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Transactions of the Society of Arts.

[June li direction. The method pursued is as become of extensive utility, by preserva follows :--As soon as the fish are taken, irg large quantities of these variou-szds they are gutted, and afterwards sprinkled of fish for food, which might otherwise with sati in their own blood, in large be wasted in very abundant seasons. square, round, or oval tubs, about a foot This is sufficiently evident from the fact, and a half deep, where the fish are well that in January, 1814, sprats pickled by stirred together, that the salt may take this method were selling to the poor o equal effect. The barrels must be ready Spitalfields at the rate of one penny per to use instantancously for packing with pound. In the same year upwards of salt, four barrels of which are used to 25,000 mackarel, 300 barrels of herrius, 14 barrels (a last) of fish. They are then and 30 of sprats, wele cured at Rans headed up, and placed in the ship's hold: gate by' this process, which is as fola in about four or five diys they are opened for filling up, and care must be Réservoirs of any size, vats, or casks, taken to kcep them in this state, other perfectly water-tight, should be about wise they will become rancid or rusty. half Gilled with brine, made by dissolving On being brought into port, they are about 28 parts of solid salt in 72 of fresa repacked as occasion may require, in water. The fish, as fresh as possible, packages suitable to the market for which gutted or not, innst be plunged into this they are destined. For home consump- fully saturated brine in such quantity as tion and the Baltic trade, they merely nearly to fill the reservoir, and after te require to be filled; but for the West maining quite immersed five or six days, Indies they must be repacked in small they will he fit to be packed as usual kegs, of about one gallon each, with the with large grained solid sali, and esaddition of two pounds of salt to each poried to the buttest climates. As brue keg.

is always weakest at the upper part, it On a minute examination of the her- order to keep it of a uniform saturatira rings produced to the committee, it ap a wooden lattice-work frame, of such peared, that those caught in the deep size as to be easily let into the inside of sea off Shetland, were latter and fuller the reservoir, is sunk an inch er no of milts and roes than those caught on under the surface of the brine, for the the cvast of Yarmouth. Mr. Sievers purpose of suspending upon it lumps of stated, that herrings are generally known one or two pounds, or larger, of solid under the denominations of the St. Mi- salt, which effectwally saturate whaterte chael's, the Highland, and the longe moisture may exude from the fish, and shotten herring; and that the deep-sea thus the brine will be continued of the fishing is carried on in sloops, each car utmost sirength so long as any part of rying ten or twelve hands. These are the lumps remains undis olved. The sou obliged to yo to Sheiland to clear out lidity of the lumps admits of their being according to act of parliament, about applied several times, or whenever the the 16th of June, and have then to re reservoirs are replenished with fish; and turn to commence tho fishery at Buchan the brine, although repeatedly used, does Ness off Peterhead, on the 24th of June, not putrefy; nor do the fishi, if kept uirand thus suffer great disadvantages, by der the surface, ever become rancidl. delays from wind and weather, in an Mr. London adds, that all provie unnecessary voyage of 300 miles. The sions are best preserved by this methwa, hierrings caught in the deep sea off Buchan especially bacon, which, when ibus Ness are large, fat, and full-bellied; they cured, is not so liable to become rusty, are also richer in favour, and more as when done by the usual method of esteemed for home consumption and for rubbing with salt, and is nevertheless the Continent, but do not keep so well eflictually cured. as the lanker fish caught near Yarmouth, In thuis volume a deserved tribute of which last are better calculated for the respect is paid to the late Sir Willay West India markets. The fishery there DOLBEN, who was a member of the sea is carriert on in September and October, ciety from the year 1759, and a zenkod as the berrings come down the German promoter of the arts, manufactures, and Ocean.

commerce, of his country. Prefixed to Mr. Phillips Lonpox bas communi, it is a portrait of him, engraved by las catest a process for curing hierrings, pil: ren, from a picture by Brown in the chards, packarel, sprats, &c. which may llall of Christchurch, Oxford,

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his contemporarics, abounds with instruction from Practical Observations on the Improve

which every artist may derive the most essencial

and lasting benefit. ment and Management of Mountain Sheep

Some Account of the Life, Ministry, and and Sheep Farms. By John Little. Svo.

Writings of the late Rev. Thos. Robinson, 6s. 6d.

