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Dorset - Durham-Essex--Gloucester. (June 1, C. R. N. and daughter of the late Sir C. Married.] At Colchester, Wm. Hawkins, Douglas, bart.

esq. to Mary Ann, only daughter of Mr. J. Ai Burton House, Brixham, Mss. Eliz. Warwick, of Southwark.-Wm. Harris, esą. Wheaton, mother of Wm. W. esq. 75, of Lambeth, to Sarah, youngest sister of Wm. DORSETSIIRE.

Hawkins, esq. Birth.) At St. Giles's Lady Elizabeth Mr. Chas. Clarence, of Great Parndon, to Talbot of a son, being her 14th child. Miss Marshall, only daughter of the Rev.

Married.] Ac Dorchester, John Besant, Mr. M. of Steeple Bumpstead. esq. ordnance store-keeper, to Miss Susan C. Davis, esq. of Great Wigborough, to Nowlam.

Clarinda, third daughter; and W. Davis, esą. At Melcombe, And. Lithgow, esq. of to Rosetta, fourth daughter of the late Mrs. Glendermot, Ireland, to Elizabeth, third Blyth, of Great Totham. daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Payne, rector Died.] At Langford Mill, Jonathan of Wyke and Portland.

Stammers, esq. 68. At Monckton, Rich Phelp, esq, of Ash At Braintree, Mrs. Rebecca Tiffen, who grove, to Elizabeth second daughter of the had been four times left a widow, 82. lare John Bridge, esq. of Winforı Fagle. At Lucking-house, Great Maplestead,

At Long Burton, Chas, Stickland, esq. of John Freeborn, gent. 70.
Dorchester, to Maria, second daughter of At High Ongar, Mr, West, solicitor.
Chas. Cosens, esq.

At Walthamstow, Mr. R. Banks, 76. Died.] At Sherborne, Mrs. Bellamy, 84, At Billericay, J. Ward, esq. 74, and at Beaminster, her nephew, Fras, Bellamy, esq.

The new Pump Room and Baths at the At Sturminster, Mr. John Strange. recently discovered Spa near Gloucester,

At Blandford, Mason, eldest son of Mr. M. were opened on the ist of May for the acChanıberlin, 16.—Mr. Bailey.

commodation of subscribers to the wells and In the poor-house, Wimborne Minster, walks. The band of the South Gloucester between the 16th aud 26th of April last, Sa- Militia has regularla attended there since the rah Scott, 100 ; John Frampton, 76 ; Ann opening. The following analysis of the Wareham, 8.1; and Hannah Padman, 84. component parts of this water, compared

At Weymouth, at his father's, Mr. Rob. with those of Cheltenham and Leamington, W. Henning, of Rio Janeiro, merchant. will shew that the Gloucester water contains,

in the highest degree, those impregnations Murried.] At Croft, near Darlington, on which the virtues of springs of this class Geo. Steiling. esq. of Barton, to Miss Mary depend : Wetherell, of Jolby.

Glou-Chellen- Leaning. At Gainford, Mr. Ferguson, solicitor, of

cester ham. Catterick, to Eliza, daughter of Ralph Hodgson, esq.

Grs. Grs. Gri A. Stockton, Mr. Jolin Dixon, to the Sulphate of Soda 18.25 10.00123 20.00000 daughter of Mrs. Atkinson, bookseller. Do. of Magnesia 13.75 12.28125

Died.] At South Shields, Mr. Simpson, Muriate of Soda 38.50 -7 4687553.7 5009 surgeon, 77.-Thos. Robertsoil, esq. 67. Do. of Magnesia 4.75 5.00000 6.95000

At Hunter's Hall, near Sunderland, Mr. Ditto of Lime Michael Longridge, 57.

Sulphateof Lime 10.00 10.62525 16.9; 500 At Holland Hall, near Lanchester, Mr. Carbonate of Iron 2.00 0.89375 0.09375 Geo. Forster, 35. At Sunderland, Mr. Carr, 78.- Mrs.

