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1815.] Staford-Suffolk-Surrey-Sussex-Warwick. 383

At Bristol, Mr. Rich. Durban, school- Bradfield, secretary to the Board of Agricul. master-Capt. Baker-Mrs. Jane Small, 2. ture, 75. -Mr. Wm. Butler, 85,--Harriett, daughter At Thelnetham, Mr. Loft, father of Mr. L, of the late Robert Vizer, esq.

merchant, of Woodbridge. Ac Hallatrow, Thomas Brodribb, esq. 61.

The Rev. Theodore V, Gould, rector of At Chittern St. Mary, the Rev. Joseph Fornham All Saints and Westley, 82. B. Morris, second son of Jos. M. esq. of At Mill Hill, near Long Meltord, Richard, Mere, Wilts.

son of S. Fenning, esq. of London, 35. At Brintry, near Bristol, Penelope, wife of John Cave, esq.

Birth.) At Ashley-park, the lady of Sir At Taunton, Mrs. Hart, relict of Adm. H. H. Flercher, bart. of a son. STAFFORDSHIRE.

Married.] At Windlesham, Benj. Shaw, Married.] At Uttoxeter, Wm. Locker, esq. M.P. to Mary, youngest daughter of esq. of Tillington, to Eliza, second daughter the late Jos. Ewart, esq. of the late Thos. Higgoli, esq.

Died.] At Merton, Richard, third son of At Colwich, Edw. Case, esq. second son

Rich. Price, esq. of Alderman C. of Liverpool, to Eliza Anne, At Croydon, Mrs. Griffies, relict of the only daughter of John Johnson, esq. of Rev. John C. rector of Chipstead. Great Haywood.

At Walworth, Mrs. Richardson, relict of Died.] At Wolverhampton, Mrs. Eliza- Mr. R. many years dispenser of the Royal beth Calcott, in her 100th year.

Hospital at Haslar, and sister of Capt. Rago At Lichfield Mrs. A. M. Harris, aunt of gett, H. M. S. Spencer. Mr.H, auctioneer, 86.-Mr. Dav, Cox, innkeeper.

Capt. Clagram, of New Shoreham, has At Stone park, Ellen, wife of Edw, Traf- submitted to the commissioners of the harford Nicolls, esq. 25.

bour of that place, a plan for its improve At Stafford, Stephen, only son of the late ment, by a rew cut to be made opposite Chas. Hitchcock, esq. of Rugeley.

Kingston-by-Sca; and, from the great adAt Tulbury, J. Bott, esq. 81, senior part- vantages which are to be derived from it, ner in the house of Messrs. John Bout and co. but little doubt is entertained of its being

A: Sutton Coldfield, the Rev. Ellis Henry, carried into execution. The dangerous state rector of Cranford St. John's, Northampton- of this harbour has long been the subject of shire, 69.

complaint as well as of regret. Coals canuot At Stone, Mrs. Starkey, 78.

be landed there without an expense of five At Barlaston hall, Wm. Orange, esq. late or six shillings per chaldron more than at major in the 38th regt. 51.

Newhaven and Little Hampton.

Married.] At Chichester, Lieut. CollingBirths.] At Bury, on Good Friday, (the wood, of the 2d foot, to Caroline Elizabeth, birth day of both parents, the lady of S. daughter of the late Henry Boyles, esq. of H. Whalley, esq. of a daughter.-The lady Pagham.-Wm. Larkiris, esq. to Harriet, of M. T. Cocksedge, esq. of a son and heir. second daughter of the late Chas. Steer, esq.

Married.] At Great Saxham, E. Har- of Devonshire square. man, esq. of Clay Hill, Middlesex, to Mari- At Brighton, Lieut.-col. Downman, of the anne, third daughter of Thos. Mills, esq. of Royal Horse Artillery, to Miss Marsh, only Great Saxbam-hall.

daughter of John M. esq. late chairman of Ar Ipswich, Mr. J. E. Sparrow, attorney, the Victualling Board to Miss Lever, daughter of the late Wm. L. At Arundel, Rich. Holmes, esq. to Miss esq. of Jamaica.