M. A., Vicar of St. Mary's, Leicester. By ANATOMY. Sketch of the new Anatumy and Physio

the Rev. Edw. Thos. Vaughan, M. A. AVO.

12s. logy of the Brain and Nervous System of

The Political Liic of William Wildman, Drs. Gall and Spurzheim, considered as

Viscount Bauington, compiled from original compreh:n ling a complete System of 200

Papers by his brother, Shule, Bishop of Durnomy; with Observations on its tendency to

hani. 8vo. os., large paper 125. the Improvement of Education, of Punish

Memoirs of Mr. Jas. H. Wood, late Surment, and of the Treatment of Insanity. By Thomas Forster, F. L. S. of Corpus Christi

geon, of Lancaster, who died Dec. 30, 1614, College, Cambridge. 810.55.

including his Conversion and happy Death,

By the key. Thos. Wood, 2s, 60. We were for sone time at a loss in what light :o consider this cunous tract, whether as a design to

BOTANY. banter the reader by an affected explanation of

Flora Londinensis. By the late Wm. Curcraniology, or as the real exposition of the author's tis, enlarged and continucid by Geo. Graves, acquiescence in that doctrine. It seems, bow. F. L. S., and Win. Jackson Hooker, F.R.' cver, that Mr. Forster is a sincere believer in the

and L S. Part I., royal folio, 10s., cowonderful discovery, that all the faculties of inau,

loured 16s. both intellectual and moral, are dependant on the peculiar couformation of his skull; and with this conviction, he recommends the study very car.

Callimachi quæ supersunt, recensuit et nesily as neerssary to tutors and jurists. Hence. cum notarum (electu, ediuit Carolus Jacobus forth, therefore, inuch time may be spared in edu: Blumficli, A. M. 810, 143. cation by examining the outside of childrens'beads

DIVISITY. in order to determine what is best adapted ter A Selection of the Psalms of David from their in'erual improvement; and when cuiniinal the Version of the late Rev. James Merrick. appears at the bar, the labour of sitting evidence To which is appended, a Collection of Hymns may be dispensed with by a professional investiga adapted to the princi, al Festivals of the Estion of the organs whicii lead those unhappy pero

tablished Church. Royal 18mo. 35. od. sons who have them most prominently to robbery aud murder, or as they are here quintly deno'ni

The Bible, and nothing but the Bible, the taled, “ covetiveness" and "destru liveness." Religion of the Church of England; being ARTS, FINE.

an Answer to the Letter of an Unitarian Lay The Principles of Practical Perspective, 'Seceder. By the Bishop of St. David. 6s. containing Rules for delineating Designs on Apostolical Preaching considereit, or an various Surfaces, and taking views from Na- Examination of St. Paul's Epistles. 8vo. ture. By Richard Brown, royal 410. 21.25. los, 6d. BIOGRAPHY.

The Saints' Day Catechism. By J. W. Supplement to the Memoirs of the Life, Middleton, M. A. 2s. Writings, and professional Works of Sir

A Review of the Rev, H, Norris's Attack Joshua Reynolds, Knt. late President of the on the Bible Society. By the Rev. W. DealRoyal Academy; comprising additional try, B. D. F. R. S. Is, od. Anecdotes of his distinguished contempora

Sermons. By the Rev. Thornhill Kidd. ries. By James Northcote, Esq. R. A. 4to.

2 vols. 8vo. 16s. 155.

The Sovereignty of God, or his Universa! Professional biograply has many advantages pe. Empire; two Sermons, preached in the culiar to itself, being, when well executed, animi. Church of St. Dunstan in the West, London, rably adapted to improve those who are engaged By Richard Lloyd, A. M., Vicar. 45. in the same line of study; and also calculated to

DRAMA. inake those who are not better acquainted than

Ina, a Tragedy. By Mrs. Wilmot.

8vo. they otherwise would be with the dishculties

3s, of the science, and the particular merits of those who have excelled in it. Of modern painters we

EDUCATION, could name none the life of whom is so truly in.