96.07 70.77025 Swnehouse, 27.-Ann, third daughter of the Gaseous Contents. late Mr. Benj. Elley.

In Cubic Inches.

Pint. At Durham, Mr. Rob. Pearson, 54.-Mrs. Carbonicacid Gas 10.00 1.50875 0.75000 Alice Bradfurth, 32. ,-Mr. H. Porter, a cele. Atmospheric Air 9.00 0.13123 brated florist, 77.

Oxygene Gas

0*53375! - At Bishopwearmouth, Mr. Johnson Drew, schoolinaster, 26.

Married.] Edw. Austin, esq. of Deme Ac Barnardcastle, Mr. M. Snaith, 53. rara, to Maria, fifth daughter of the Rer. S. ESSEX.

W. Miller, rector of Hashield. Of six vessels which sailed from Harwich At Gloucester, J. Salomons, esq. of Loaon the 16th April, for the Heligoland fishery, don, to Anne, second daughter of the late only one escaped the dreadful storm of the Mr. Hyam Barnett, silversmith. following day, and got back to that port in a At Charlion Kings, C. S. Murray, esą. of disabled state ; one of them was wrecked off Cavendish square, to Mrs. John Bullet, of the Texel, and her crew of seven men all Gloucester-place London. perished; the other four are also believed to Ac Stroud, Charles Wathen, esq: son of be lost. They were all the property of Mr. Sir Sam. W. 1o Philippa, daughter of the late s. Howard, of Mistley, and commanded by Rev. Chas. Lee, of Bristol, his six sons.












At Tewkesbury, the Rev. T. Lissey, of daughter of Mr. Clare, solicitor, of EmsFrome, to Martha, 4th daughter of Mr. T. worth. Easthope.

At Farlington, T. Street, esq., of London, Died.] At Gloucester, Mrs. Marsh, relict to Miss M. A. Millington, of Bridgewater, of the late Dr. M., of Highworth, Wilts. Somerset. Mr. Wm. Price, Russia merchant, 64. At Fareham, Henry Minehin, esq., of Mrs. Read.---Lieut. W. Bubb, of the Wag. Soberton, to Miss Maitland, sister to Mrs. gon Train.-Mrs. Miles, wife of Mr, M., of Purvis, of Blackbrook Cottage. the Red Lion inn.

Died.] At Lyndhurst, Jas. Buck, esq., At Newent, Chas. Aycrige, esq., 79. 78. At Preston, Mr. Edw. Sutton.

At Hursley, Mrs. Heathcote, relict of the At Pucklechurch, Emma, infant daughter Rev. Sam. H. 35. of the Rev. John Whittington, rector of Cold At Winchester, Miss Ann Budd, 19.-- Jas. Aston.

Welsh, esq., only son of the late Dr. W.At Tetbury, Mrs. Overbury,

Mrs. Stainer, 86. At Kingstanley, Mrs. Hurcomb.

At Southampton, Mrs. Woods, wife of At Cirencester, Mary, wife of Stephen Capt. W.-Mr. R. Buckland, of the Dolphin's Wilkins, esq., and daughter of Wm. Law. inn. - Lieut. John Chiddal, of the Royal Marence, esq. 23.

rines.-John Robbins, esq., 71.-Catherine, At Tewksbury, Mrs. Brown.

wife of Chas. Ward, esq.-General EveAt Charfield, Lieut.-col, Walton, late of leigh. the 1st Life Guards.

Charles Wall, esq., of Norman Court. He At Elkstone, Mrs. Bennet, 65.

was riding by the side of his carriage, in At Cheltenham, Mrs. Entwisle, mother of which was Mrs.Wall, when he fell suddenly Mrs. Coutts, late Miss Mellon, 63.--Mrs. from his horse, in a fit. Mrs. W. immeWeaver, 90.

diately alighted, and attempted to bleed him; At Marshfield, Mr. Seale, 72.

but the vital spark was extinct. At Charlton, John Hornidge, esq.