Anna Maria Tompkins. The Rev. John Bulwell, of Worthing, Died.) At Worthing, Miss M A. W'yl. Sussex, to Susan, daughter of Mr. Wm. lie, second daughter of Mr. John W.of LonNeeve, of Pettistree.

don, 18. Died.] Ai Halesworth, Susan, relict of At Brighton, Mr. Chandler. - Miss Hack, Ms. Wm. Meyler, many years minister of daughter of Mr. H. linen-draper. Miss a dissenting congregation at Wymondham, Tuppen.- Rev. Mr. Bray.-Louisa, daughNorfolk, 71.

ter of the very rev, the Dean of Rochester, 11, At Bungay, Mr. Sam. Culham, surgeon. At Hastings, Wm. Frederic, second son -Emily, third daughter of Mr. J. Bobbitt.

of T. H. Harben, 'esq. formerly et Corsica At Westhorpe-lodge, Mrs. Peck.

hall, Seaford, 21. At Framlingham, Mıs, Abigail Vesey, At Norihiam, Ann, wife of Mr. Dav. Parwidow, 77.

sons, 34. At Layham, Rob. Hicks, gent. 75.

At Newmarket, Mary, third daughter of A proposed improvement in the BirmingMrs. Golding, of the White Hart inn. ham and Worcester canal will shorten the

At Needham, Mr. Anthony Hunt, late of distance from sixty to thirty miles, and rethe Chequers inn, Blakenhans, which he duce the tonnage from 6s. id. to 35, 10d. kept 33 years, 70.

Married ] At Birmingham, the Rev. Mrs. Young, wife of Arthur Y. esq. of Thos. Boyer, of St. Paul's near Blackpool,




Westmoreland Wiltshire-Worcester.

[May 1;




Lancashire, to Miss Emma Carless, da 'ghter of ihe late Thos. C. e:q. of Moseley.

Married.) At Claines, Mr, Thornbury, Dicd.] At Sutton Coldfield, Mr. A. R. of Worcester, attorney, to Ann Masy. third Shaw, wgcon.

daughter of the Rev. Geo. Osborn.-Samuel Ai Kenilworth, Mr. Wm. Butler, father Mitchell, esq. of Hornsey, Middle ex, to of the Rev. B. vicar of that place, and head- Matilda, youngest daughter of Mrs. Michati, waster of Shrewsbury grammar school. of the Blanquettes, ncar Worcester. Al Ansley, Mr. John Watson, scn.

Mr. W. Bancks, of Birmingham, mere At Earlaston house, Major Wm. Orange, chant, to Catherine, second daughter of the 51.

late Mr. Allport, uf Bewdley. At Birmingham, Mr. Jos. Harper, paper- At Pedmore, C. R. Wren, esq. of Wroxall merchant. -- Mrs. Allison, widow. Mrs. house, Warwickshire, to Ann, second daughPettifer.- Mr. Geo. Robinson.-Mrs. Wil- ter of Thos. Biggs, esq. linger, 74.--Mr. Thos, Rock, 40.- Miss M. Ac Upton, John Warren, esq. to Mrs. A. Lilley, 27.-Mr. C. W. Vaughan, 41,- Hudson, relict of Benj. H. esq. of Sole's Mr. Thos. Bannister, of London, 31.

Court orchard.

Died.] At Dunley Green, Lower Ardley,

Mrs. Juliet Hill, 44.
At Kendal, Wm. Pennington,

At Havley Castle, Mr. Fras. Lucy, $1. esq. one of the senior aldermen, and a justice for that borough, 69.

At Kidderminster, Mrs. Ann Griffia, 27.

--Herbert Broom, esq. 40. At Warcop, Capt. Richardson, of the

At Brettell Lane, near Stourbridge, Mr. Westmoreland militia.

Grafton, 80.

At Worcester, Mrs. Burlingham, wife of It appears from the Report of the Pro- Mr. Rich. B.--Mrs. Cotterill.-Mrs. Min. ceedings of Earl Nelson's Trustees, that they chall. - Mr. Bishop, 68.- Mr. Robert Velo have at length, by their agent, Mr. Litch- lers, 66. ficld entered into an agreement for the pur. At the Wood-house, Bodenham, Mr. T. chase of an estate, mansion-house, and park, Sirrell, 70. at Standlynch, in this county, the property of the late H. Dawkins esq. The price