Systematic Education, or Elementary InSuructive in all points as that of Reynolds; and struction in the various Departments of Liile retoie it was with great pleasure we found this terature and Science. By the Rev.W. Shepinteresting article of biography undertaken by one herd, the Rev. J. Joyce, and the Rev. Lant whose intimacy with the venerable President, Carpenter, LL.D. 2 vols. 8vo. Il. 11s. 6d. added to his own acknowledged genius in the same

Hints to the Patrons and Directors of wik, qualified him in a special manner for the performance. The entire work of Mr. Northcote, Schools, principally intended to show that independent of the rich fond of origrasl entertain the benefits derived from the new modes of ment which it affords respecting Sir Joshua and teaching may be increased by a partial adop.


Nru Publications, with Critical Remarks.

(June 1,

21. 2s.

As the pre

tion of the plan or Pestalozzi. By Mrs. Eli- thor of the History of the War of La Verzabeth Hamilton, 12m0, ,5,

déc, &c. 2 vols, Svo, l. 1s. A sher: Introduction to the Greek Lan Notwithstandirg the sudden and great ebanga guage. Svo. Es, 6d.

which has taken place in the situation of Trajāiz A new Gainc'for teaching young People

these volumes will be found io possess uncomida

interest, which is rather beightened than sup Genealogy and Chronology, bleuded with the nios: remarkable Events of the History of pressed by what has bezpy.caed in ti at country.

Here to reader will be able to trace the open England. 18s.

tions ni tbc allies with the utmosi precision; # 'GEOGRAPHY.

what is of equal impo tance, he will here discoser Alcedo's Geographical and Historical Dic Lie sucreclisto:y oi' chose scenes which have to ronary of America and the West Indies. By much coutounded the sugacity of existing passt G. A. Thompson. Vol. V, and last, 410.

cians, and which are likely to exercise the anci lating genius of future ages. The work is the fisha

duction of an enlightened mii.d; and there, GRAMMAR

marked by a strong spirit of hostility to the ty coś French Phraseology. Third edition, 12mo.

who for a moment has succeeded in gaining 45€ pp. 248, 4 vols.

sion of Paris, it is daw up with great judget The Students of languages are often liable to aud candeur, fall into gross improprieties, both in speaking and Memoirs of the War of the Frencà in wriúng, for the want of paying a proper attention to the pieculiariţies of idiomatic phraseology. This

Spain. By M. de Rocca, an Officer of Hasis particularly the case with those who have learnt

sars, and Knight of the Order of the Legion French superficially. or in the ordinary course of

of Honour. Svo. gs. education; and hence it is that so many wlaimsical

This voluint exhibits a very curious pictoreofilie bluoders are committed by Englislinen when they

mountaiseurs of Spain, besides affording auch is attempt a conversation in that longue.

formation with res;ect to the military opera :3 sent little volume is well calculated to correct this

Carried on in that country during the unpridopied common error, by making the various idioms of the occupaucy of it by the myrilions of Buonapeils. French clearly understood, according to a regular

The author writes like a inan oi reeling, who sus classification of subjects, we can chverfully recom

fully sensible of the injustice of the war, while his mend it to all who are engaged in the study of that

military duties compelled him to take a part ja it. language, particularly young persons, wlio will

llis varrative is simily diverted of national and learu things froin it as well as words.

professioual ranity, though it is minute ja detail,

and abundant in anecdote, HISTORY Essai Historique, Politique, et Moral, sur

History of the Kings of England, by Wil les Révolutions Anciennes et Modernes. Parliam of Malmesbury, with notes, &c. by the F.A. de Chateaubriaud.

Rev. John Shaipe, B. A. late of Trinity Col

SVO. It is justly observed by the editor, that this essay lege, Oxford, curate of Elstead and Treylerd, could not have made its appearance at a more fa.

Sussex. Royal 410. 31. 35. vourable time, the revolutionary hydra having unfor. The Character of Moses established for tunately once more seared its bead in France, in the Veracity as a Historian, recording Events persou of the child and champion of Jacobinism. The subsequent to tnc Deluge. By the Rer. Jowork, however, merits higher praise, being sure to coniniand the attention, not only of statesmen and

seph Townsend, M. A. Vol. II. 410.11.168. philosophers, but of all wlio feel interested in the

Horæ Pelasgicæ ; containing an Inquiry welfare of the community in which they live. The

into the Origin and Language of the Pelasgi, author considers the moral corruption of the

or ancient Inhabitants of Greece. By Here French as the principal source of their misfor. bert Marsh, D. D. F. R. S. Margaret Pre

He then takes a comprehensive view of the fessor of Divinity at Cambridge. Part I. SFO. abolition of the monarchies of Greece in favour of 75. 60. republicanisin, with which he iugeviously compares Rerum Hibernicarum Scriptores Veteres. the democratic frenzy of the French revolutionists.