At Portsmouth, Wm. Chivers, esq.-Mr. Wm. Lucas, 84.-Rich. Reeks, esq., 70.

At Newport, Mr. Jas. Jeffery, who had

lately returned from Prince Edward's Island, Very early in the morning of April 29, a for the benefit of his health. fire was discovered in an empty house, close Al Hythe, near Southampton, Frances, to the stacks of wood and premises of Messrs. wife of Col. Chas. Godfrey, late of the E. I. Mottley and Ellis, of Portsea. In spite of Company's service, and eldest daugh of J. the efforts of the military and the heads of N. Silver, esq., mayor of Winchester. public departments, whom the alarm soon At Upton, Matthew Harrison, esq. 83. brought to the spot, eight tenements, occupied by poor persons, were entirely con Married.) At Hampton Bishop, Thos. sumed. There are many strong reasons for H. Raymond, esq., eldest son of Thomas believing that the intention was to destroy a Symonds, esq., of Meend Park, to Elizabeth, steam-engine, which had just been erected, second daughter of the Rev. Dr. Hanningclose to the spot, for the purpose of facili ton. tating the business carried on there. A re At Goodrich, Edw. Yarworth, esq., of ward of 300l. has been offered for the disco- Frostrey, Monmouth, to Jane, youngest very of the offenders.

daughter of Thos. Vaughan, esq., late of Birth.) Ac Tichfield, the lady of Capt. Lanrothall. Sir A. C. Dickson, bart., of a son.

At Hereford, G. A. A. Davies, esq., of At Southampton, Mrs. Bullar, of her sixth Crickhowell, Brecon, to Helen Sophia,

youngest daughter of the late L. D. Griffith, Near Southampton, the lady of Col, Nu- esq. gent, of a daughter,

Died.] At Penblaith, Mr. Thos. Wil. Married.] At Winchester, Chas. Thomas, liams. eldest son of the Rev. C. T. Kellow, At Windley, John Chrees, esq. 77. late Rector of Codford, Wilts, to Miss Sophia At Kingsland, Mıs, Ward. Craske.

At Ledbury, Miss Pewuiss, 63.-Mrs. At Twyford, Wm. Webster Lloyd, esq., to Hollings, of Eggleton. Miss Henrietta Cordery,

At Brampton Lodge, near Ross, Mrs. At Andover, Rich. Gray, esq., of London, Compton, wife of Spencer C., esq. 39. to Miss King.

At Ross, Mrs. Jackson, wife of Mr. J., At Portsmouth, Ligut, Pickernell, R. N. grocer. to Miss Cannaway, eldest daughter of Mr. At Sapey Mill, Mr. Rob. Smith, 60. C. of the Dockyard-Lieut, W. Luckraft, of At Colwall Court, Mr. John King, 63. H.M. S. Bombay, to Miss Camsell, eldest At Stamford Court, Miss Freeman, only daughter of John C., esq., of the Royal daughter of Fras. F., esq. Brewery, Wevill.

At Hill Eaton, near Ross, Mrs. Powell. A. G. Welch, esq., to Mary Ann, eldest At Weobley, in her 10gibi year, Mary




Herts-Kent-Lancashire- Leicester.

[June 1,

esq., 58.


Morris. Her health was so good, that she Hillam, merchant.-Mr. John Smith to was actually employed in spinning fine flax, Miss Anne Coward. within a very few hours of her death, al At Edge Hill, the Rev. Adam Hayes, to though last summer she had the misfortune Jane, daughter of Mr. L. Butler, to break her arm ; she was much respected, At Wigan, Mr. Sam. Gaskell, attorney, to and her conduct through life exemplary. Miss Mangnall, both of Bolton.