At Pontefract Sessions the usual report which the trustees have agreed to give for was made of the woollen manufactory for this estate, including the timber, which is the past year; by which it appeared, that considerable, is 95,4501. ; and it having been there had been an increase of narrow clothis reported to them, by their architect, that milled, 429,717 yards, and a decrease of about 3000l, will be wanting for repairs, the 31,021 broad cloths milled, or 1,046,346 trustees, a ware that they could not be war- yards.-The whole manufacture produced ranted in exceeding the amount of 90,000l. 16,710,969 yards; being a decicase of thought it necessary to require from Earl 616,624. Nelson, that he would pay the excess of The disputes on the subject of the York price beyond the sum of £7,000l. ; a portion bridge are brought to a termination ; the maof the estate, equivalent in value, being con- gistrates of the three Ridings having come to veyed to his lordship as his private property ; an agreement with the city of York, that by which arrangement 3000l. would be set 30,000l. should be advanced out of the coun. epart for the repairs.

ty rates, for finishing the present bridge over Barried.) Ac Wilton, Geo, Mayo, esq. the Ouse, with this especial proviso, that it of Yeovil, Somerset, to Jane, second daugh- should be wisely and carefully expended. ter of Mr. Ranrlal, clothier.

The new church at Bradford, in which At Devizes, Mr. Hart, of the Bear Inn, 400 free seats are appropriated for the use of to Miss Handy, of Bath.

the poor, (an object of great importance in At Rowde, Mr. Rob. Vaisey, of Clatford, that'and in every populous district,) is nearly to Miss Burton, only daughter of Mr. Mark ready for consecration, and notwithstanding B.

the liberal subscriptions of the greater part Jas, Pearce, esg. of Upton Scudamore, to of the gentlemen and inhabitants of the Ann Arabella, youngest daughter of Mark place, the suni of 1,5001, is still to be raised Glass, esq. of Orcheston St. Mary.

among the friends of the establishment tar Died.] At Alderbury. Mr. John Lau- clearing all necessary expenses. Earl Fitzrence, 59.

william, though possessing no property in At Fullingbridge Farm, Mr. Sam. Green- Bradford, very generously subscribed 100l. hill.

The trustees of Christ Church, Sculenates, Al Monkton Farleigh, Mrs. Syms, wite of have advertised for designs and estimarts Wm.s.

of a church to be erected, capable of holding At Wroughton, near Swindon, Mrs. King, from 1500 to 2000 persons, including free wife of Maurice K.esq.

of Holt.

sittings for about 500 poor. It is their in A: Salisbury, Mrs. Wheeler, 63.

tention to study economy as much as pessle At Chippenham, Mr. Geo. Hayward, ble; at the same time they wish to pay sotnie many years master of the George Inn there. regard to an appropriate style of building, man, son of the celebrated actress who has regiment. He commanded the two British tained his faculties to the last.


York-Wales --Scotland.



A premium of 20 guineas will be given for At Kirby Hill, near Richmond, the Rev. the design which appears to them mosc to Jas. Stubbs Hale. unite these objects.

At Barron, Isaac Leatham, esq. a deputy From the repore of the committee of the lieutenant, and colonel commandant of the Female Penitentiary of llull, it appears that, 6th reg. of N, York Local Militia ; Member in the course of the last year, twelve unfortu- of the Society of Arts, and Honorary Memnate women have been reclaimud, of whom ber of the Board of Agriculture, 72. ten have been sent out to service, and (wo At Wakefield, Capt. Anthony' Allison, Adrestored to their friends. Fourteen at present jutant of the Wakefield local militia. reniain in the house. Their earnings dur- At Snaith, Edw. Hare, esq. formerly of ing the last year, amounted to upwards of Barlow-hall. 1601. ; a convincing proof, as was justly At Sheffield, Mr. Jos. Oxley, 86.-Mr. observed in the repori, that habits of indus- John Bennett, of Manchester, 75.-Ann, try have been successfully cultivated in that wife of Mr. John Smith, optician, 86. excellent institutici.

At York, Eliza Lætitia, only surviving The trials of Thomas Wainwright and jo- daughter of the late Mr. Baker, proctor. seph Blackburn, attornies, of Leeds, the fore Capt. Thos. Leef, R. N. 58. Mr. John njer for curing a stamp from a deed, with Agar, clock and watch maker, 85.-Mr. J. the intention of using it for a second, and the Luccock, formerly of Leeds, 57. latter for counterfeiting certain stamps, excited extraordinary interest at the late assizes. A subscription has been set on foot in the The former was acquitted, owing to the bad principality, for the purpose of presenting an character of the only witness against him. elegant vase to Sir W. W. Wynne, bart. in The latter was capitally convicted; and, compliment to the gallantry and patriotism notwithstanding the interest made to save his he evinced by taking the command of one of lite, his sentence was carried into execution the provisional battalions of militia which at York on the 8th of April.

volunteered for general service, and wefit to Married.) At Hatfield, Rich. Jennings, France two years ago. The subscription alesq. of the Levels, to Martha, second daugh- ready amounts to 12201. ter of W. Smerton, esq.