Auctore Carolo O'Connor, S. T. D. Tomi. A striking resombiance is traced between the Athenians and Parisians, and parallels are also I., 40. 21. 2s. drawn between Persia and Germany, Macedon and

History of Merchant Taylors' School from Prussia. Tyre and Holland, Egypt and modern

its foundation to the present time. By the Italy, Scythia and Switzerland, and between Car. Rev. H. B. Wilson, B. D, second underthage and England. The wars of the Greeks are mastcr. 40. 41. 4s. compared with the revolutionary ones of the

LAW. Irench; and the philosophers of the age of Alex. The Trial of James Ripley and others fa a lider are coutasted with those of modern times : anu to the account of the misfortunes of Dionysius Riot in Old Burlington-street, March 1,

the Murder of Jane Watson, shot in the is added a Catalogue of princes who have been ob.

1815. liged to wander in foreign lands. The murders of

810, 3s. Agis of Sparia, Charles I. of England, and Louis

A new 'Fable of the Rates of the Assessed X11. of France, occupy a long and eloquent chap. Taxes payable from the 5th April, 1813, ter; and the work ends by a short investigation of with the Rules for charging them. the influence of the Reformation, and the doc. P. Andrewes, attorney, Bristol. 25. trines of the pliilosophers under Louis XV. upon the French revolution.


An Essay on the Venereal Diseases which An authentic Narrative of the Invasion of have been confounded with Syphilis. By France in 1914. By M. de Beauchamp, au- Rich. Carmichael, M. R. I. A, President of


By G

1813.) New Publications, with Critical Remarks.

451 the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. *Remains of the late John Tweddell; Part II. 4to. ll. 55.

being a Selection of his Letiers, written from: Researches on Consumption and other various parts of the Continent; together Disorders of the Lungs; from the French of with a republication of his Prolusiones Jwe G. L. Bayle. By Wm. Barrow, M. D, Li; veniles, an Appendix, containing some Aca, verpool. Svo. 12s.

count of the Author's Journal, MS.S., CoObservations on the Bulam Fever which lections, Drawings, &c, and of their extrahas of late years prevailed in the West In- ordinary disappearance; and a Biographical dies, America, Gibraltar, Cadiz, and other Memoir by the Editor, the Rev, Robert parts of Spain. By Wm. Pym, esq. deputy Tweddell, A. M, 4t0, 31, 3s. inspector of Hospitals.

Journal of Penrose, a Scaman, 4 vols. fc Additional Reports on the Effects of a pe svo, Il. 45. culiar Regimen in Cases of Cancer, Scrofula, Heraldry of Crests, selected from the Works Consumption, Asthma, and other Chronic of Nesbet, Guillim, M*Kenzie, Edmondson, Diseases. By William Lambe, M. D. &vo. &c., comprising upwards of 2,500 crests 12s.

of the most distinguished families in the Commentaries on the Treatment of the United Kingdom, from the Crusades to the Venereal Disease. By Edw. Geoghegan, of present tiine. By J, P. Elvin. 19mo. o$. the College of Surgeons, Dublin. 65. 60. France and England, or Scenes in each,

Statement of the early symptoms which compiled from the original Papers of Ed-' lead to Water in the Brain. By G. D. Yates, ward Castleton Gifford, esq. 2 vols, 12mo. M. D. 8vo. 53.

20s, 6d. Treatise on the Diseases of the Absorbert Spirit of the Public Journals for 1side System. By W. Goodlad. Svo. 7s.6d. Vol. XVIII. 12mo. 75.

Observations on the Animal Economy. Fragmenta Antiquitatis, or Ancient TeBy a Physician, svo. 6s.

nures and Jocular Customs of Manors. By METAPHYSICS.

Thos. Blount, esq. ; with considerable addiThe Philosophy of Human Nature : con tions by H. M. Beckwith. 4to. 21. 125. od. taining a complete Theory of Human Inte- fine 31. 35. rests; to which is a lded, an Essay on the Harmonies of Nature. By J. B. H. de St. Origin of Evil. By John Duncan, svo. Pierre; translated from the French by W. 10s, od.