At Hereford, Eleanor, wife of the Rev. H. At New Church, Rossendale, George, son J. Powell of Clirow Court.

of John Ormrod, esq., to Dorothea, only Ac Wilton upon Wye, Mr. C. Walker, 72. daughter of the late John Whitaker, esq., of

At Leominster, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Broadclough. Edw. Woodhouse, 15.

At Manchester, Rob. Andrew, esq. of HERTFORDSHIRE.

Green Mount to Mrs. J. C. Townend. Married.) At Puckeridge, Mr. W. Con Died.) At Liverpool, Mr. George Woods, quest, to Miss Rust, daughter of R. esq. printer 60.-Ralph Manley, esq., of Chester,

At Hertford, Mr. G. Faulkner, late of 53.-Mr. James Harrop, 42.-Mrs. Galway, Manchester, to Miss A, A. Atkinson. 63.-Mr. Sam. Turner, formerly a silver.

At East Barnet, Mr, M. F. Faithful, of smith at Manchester, 83.-M. John Hill, London, to Mrs. Harrison, of Southgate. merchant, 28.- Isabel, youngest daughter

T. Dauncey, esq., of London, to Ann, of the late Rev. G. Moore, rector of Hallsall. daughter of W. Dalton, esq, of Watford. -Mr. John Payne, formerly an eminent

Died.] Ac Watford, J. Clapham, esq. 80. brewer, 49.-Martha, wife of Captain W. At Rickmansworth, Simeon Howard, Thomas, 42.-Mrs. Bache, relict of Capt. T.

B. Bache, of the 32d. regt. 50.-Mrs. Mary

Ann Tootle, mistress of the Catholic school, Married.] At Lewisham, T. E. Batard, daughter of the late W. F. M. De Courcy, esq., of Montague Place, to Maria, youngest esq., and niece to the Earl of Kinsale. daughier of the late Geo. Pryer, esq.

At Halton Hall, near Lancaster, William At Kingsdown, Jer. Terry, esq. eldest son Bradshaw, esq., 55. of John T. esq. of Ramper's Hall, in this At Blackley, Edw. Hulton, esq., 74. county, to Miss Ann Heaver, second daugh At Leigh, Ellen, wife of Serjeant-Major ter of F. Isaacs, esq. of Wrotham.

Winterbottom, late of the Lancashire miDied.] At Chatham, Mrs. Clark, wife of litia, 63. Mr. C. of that place.--Mr. Flashman. At Marsh Hall, Farnworth, Henry LinaAt Cranbrook, Mrs. Pile.

ker, esq., 77 At Maidstone, Mrs. Reed, widow.

At Miln Row, near Rochdale, Mr. Joha At Town Malling, Mrs. Baker, wife of Collier, eldest son of the author of the popuMr. Thos. B. of Sandwich.

lar tract on the Lancashire Dialect, 72. At Dover, Mrs. Eliz. Proctor, wise of Mr. At Manchester, Mr. Thos. Sefton, sen. 69. Wm. P. of Birmingham, 32.-Mr. John - Mr. T. M. Hebbert, solicitor, 24.--Mr. Mitchell, late keeper of the gaol.

H. Thompson of the firm of Salter, ThompAt Canterbury, Mr. John Snelling, and son, and Co , 32.-Jane, second daugbter of Mr. Riqueborough, brothers of St. John's Rob. Gee, eq, and three days afterwards Hospital.-Mr J. Claris, bookseller.

her mother, Mrs. G. At Folkestone, Mrs. Petett, 02.

At Preston, Mr.J. Lyon, son of Dan. L., At Reculver, Mr. John Brest, parish clerk esq. mayor of that town, 33.-M. Thomas nearly 40 years.