From the report of the Auxiliary Bible SoThomas, son of Mr. Edmundson, of Mid- ciety of Aberystwith, made at the third anni. dleham, surgeon, to Miss Ewbunk, eldest versary, it appears that the donations and daughter of John E. esq. of Sober-hill, near subscriptions received last year amounted to Northallerion.

6931. 155. and the sale of books produced Ac Knaresborough, Matth. Bentley, esq. 1131. 25. od.; making the aggregate 8061. of Pateley-bridge, iu Miss Eliz. Simpson, of 175. 6d. It also appeared that 440l, had Harrowgate,

been remitted in aid of the Parent Society. At Whixley, the Rev. P. Inchbald, of The society has, since its establishment, disCarr House, near Doncaster, to Sarah, se- tributed 5195 Testaments and 180 Bibles. Cund daughter of W. Shipton, esq. of Green Died.] At Trewerne, Pembroke, the seat Ilammerton,

of John Benyon, ésq. Emma, second daughAt Ripon. Wm. Heslington, esq. of Mar. ter and Mary Matilda, eldest daughter of that fin-le-Moor, to Miss Clark, of Nunwick. gentleman.

John Pulleyne, esq. of Long Newland, At Haverfordwest, Lewis Matthias, esq, near Snaith, to Miss Ann Bell, same place. late of Langwarren-house, Pembroke.

At Scarborough, the Rev. James Tindall, At Brecon, whilst attending the circuit, rector of Knipton and Woodsthorpe, to Miss Thos. B. Hughes, esq. barrister at law. Thornton.

Died.] At Stangate Creek, on his voyage Birih.] At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir frua Leghorn, Cape. Janies Featherstonc, of Geo. Clerk, bart, of Pennycuik, of a son. ne Elizabeth, of Hull, 35.

Married.] At Edinburgh, Col. Sir Wm. dillull, Mrs. Outram, 64,--Mr.M. Wil. De Lancey, K.C. B. deputy quarter-master

general in North Britain, to Magdalene, seAi Pontefract, Mrs. Oxley, wife of Mr. Al- cond daughter of Sir J. Hall, bart. of Dun. derman O. 44.

glass.-Major James Boyle, 9th regiment, Ai!iuddersfield, Mr. Wm. Bralley, 71.- to Margaret, only daughter of the late John Alrs. Higgins, 5s.

Orr, esq. of Paisley.--Stephen Cousins, esq. Balifax, Mr. J. Hudson, 74.

of the royal navy, to Catherine, eldest daughAr Skipton, Margaret, daughter of Chas. ter of the late John Learmonih. Tinai, csq.

At Cumnock, Major James Miller, of the A: Barnsley, Mrs. Deakin, widow of John 7 1th foot, to Margaret, only daughter of the D. esq.7 2.

Rev. Dr. Miller; minister of Cumnock. Ac Brockenbottoni, near Setele, Major Died.) At Edinburgh, of dropsy in the chest, Hesleden, West York Miliva.

Mr. Henry Siddons, patentee and manager of A Hassay, near York, William Notting- the theatre soyal of that city. This gentle13:11, CS4:


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Ireland - British Colonies-Abroad:

[May 1, so long adorned the British stage, and ne. Weekes, son of the late Rev. Edw. W.prephew of Mr.John Kemble, was born ac Wol- bendary of Kilbritain, and rector of Rachverhampton in 1774. When his thother, clareen, in 1778, burst forth upon the London stage, At Johnstown, Wexford, John Grogan, he appeared in the character of the child to esq. her Isabella, in the tragedy of that name.- At Woodhill, near Cork, Cooper Penrose, He commenced his education at Croydon, esq. and was thence removed to Dr. Barrow's At Elm Park, Armagh, Mrs. Close, wilc academy in Soho-square, but shortly after- of the Rev. Samuel C. wards placed, through the favour of the At Kilmaroney, Queen's County, the Queen, upon the foundation of the Charter hon. Mrs. Weldon, wife of Stewart W. esą. house, where he remained five years. His and daughter of the late Earl Conyngham, friends designed him for the church, but a At Beldoyle, Wm. Espinasse, esq. strong hereditary attachment led him to de vote himself to the stage ; and having joined the company of his uncle, Mr. Stephen of the 103d regiment, to Miss Robinson,

