, Miss Frances Perkins, 22.consequence of a blow received in the dis- Capt. Wm. Smith, of the Ariel transport of turbance in Old Palace-yard, Westminster, Hull, 36. while defending one of the members.

At Folkstone, Mr. Ad. Castle, 75. At Hertford, Mr. Jos. Best.

At Upper Hardres, the Rev. T. Wigzell, At East Barnet, Alex, C, Coombe, esq. 43. rector of that parish.


Lancashire-Leicester-- Lincoln-Monmouth-Norfolk. (May 1,

At Bromley, Mr. Joha Noonan, an inge- Harper, esq. of Barne Hill.-W.P. Muston, nious composer of intricate peals of changes, M.D. of the South Lincoln Militia, to So. and a most expert change-ringer, 42. phia, youngest daughter of the late Henry

At Kippington, Fras. Motley Austen, esq. Smith, esq.

At the Shrubbery, Chipstead, Mrs. Eliz. At Surfeet, Mr. Jas. Tim, aged 18, to Polhill, 87.

Mrs. Ann West, aged 70. At Blackheath, Capt. 'T. C. Munn, R. N. At Ashby cum Fenby, the Rev. John LANCASHIRE.

Emeris, rector of Stoughton Parva, Beds, to Married.) At Liverpool, Mr. W. Bethell, Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. John printer, to Miss Skeiton. - The Rev. Thos. Grantham, vicar of Cadoey. Raffles to Mary Catherine, only daughter of At Lincoln, Capt. Clifton, of the North the late Jas, Hargreaves, esq.

Lincoln Militia, to Miss Field. At Lancaster, the Rev. JohnTatham, vicar Wm. Loft, esq. of Grainthorpe, to Mis of Melling, and curate of St. George's Cha- Heath, relict of Mr. Wm. H. of Croft. pel, Kendal, to Mrs. Skirrow, daughter of Died.] 'At Lincoln, Mrs Liller, 101.Wm. Hodgson, esq.

Mr. Drury, printer and bookseller, 57. * At Farnworth, John Sherratt, esq. solicitor, At Stamford, Mr. Siduey, many years a Prescot, to Ellen, only daughter of Thos. favourite member of the Derby and NottingAckers, esq.

ham theatrical company, 77.--Admiral EdDied.] At Gilead House, near Liverpool, wards, brother to Mr. E., solicitor, of that Mrs. Solomon, wife of Dr. S. 40.

place. At Manchester, Nath. Heyvoodi, esq. At Louth, Wm. Pearson, gent. chief conbanker, 56.--Mrs Browne, wife of Capt. B. stable for the wapentakes of Louth, Eskes of Crossfield, Cumberland. --Mr. J. Knight, and Ludbro. solicitor. -Mr. Jas. Horsfield.

At Deering, St. James, Catherine Allum, At Longsight, near Manchester, Jas. Rush- 92. After being thrice married, and thrice a ton, esq. 59.

widow, she was tollowed to the grave by her At Pendlebury, Mr. Cooke, 84.

aged father, whose infirmitics she had for At Liverpool, Mr. Geo. Howard, 92. He some years been endeavouring to soothe wich was father of 12 children, grandfather of 54, the attention of a dutiful daughter. great grandfather of 63.-Joseph Brandreth, The Rev. Edw. Wells, rector of WilM.D. 69. He commenced his career with loughby, a living worth 1500l. per annum, no other advantages than his own industry and in the gift of Lord Gwydir. and talents, and his perseverance was rewarded with unexampleci success in his pro- Married.] Jas. Smith, esq. solicitor, fession. He principally distinguished hini. Chepstow, to Miss Eliza Williams, of l'oplself by the establishment of the dispensary meyrick. in Liverpool, by thirty years unremiled at- At Monmouth, Mr. Welshman to Mise tention to the infirniary, and by the disco- Simes, relict of Chas. S. esq. of Bath. very of the utility of applying cold in fever. At Abergavenny, Mr. B. Frere, of Ross,

At Kirkham, the Rev. P. G. Slatter, MA. to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. Deel. of Christchurch, Oxford, 25.

Died.] At Monmouth, the Rev. D. P. At Aincree, Mrs. Ellen Culshaw, 95. Davies, chaplain to the Duke of Beaufori,

Al North Aleals, near Ormskirk, the Rev. vicar of Monmouth, rector of Whitchurch E. W. Yorke, 24.

and Gannerew, Hereford, and of English At Blackley, Edw. Iulton, esq. 74. Bicknor, Gloucestershire. Rob. Thomas, Ai Crofton Lodge, Wm. Hill, esq. only son of Mr. Rob. Jones, of Newport:LEICESTERSHIRE.