Slater, many years parish clerk of Lancas

ter, 73. In the Liverpool annual bill of mortality for 1814, which has just been published, it Married.) At Leicester, Joseph Eden, esą. is stated that the increase of births beyond of Poulshot, Wilts, to Miss Fisher, only the preceding year, was 316; of burials 143; daughter of Rd. F., esq., of Wanlip.--Mr. and of marriages 104. From this it appears Fred. Ross, to Miss Ann hulse. that in consequence of the peace, the town At Kegworth, R. W. Grace, esą, of the had already begun to recover from its pre- Cambridge militia, to Elizabeth Sophia, vious state of depression; a considerable in- sole heiress of the late T. Mee, esq. 'crease of inhabitants having visibly taken At Claybrook, the Rev. Benj. Richings, place during the year 1814. We have no Harriet Jane, eldest daughter of John Gooddoubt that the satio of increase during the acre, esq., banker of Ullesthorpe House. current year will be far greater, in conse Died.} At Market Harborough, Nr. quence of the revival of the American trade. Timson, widow, 70. (Liverpool Courier.)

At Foxton, Mr. Thos. Iliffe. The small-pox is making dreadful ravages At Thurcaston, Mr.John Ward, 25. in the neighbourhood of Liverpool. In one At Leicester, Joseph, second son of Mr. parish, a few miles from that place, nearly Spencer, of the Bowling Green.-Mr. Thos. GO children have recently perished by it.

R. Laxton, Mr. James Bonner, of the Married.] At Liverpool, Robert 's ronson, Duke of Rutland, late serjeant in the Leices. esgo, R. N. to Mary, daughter of Mr. Thos. ter militia.-Mrs. Mary Brown.




Lincoln --Monmouth-Norfolk--Northampton.



At Knighton, Mrs. Smith, 69.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. At Knighton Lodge, Alice, relict of Rich. The Branch Canal between the river Nen, * Beresford, esq., of Ashhorne, Derby, 77. at Northampton, and the Grand Junction LINCOLNSRIRE.

Canal, which gives a water communication From the last report of the Lincoln Na- from that place to all parts of the kingdom, de cional School Committee, it appears that at was opened on the 1st of May.

present 214 boys, and 149 girls are receiving Died.) Ac Peterborough, Mr. A. Shepinstruction in that institution, and that the heard, 62. total number of children admitted since the At Northampton, the Rev. Benj. Hill, first establishment in January 1812, is 659.* rector of Plumpton, 56.

Married.] At Lincoln, Captain Robinson, At Kislingbury, the Rev. Isaac Knotts, R. A, to Miss Sobnstone.

vicar of Timberscome, Somerset, 59. "At Alvingham, Capt. Seaton, to Miss F. At Moulton, Mr. John Chambers, 85. Parker.

At Crick, Mr. R. Drayson ; who has beAc Saltfleetby, Mr. Jos. Humbley, sur queathed 100l. to the General Infirmary at geon, of Stanstead, Herts, to Maria, eldest Northampton, and to the poor of Crick, 17 daughter of the Rev. Mr. Kilvington." acres of land for ever.

Died.) At Grimsby, the Rev. Jos. Stock At Daventry, Simon Oakden, esq. solicitor dale, vicar of Grimsby, Clea, Wath, and and banker, 43. Monkton, 72.- Mr. John Graves.

At Whaplode, Mr. Wm. Smith, lord of Between four and five o'clock in the the major of Pipewell.

morning of the 3d of May, à most awful At Boothby Pagnell, Mrs. Rowland, relict catastrophe occurred at Heaton colliery, of Wm. R. gent., who died in 1760.

near Newcastle, by the breaking in of a At Louth, Mr. Edw. Smith, well known quantity of water from one of the old workfor his skill in botany, 79.

ings to which the pîtmen had too closely At Gainsborough, Mrs. Harrison, 75.- approached. By this calamity Mr. Miller, Mr. D. Hopkins, 73.-Mr. Palmer, 76. (the underviewer, who has left a wife and

At Woodthorp, Mrs. Bellamy, 94, and eight children), 33 workmen, 42 boys, and the following day her husband, Mr. B. 87. 37 horses, have perished ; and 25 widows, They had been married upwards of 59 years. with about 80 children, are left to bemoan

At Humberstone, near Grimsby, aged 8.3, the sudden death of their husbands and faAnn Killock : she had performed the duty of thers. A subscription for the relief of the clerk in the parish church 23 years, followed widows and orphans has been set on foot. four husbands to their graves, and left sixty Married.] At Tweedmouth, Lieut. Rochildren and grand-children behind her. man, R. A. 10 Emma, daughter of the late

At Frampton Hall, T. Tunnard, esq. 62. A. Lambert, esq.