Married.] At Quebec, Lieut. col. Smelt, Kemble, he appeared, in 1792, in Zanga, in The Revenge. After acting at various pro- daughter of Commissary General R. vincial theatres, he obtained engagements

Died.] At the Cape of Good Hope, C. in those of the metropolis. In 1802, he már

T. Bishop, esq. late of the 21st light dra. ried Miss Murray, daughter of Mr. M. of goons, eldest son of Charles B. esq. of DocCovent Garden theatre, an actress of re

tors' Commons. spectable abilities, by whom he has left several children.--As an actor, Mr. S. if not in Berih.] At Stockholm, the lady of Edu. the first line of excellence, was always judi- Thornton, his Majesty's envoy extraordinary cious, and manifested strong feelings, as well and minister plenipotentiary to the coast of as a critical knowledge of his author. An Sweden, of a son. inherent delicacy of feeling is admitted to Married.] At Brussels, Lieut.-col. Sir have thrown a shade over his powers, which Geo. H. Berkeley, to Miss Sutton, eldest would have shone brighter, and produced a daughter of lady S. of Molesey house,Surrey. stronger effect, if he had possessed less ta- At Palermo, Lieut.-gen. Robert M'Farlent, and more confidence.' Mr. S. was the lane, to Maria Gertrude, eldest daughter of author of several novels of considerable me- Captain G, H. Vankemper, of the Dutch rit, as William Wallace, Leon, Somerset, navy and Dutch Consul at Tripoli. Virtuous Poverty, &c.; and of the following At Port Mahon, Richard Law, esq. naval dramatic pieces :-Modern Breakfast, inter- storekeeper there, eldest son of the Rev. Ed. lude, 1790–Sicilian Romance, opera, 1794 L. vicar of Whittingham, Northumberland,

-A Tale of Terror, dramatic romance, 1803 to Catalina, second daughter of Don Pedro -Time's a Tell-tale, comedy, 1807 ; be- Motta, late British Consul to the Balearic sides some others that have not been Isles. printed.

Died.] At Coburg, the Prince of SaxeAt Kirkwall, the Rev. Hugh Stalker, in Coburg, who commanded the Austrian ar• the 21st year of his ministry, and 71st of his mies in the campaigns of 1703 and 1794, age.

aged 77. At Garscube house, Dumbarton, Lady At Lisbon, Frances, fourth daughter of Campbell, wife of Sir Hay C. of Succoth, Sir Edm. C. Hartopp, bart. bart.

Major-gen. Sir Edw. Michael Pakenham, At the Manse of Creigh, the Rev. Michael K.B. who fell in the unfortunate attack ce Greenlaw, D.D. He was born in 1722 and New Orleans, was born in 1778. He was his ordination took place in 1755.

the eldest brother of the Earl of Longford,

and first cousin to the Duchess of Welling, Married.] At Limerick, Archdeacon In the late campaigns in Spain and Maunsell, io Miss Warburton, eldest daugh- France he served as quarter-master-general ter of the Bishop of Limerick.

to the army under the Duke of Wellington, At Londonderry, the Rev. J. F. Bond, was in all the principal engagements of that Dean of Ross, to Sarah Hester, sister to J. great commander, and invariably distinW. Croker, esq. secretary to the Admiralty. guished himself as a soldier and a maa. He

At Strabane, Major Stafford, of the Lon- was colonel of the 6th West India regiment, donderry militia, to Letitia, daughter of the and closed his career at tbe early age of 36. Jate Hon. A.C. Hamilton, of Beltrim castle, Major-gen. Gibbs, who, as second in com'Tyrone.

mand, was mortally wounded on the same Died.] Near Shanballymore, Doneraile, occasion, was third lieut.-colonel of the sotho Mr. Owen M.Carthy, farmer, 103.



regiments which garrisoned Stralsund in At Cork, Lieut.-col. Gibbings.-Major 1812, and was afterwards more actively emPurcell, 324 regiment. The Rev. Edw. W. ployed in Holland.