Mr. Thomas, of the Fives Court inn. Ali, Bizt?.] At Noseley Hall, the lady of A. John Green. Gleitrigas, esq. of a son.

NORFOLK Married) Al Cuenebor ugh, Mr. J. From among the many excellent and Higginson, woolstapler, of Leicester, to Eli- beautiful designs presented by different af zabeth, only daughter of the late Mr. W. lists for the monument to be erected at lare Bens, of Gilmort02.

mouth to the mentory of the late Luld Neto At Brixworth, Wm. Wood, esq. of Mis- son, that of an Amnenian Duric crlumn, by teron house, to Jane, youngest daughter of W. Wilkins, esq. of London, has been se the late Sam. 'Towndrow, csq. of Leicester, lected by the committee.

Died.] At Market Harborough, the Rev. Birth.) At Felbrigs, the lady of Rear J. Cox, rector of Willoughby Watcrless, 73. adm. Lukin of a daughter.

Atlantsoirel, Mrs. Brown, wife of Mr. Married.) At North Walsham, Vi. B. of the posc-office, 63.

Rodehouse, Methodist preacher,


Colls. Birth.] At Lincoin, the lady of the Rev. At Norwich, Mr. Chris. Edwards, a!$07T.G. Pretyman of a daughter,

ney, to Miss Martha Aldborough. Married.] 41 Starrford, John Mansfield, At Yarmouth, Cape Travers, R. N. 19 6. of Birstall House, Leicestershire, to Ann, eldest daughter of Wm. Steward, eso. Hannah Mary, only daughic of Thos. Diel.) At Norwich, Rich, Wordcock,

10 Mix



1815.) Northampton--Northumberland-Nottingham--Oxfırd. gent. 89.-Mrs. Jane Foreman, 97.-Ish. Mrs. Eliz. Carter.-Mr. J. Rezy, ship-owner, mael Bashaw, a Turkish merchant, from

64. He served the office of Trinity-master Constantinople. He was taken prisoner hy in 1790; and was a man of mild and amiable the Spaniards, and made a wonderfal escape manners, but of a most heroic spirit, which to England, when having become a convert

he evinced in 1784. bv atrucking a crew of to the Christian faith, he was publicly bap

Blankenaze pirates, who had got possession tized at Spaldin?, in Lincolnshire. He was of the ship Roberts, Cape. Hedley, of Newbörn in the city of Adrianopie, in 1735.

castle, near Heligoland, loaded with a cargo At Swaffham, Mr. R. Mallow, 72.--Mrs. value 10,000l., bound from Bourdeaux 10 Beavis, 77.

Hamburg. - Mr. Jos. Howard, 51.- Mr. At East Dereham, Robert, son of Rob, Hunter, 65.-- Mr. Dav. Meikle, 92. Chas. Ostler, 19.

Mrs. Mary Ramsbottom, 70. At Pulham St. Mary Magdaleu, Mrs. At Walsingham, Mr. Joshua Watson, Self, wife of Rob. S. gent. 82.

At Wooler, Vary Ann, wife of John B. At Yarmouth, Mrs. Mary Spence, 78.- Rule, esq. of Berbice, South America, 30. Mrs. Eliz. Fisher, eldest daughter of the At Benwell Fishery, Vr. John Llopper, 72. late John Fisher, esq. 71.–MI. L. B. Clark,

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, lately a bookseller of this town, 31.

Married ] At Nottingham, J. Layland, At Mile-end, near Norwich, Mr. Geo. esq. of Vanchester, 10 Miss Braithwaite. Barritt, 75.

At Newark, Eum. Laughton, 9. of LinAt North Walsham, Mrs. Aldham, relict drick house, Yorkshire, to Laura, eldest of Mr. John A. of Vorwich, attorney, 82. daughter of Mr. Withers.

At Chedgrave, Miss Webster, daughter of Died.) Ac Nottingham, Mrs. Swinney, Mr. W. printer, 19.

wife of Mr. S. printer, -Mr. John Astell, of NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

the Wheat-sheat inn, 49.-Mrs. Mary Fea. Married.) At Northampton, Jos. Thacke. therstone, 81.-Mrs. Richards, wilow.ray, M.D. of Bedford, Fellow of King's Col- John Burton, genit, 60.-Mr. Chris. Reg. lege Cambridge, 10 Miss Harden, daughter nolds, 72. of the late Jos. H. esq.