At Stamford, Mr. Amos Jackson, collec. At Newcastle, Mr. John Gregson, second tor of the corporation tolls, 66,--Mr. P. son of John G. esq. of Belchester, to Mar. Whitehead, of the Red Lion, 29.

garet, ellest daughter of Mr. Geo. RutherAt Canwick, aged 74, Humphry Waldo ford, of Sleeup. Sibthorp, esq. colonel of the South Lincoln Died.] At Hexham, Mrs. Fras. Nunmilitia, representative in two parliaments nington, 82.-Mrs. Stokoe, widow of Mr. for Boston, and twice for the city of Lincoln, Fras. S. attorney, 85.-M. H Dryden. for which he was first clected in 180).

At Teignmouth, Mr. Wm. Nisbett, 46.MONMOUTHSIITRE. !

Mrs. Eliz. Hay, 82. Died.] At Monmouth, Mrs. Phillips, At Castle Park, Beatrice, daughter of the wife of Mr. Edw. P. postmaster.-Anne, se late Rev. Dr. Bell, of Coldstream. cond daughter of the late Mr. W. Woore. At Newcastle, the wife of Mr. Rob. ThirAc Chepstow, Mr. John Jones, surgeon, 23. laway.-Mary, eldest sister of the late Lord

Collingwood.--Mrs. Eliz. Steward, 70.Married.] Mr. Wm. Howard, of Hel- Mr.J. P. Stokoe, attorney, and one of the ·lesdon, to Miss Page, of Ludham.

coroners for the county.-John Anderson, Died.] At Norwich, John Beevor, M.D. esq. surgeon to the dispensary, 67. many years an eminent practitioner in this At Bardon, Mr. Philip Sanderson, 63. -city, 88.

At Kibbleworth, Mr. Geo. Maddison, agent At Yarmouth, Mrs. Jay, relict of Capt. at Urpeth colliery. Thos J. of the Hunter revenue cutter, 80.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Mrs. Barles, relict of the Rev. Mr. B. rector Married.) At Nottingham, Mr. Webb, ot Gorleston.-Mr. Wm. Horper, 74. merchant, of Sheffield, to Ann, daughter of

At North Walsham, Mr. Wm. Forster, Mr. John Stubbins. solicitor, 46.--Mr. John Sparshall, 89

Died:) At Newark, Mrs. Prew, 70.
At Coltishall, Mr. Wm. Rump, 40.

At Southwell, Mrs, Shipman, wife of Mr. At Pulham, the Rev. Chas, Grape, D. D. S. surveyor. rector of Horstead and Coltishall,

At Nottingham, Mr. Sam. Charge, 63.--. At Crow Hall, Denver, the wife of J. T. Mrs. Eliz. Dunce, 100. Dering, esq.

At Broughton, near Newark, Mr. Boulton, Ac Emneth, Mr, Thos, Frusher, 65. in consequence of being gored by a bull.



482 Oxford-Rutland-Salop-Somerset--Stafford, &c. [June 1,

mer had been in the morning to visit the latMarried.) At Banbury, Mr. E. Rowe, of ter, and on helping her across the room, fell, Westminster, to Mrs.S. Parish of the Plough and in half an hour afterwards was a corpse. Inn.

In the evening, nearly at the same hour, Died.) At Oxford, Mr. W. Groves of the and soon after the body had been removed, Red Lion public-house, 33.-Mr. Wm. Mrs. Hucklebridge went into the same roum, Gardner, thiny years butler of St. Edmund lay down on the bed, and expired.- John Hall, 55.