He re

[blocks in formation]

MONTHLY AGRICULTURAL REPORT. THE weather in the early part of last month and the month preceding having been extremely mild and open has brought forth a burst of vegetation more forward and luturiant than is common to this climate. The continued rain in March has injured the wheats upon all those soils where percolation was impeded either from their tenacity or the neglect of the farmer in not proouring a proper drainage. A dry May will be necessary to recover them. But upon all those soils where the water could escape in due time the wheat crop was never more forward and promising.

The early sown barleys are beginning to curl and look well, but the latter sown, from the clodded state of the land, have scarcely made their appearance, and from the late dry weather are likely to be of two growths.

Beans, peas, and the whole of the leguminous class have come up a strong plant. The peas have not suffered so much from the slug as they commonly do in wet seasons.

Winter tares, tye, clover, and all the soiling species, are a large and forward crop..

From the great quantity of turnips on hand, and the forward state of the pastures, spring food for cattle abounds more than can be recollected by the oldest farmer.

The blossom is abundant, but the frosty nights about the middle of April have destroyed a large portion of fruit in exposed situations.

Corn EXCHANGE, APRIL 24.-Foreign Wheat, 835, to 455.Fine ditto, 715.-English, 498. to 598.-Fine ditto, 715.-Rye, 34s. to 385.-Barley, 218. to 325.-Malt, 589. 10 7 15. -Oats, fine, 25s. to 278.--Fine Flour, 60s, to 85$. ; second, 555. to 60s.

SITFIELD MARKET, APRIL 24.Beef, 4s. 4d. to 58. 4d..Mutton, 5s. to 6s. od.Lamb, ss. to 95.- Veal, 4s. 10d. to 6s. 4d.-Pork, 08. od. to 7s6d. per stone of 8 lbs.

Hay, 31. to 51. 55.- Straw, il, 105. to 21. os.--Clover, 51. os. to 71. 105.

Hops, New Pockets.-Kent, 6l. os. to gl. os..Sussex, 5l. 156. t0 71. 156.-Farabam, 11l. to 131, 138.


$31 928

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6125 8127

Average Prices of Com, By the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, from the Returns received in the Week ended

the 15th of April, 1915.

Wheal. Rye. Barley. Oats.

Wheat. Rye. Barley. Oats. d $. d. &. d. s. d.

&. d. s. d. 8. d. s. d. 1st Essex,

6 Middlesex, 166 5

65 011 6197 +27

Surrey, 170 036


2/28 8 ---- Sussex,

68 8 8
129 0126 O Hertford, 102 8128

25 0 cd Suffolk, 166 932


5124 9 Bedford, 71 11 36 31 623
24 11 18 2 Huntingdon, 168 6

30 6/20 8 3d Norfolk, 66 5131

1 21

Northarnpton, 73 4 10 030 42L
4th Lincoin,
166 832 028 9/18

Kulland, 68 0

30 0/22


4131 2/21 11 Leicester, 175 844 0/33 0122 8 5th Durham, 171 g

029 6 Nottingham, 176 843 034
Northurgh, 164 7 12 627 423 11

81 41- 34

8 oth Cumberland, 170 9143 4130 6126

78 1

33 0 26
Westmorland, 77 413 035 2130 4 Salop,


1155 6136 7th Lancaster,

9 Hereford,

74, 840 0127 8/ 2
78 6
37 923 0

9/38 0133 8th Flint,

36 527

79 9

35 0125
71 2
35 328 10



30 10/26 & Anzlesea, 63 Ol 97 0 19


31 0 28 2 Carnarvon, 171 6

6 Oxford, 79 9

31 6 26
Meriogeth, 77 10 35 331 2 Bucks,

74 2

31 6125 gth Cardigan,

30 3 16 9 Brecos,

74 10138 4/30 9 18
Pembroke, 57 9

29 10/16 0 Montgoniery, 80 0139 5 30 523
Carmarthen, 167 5)

0 Radnor, 7+

129 927 10 Glamorgan,

109 61 25 6195 10th Gloucester,

180 6

32 1127
174 4

31 1
173 41

29 7 11th Deron,

25 2 22




WALES. 12ch Dorset,





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73 $


171 1
28 7128 3

1719 1 $ 0 | 31 1 | 34 : 28 8126 8


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