Meeston, A. M. 3 vols, 8vo. Il.16s.

The Baronetage of England, a new ediAn Inquiry into the present State of the tion, enlarged with the genealogies of 106 British Navy, together with Reflections on baronets. By John Debrett. 2 vols. il. ss. the late War with America, its possible Con Public Disputation of the Students of the sequences, &c. &c. By an Englishman, College of Fort William, Bengal, before Earl 8vo. 6s. 6d.

Moira, Governor-general, with his Lordship's At a time when experience has forced conviction Discourse, June 20, 1814. 8vo. 35. upon the most obstipate mind, and drawn from it A Treatise on Gas Light, exhibiting a Dethe reluctant acknowledgment, that our naval

scription of the Apparatus and Machinery power may be rivalled and shikon in a quarter

best calculated for making Coal Gas, and where it could least have expected to had a com.

the Methods of applying it as a substitute for petitor, the most vigilant attention ought to he paid o those abuses and errors which have crept Candles and Lamps. By Frederick Accum. into an establislement that so essentially affects our

Royal 8vo. 12s. national existence. The patriotic author of this The Rights of the British Navy asserted tract, who is evidently a naval officer of consider. and defended. able ability and observation, has penetrated into Display, a Tale for young People. By Jane the arcaua of the complicated machine, ant laid Taylor, one of the authors of Original Poems opea, with equal judgment and spirit, those evils

for Infant Minds. fc. 8vo. 6s. which, though too generally slighted, because they havc so long exisled, (anker the vital parts of the

Kirby's Wonderful Museum. Vol. V.128.

NAVIGATION. system, and threaten its absolute riun, unless some salutary measures are adopted to correct the mala

A Practical Treatise on finding the Latidy, and to counteract the efforts of those who are tude and Longitude at Sea ; from the French frosting by our apathy.

of M. de Rosel. By Thomas Myers, A. M. Anecdotes Parisiennes. 12mo. pp. 247, Svo, 16s. 4s, bound.

NOVELS, This is one of the most amusing collections of Varieties of Life ; or Conduct and Conseanecdotes that we have ever met with, and far exceeds the gruernlity of our jest books, being equal Character. In 3 vals,

quences. By the Author of Sketches of Jy witty without any of that, sulyarity and obscent ty with which they are commonly disfigured.

An ingenious friend of our's published a thin. French Letters, with a translation into

sical hook some years ago, with the title of the

Miseries of Human Litc," to the catalogue ia English, 12mo. 45. bound. An excellent little rolume, extremely well

which we would most feelingly add from our deer. adapted for the edification or young pers003 in

hought experience, the sad task of hiur been morais, as well as to improve tien in the blow.

obliged to wade througl these three incomprehta. Ledge of the Rench language, and the choice of

sibir volumes, where rararter, are brought to episcolans romposition.

gothimi no one kus we

how, and arcunces are


New Publications, with Critical Remarks.

(June 1,

related, of which it is impossible to conceive the Poems. By Wm. Wordsworth. Include

ing Lyrical Ballads and the Miscellaneous Curse of Ulrica ; or the White Cross Pieces of the Author, with additions. I vobis Knights of Riddarholmen. A Swedish Ro


11. ss. mance. 3 vols. 18s.

Peter Pindar's R- Loggerheads, or the The Neville Family. By M. Despaurrins. Congress of Blocks. AVO. 25. 3 vols. 1:35, 6d.

POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. Celebrity, or the Unfortunate Choice. By

Some Principles of Civilization, with de Mr. Pilkington. 3 vols. 159.

tached Thoughts on the Promotion of Chris La Nature et les Sociétés, ou Ariane et

tianity in British India. By Richard Hey, Gualther. Par Joseph Lavallée.

3 vols. Esq. L.L.B. 35. il. is.

The Happiness of States, or an Inquiry POETRY.

concerning Population. 4to. il. 11s. 61. Conversation: a Didactic Poem. In three The Principle of the English Poor Lav, Parts. By Wm. Cooke, Esq. of the Middle illustrated from the Evidence given before the Temple, Barrister at Law, &c. &c. 4th Com Conimittee by Scottish Proprietors. By edition. 12mo. 59.