At Newark, Mrs. Boaler. --Mr. Luke HutAt Stoke Bruern, Mr. Jas, Castell, of chinson. - Mr. Rich. Jones, 77. Northampton, to Charlotte, eldest daughter At Southwell, Mıs. Footilt, wife of the of Mr. John Allen.

Rev Jas, F. Died.] Ac Towcester, Mr. Jas. Sewell, At Orston, Mr. Wn. Maltby, 78. supervisor of cxcise, 45.

At Blythe, Joshua Walker, 139. of that At Courteen Hall, William, second sun place, and of Clifton-house, Yorkshire, 65. of Sir Wm. Wake, bart."

At Tuxford, Louise, wife of G. T, Smith, At Thrapston, Mr. Rich. Smith, of the esq. of Pendyffryn, Carnarvon.. Swan inn, 57.

At Mansfield, Mr. John Cursham, mang At Weldon, Mr. Adam Bellamy, 72. years master of the Free Grammar School,

At Northampton, Mrs. Gaudern, widow of Mr. Stephen G., formerly of the Goat


At an adjourned general meeting of the NORTHUMBERLAND.

contributors to the proposed Lunatic Asylum, From the rapid increase of the books of held at the Radcliffe Infirmary on the 5th of the Literary and Philosophical Society of April, it was resolved that measures should Newcastle, the present rooms are become be immediately taken for commencing the wholly insufficient, and the society having building on the ground already marked out, already received notice to quit the possession south-west of the infirmary; and that the ediof them, a new building is rendered indis- fice should be calculated in the first instance pensably necessary. A valuable site of for the accommodation of 35 patients, but cao building ground having been obtained from pable of future enlargement for the reception the corporation, near the new bridge over of at least 60 patients. Pandon Dene, a building is proposed to be Married.] Mr. Chas. Browne, of Oxford, erected there, the expense of which, accord- to Ann, only child of Mr. Thos. Holly, of ing to the opinion of the committee, will not Headington. be less than 4000).

At Oxford, Mr. Chas. Walker, to Mrs: Died.] At Newcastle, the wife of Wm. Johnson. Batson, esq. 74.-Mr. Rich. Young, 41.- Died.] At Witney, Sarah, fifth daughter In St. Andrew's church, suddenly, during of Ms. Smith, 13. divine service, Mr John Bulman, sen.- Mr. At Woodstock, Mrs. Cross, 61. Jos Matthews.--Mrs. Chambers, wife of the At Swerford, Mrs. Irons, 59. Rey. Mr. C.

At Oxford, Mrs. Hayes, wife of Mr. Wm. At Wolsingham, Mr. Jonath. Emerson, H. 61.--Mrs. Whiteaves, 85.-Hugh O'Con69, and two days afterwards the wife of Má nor, esq. of Dublin, only son of the 123 Christoph. Emerson, 6%.

Val. O'C. esq. 33.-Mrs. Goodenough, relles At North Shields, Mr. Ralph Lowes, 72. of the late Rev. Edm. G. vicar of Swind n, ---Ann Ferguson, 00.-- John Sadler, 87. Wilts, and sister ! Si Wm. Elias Talib NEW MONTHLY Mao.- 16.





[May 1,


66.-The Rev. Fdw. B. James, chaplain of At Bristol, Lieut.-Col. Galiffe, 60th regt.
Magdalen College, and many years curate of to Miss Mathis, daughter of Mr. M. of Cork.
St. Martin's, 38.-Mrs. H. Moore, relict of At Bath, Rich. Magenis, esq. M. P. to
Mrs. Chas. M. 29.--Mr. Josiah Wright, 25. Miss Dashwood, of Marlborough Buildings.
-Mrs. Tyrell.--Mrs. Dupe, 63.

-C. H.C. Van Baerle, esq. of Demerara,
At Ewelme, Mrs. Glanville, wife of Mr. to Anna Margaretta, eldest daughter of Jas.
Rich. G. 73.

Torre, esq. of Snydale Hall, Yorkshire.-Mr. At Cowley, the Rev, Rob. Hughes, B. D. Thos Letchworth, of Reading, to Elizabeth, Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, and rector relict of B. Neale, esq.- John F. Neale, esq. of Yelford, in this county.

of Witney, to Miss E. Budd, only daughter At Henley, Capt. Rich. Piercey, R. N. of John B.esq. of Eddington, Wilts.- John

At Banbury, Sarah, wife of Mr. William Wright, esq. eldest son of John W. esq. of Bright.

Kelvedon, Essex, to Catharine, eldest daugh

ter of the late F. Cholmeley, esq. of Bransby, Married.]