John Weyland, jun. esq. F.R.S. Svo. 35.ft. We feel great pleasure in announcing this new Letter to a Noble Lord on the presents and enlarged edition of a very useful as well as tuation of France and Europe. Entertaining poem. The art of conversation is

An Inquiry into the Effects of the Irish oi' much higher import:pce to the countort of so

Grand Jury Laws, as affecting the Industry, ciety, and the imrroveineat of individuals, than is commonly imagined; and toe tilties work before Improvement, and Moral Character of te as, independent of its poetical merit, which is people of Ireland. By Thomas Rice, Esq. truly considerable, may be recommended as an ex F.I.S. cellent manual of practical instruction for young

TOPOGRAPHY. persons in particolar, teac'ıing them the meani of

Description of Browsholme Hall, and of acquiring an accomplishment on which no sinail

the Parish of Waddingion, in the West Rid portion of human happiness may he said to depending of the County of York; together with a "The preseut edition is enriched by a characteristic

collection of Letters from original M.S.S. is review of Dr. Johnson's celebrated literary club, the leading members of which are here dhewe with the possession of Thos. Lister Parker, Esp, great judgment and feeling.

of Browsholme Hall. royal 400. 21. 25. Bouts Rimés ; or the Poetical Pastimes of

TRAVELS. a few Hobblers round the base of Panassus. A Visit to Paris in 1914 ; being a Resler Second Edition. 8vo. 28.

of the Moral, Political, Intellectual, and These are the " extemporaneous effusions of a

Social Condition of the French Capital. By verse-making brotherhood at Ansisat ber in Scot.

Jolio Scoit. SFO. 9s. land;" the presiding hard of which fraternity issues

We feel no hesitation in saying that this tolero long strings of rlıymes for the excrcise of 1113 bre.

exhibits a much more correct and perspicuous vi** thren's fertile genius, and here x: 1:ave some witty

of the French national character than any specimens of their labours. The edirors thus mo

has fallen undis our notice since the intucourse destly speak of their asssociation, and of the pro.

between the two countries has been regered ductions to which it has given birtin; “indeed we

Mr. Scott has investigated the moral reators of are little creatures, and are not very ainbitious;

these people with a philosophical spirit; and in of we shall leave it to Messrs. Campbell Scott, &c.

der to form an exact estimale, le buts directed ha 'to flap with their wings the double summit of Pur.

observations to all the classes and descriptions of nassus. They are stong eagles--enre little but.

persons, whose manners and opinions acrer fail to ter dies, poor freble worms, that have spent the frst

give a strong forct aud predominaut coleg ta tha period of our “xistence in the cradles of our na

entire community. The picture which he ra tiro cabbages, but are now, througl the quickening

diawn is indeed a melancholy one, bar is is antiuence of Apollo, fitted and endowed with wings

from being overcharged in any part; adsl la of transitory beauty, to flutter a inomrol roond the

there be any among us still wiak ceough to be lou ly heatlier of the foot of the hill of song." But

infitnated by ille revolutionary mania obisk 14 though it must be admitted that there are not very

produced such deplorable effects, we would een sublime tights exhibited in this collection, the

estly recommend this book to their serons lewe! whole will aftord much amusement, and some of thie pieces indicate a poctical fancy of no ordinary for biem but hellebore and a dark charabes.

and if that does not cffect a cure, nothing real Powe!$. The Veils, or the Triumph of Constancy.

England at the Beginning of tbe No

teenth Century. From the French or 11. t By Miss Porden. 8VO, 1os. 60. 4 Armageddon. By the Rev. Geo. Town- Levis, Duke and Peer of France. Todo

8VO, send, B. A. The first eight books,

4 10. 11. 11s, 6d,

This volume presents a weil drawn, and Ancient Scotish Poems, published from ally a faithful view of England as it as partijas

lib'ral and enlightened nonltman of br old I:the M.S. of George Bannatyne, 1308. BVO.

school when he first visi ed our island. Vi * al is.

been much amused with the description her** Eloise and other Poems. By a young of mus capital, nor hare we much reasoa 2!! Lady. cr. svo. 75. 60.

fault with what is said ofoar civil instituto ile Bride of Sestos. A Classic Talc. the ample survey that is taken of ui Luc:

stilution, though it is abrious enoug\",

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