Ac Bridgnorth, the Rev, J. York.-Rev. W. Ramsden, to Elizabeth, only
Clunie, of Manchester, to Mary, second daughter of Rich. Bell, esq.
daughter of Mr. D. M‘Michael, of Wolver- At Timsbury, Capt. John Parish, R. N. to

Mary, only daughter of John Crang, esq.
At Shrewsbury, Mr. Rich. Usher, to Miss Ac Wells, the Rev. F. Goforth, vicar of
Gorman, of Liverpool.

Whitchurch Can, Dorset, to Miss Susannah
At Cheswarden, G. Hall, esq. to Miss E. Wall.
H. Haywood, only daughter of Edw. H esq.

At Batheaston, C. W. Cracroft, esq. of of Goldstone House.

Sunnybank, Brecon, to Jane Charlotte,
At Eccleshall, Mr. W. Greatrex, surgeon, eldest daughter of the late Henry Torre, esq.
to Anna Catherina, youngest daughter of R. of Snydale Hall, York.
Warren, esq. of Wootton Cottage, Stafford. At Clifton, the Rev. N. Bridges, vicar of

At Oswestry, Wm. Pice, esq. of Felton Henstridge, to Jane, only daughter of the lare Butler, to Anne, only child of Edw. Birch, B. Enraghi, esq. of Rathvilly, Carlow, freesq.

land.-W. Davidson, esq. of Radnor, to Miss Died.) At Wem Brockhurst, Mrs. Powell. A. Anthony, of Haverfordwest. At Clun, the Rev. T. Morris.

Died.] At Totterdown, near Bristol, Mr. At Eaton Constantine, Mir. F. Parbui, 73. Joseph Windsor, many years master of the

At the Buildings near Oswestry, Mr. Ed. Weymouth Arms Inn, Warminster, 69. munds.

At Brutoo, Miss Jane Mogg. At the Lea, near Bishop's Castle, Miss

At Clifton, Charlotte Isabella, youngest Gwilliam.

daughter of the late 'Matth. Munroe, esq. of Mrs. Sandford, relict of Thomas Sandford, the Island of Grenada, 17.--Lieut.-Gen. Sir esq. of Sandford Hall, and daughter of the John Stuart, K. B. count of Maida, lieut-o. late Dr. Kennedy, 48.

vernor of Grenada, and colonel of the 20th At Broseley, Mr. Thursfield, surgeon.

foot...Lady Frances Flood. At Shrewsbury, Mrs, Oare, widow.

At Shipham House, Phæbe, wife of Geo. Day, gent.

At Hinton Blewett, Mrs. Wright, wife of At a respectable meeting lately held at the F. W. esq. room of the Bath Agricultural Society to Ae Wick House, near Bristol, Margaretta, consider and determine on the propriety of wife of Charles Hill, esq. establishing a Subscription Flour and Bread Ac Bath, Christoph. Barnard, esq.-Mn. Company, it was unanimously resolved, Margaret Rooke.- Wm. Bowen, M. D. A that such a concern should, if possible, be eminent physician, and member of the body established in Bath, and a Provisional Com- 'corporate. He has bequcathed 2001. to the mittee was nominated to frame preliminary Bath General Hospital, 2001. to the Casualty rules and regulations. It is not the inten- Hospital; sol. to the Pierrepoint Street Sotion of this company to interfere with the ciety, and 50l, to the Bath Penitentiary.. fair profits of tradr, but to equalize the Miss Pallmer--Lieut. Hamilton Blair, R.N. price of bread in this city with that of the eldest son of Wm. B. esq. of Blair, Ayrshire, neighbouring towns, and supply the poor 22.-Rich. Heaviside, esq.-Mrs. Willians, with that article at a less price. The shares wife of the Rev. D. W. to whom she had been are sufficiently low to admit the lower classes united only 18 months, 20,—The Rev. Mr. of the community to become holders of Bleamire.-Mrs Sparrow, only remainia them; single shares being il. is, each, and daughter of the late Rev. Mr. S. rector of nu person can hold more than 20 shares. Walcot.--Mr. Horlor, sen, formerly painter

À Gas Light Company is likewise forming of this city, 64. He had been almost totally at Bath.

deprived of his hearing for upwards of ten Married.] At Taunton, the Rev. Henry years; yet by an attentive observation of the Cresswell, vicar of Creech St. Michael, to speaker's countenance and motion of the Mis. Smith, widow of Capt. S. of the pou mouth, he could maintain a conversation with rt.

great facility.


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