Horton, esq. one of the aldermen of this Ai Cowley, Mr. T. King, many years col- city, and who had thrice served the office of lector of government taxes in that neigh- mayor. bourhood.

The Rev. W. Evans, vicar of Staunton At Banbury, Mrs. S. Gunn.

Drew and Pensford. At Henley, Capt. R. Piercy, R. N. one of

STAFFORDSHIRE. the oldest burgesses of Limerick.

The building committee of the intended RUTLAND,

North Staffordshire Infirmary, have adverThe principal inhabitants of this county tised for plans and estimates to be addressed have it in contemplation to extend the plan to the treasurer, Josiah Wedgwood, esq. Etruwhich originated with the inhabitants of Up: ria. A premium of 20 guineas will be given pingham, for the establishment of a school to the person whose plan shall be adopted in for the instruction of the poor on Dr. Bell's casc he does not obtain the contract for the system to the whole county.

building Died.] At Ryhall, Mr. Warner, 73. Married.] At Handsworth, Thos, Sneyd, SHROPSHIRE,

esq. of Cherbury Hall, Salop, to Miss PitchMarried.) At Whitchurch, Mr. John fork, late of Tipton Lodge. Phillips, baptist minister at Knockin, to Eli At Eccleshall, John Pershall gent. to Mazabeth, daughter of the late Mr. John Charl- ry, youngest daughter of the late Abr, Bar. ton,

ton, gent. of Gratewood Lodge. At Pontesbury, Mr. R. Jones, of Castle Died.] At Wolverhampton, Mr. Isaac to Miss Ann Phillips, of Woodhall.

Callinswood, 63. Died.] At Whixall, Mrs. Jarvis, 66. Al Newcastle, Thomas Horwood, esq.

Mrs. Barbara Sandford, chird daughter of banker, 65. the late Huniphrey S. esq. of the Isle of Up At Endon, near Leek, the Rev. Thos. MidRisall, near Shrewsbury.

dleton. Charles Henry, eldest son of T. L. Jones, At Uttoxeter, Mrs. Richards, mother of esg. of Oswestry.

Mr. R. printer and bookseller, 94. At Wittingslow, Elizabeth Roberts, 100. Ac Burslem, Mr. Brown of the firm of

Brown and Cartledge. Married.] . At Bath, John Fisher, esq. of At Stone, Mrs. Butler, wife of Mr. B. of Tidwell House, to Miss Lyte, only daughter the Falcon Inn.--Mr. Myatt, clerk to the of the late Henry L. esq.-Edw. Finch, esq. Navigation Office. third son of Edw. F.esq. of Tullamore, Ire At Stafford, Mr. Wm. Gibbons, 85. land, to Jane, second daughter of the late R. At Ringe Hayes, John Bagnall, esq. 90. B. W. Browne, esq. of Cawley, Salop.

SUFFOLK, At Kingston, near Taunton, the Rev. W. The total produce of the sale of WoodS. Bradley, vicar of Chard, to Miss Foster. bridge barracks was 20,0411. 5s. for build

Capt. Symes, R. N to Sarah, second ings only, exclusively of fittings. The sale daughter of T. Phelps, esq. banker, of Crew- of Ipswich barracks, including fittings, prokerne.

duced only between 8 and 9,000l. Died.] At Taunton, at the house of her Married.] Capt. J. Wilson, of the asth father, Thos. Trewren, esq. Eliza, wife of regt. to Sophia, youngest daughter of the Cape. T. P. Durell, R. N.

Rev. J. Lerno, of Long Melford. At Yeovil, Mrs. Whitmash, wife of Henry At Hollesley, H. Nazer, esq. R. N. D

Louisa, eldest daughter of John Woolnoogh, At Over Stowey, Jos. Rich, esq. 77. esq.

At Bristol, Joseph Andrews, esq.--Capt. At Kelsale, H. B. Bence, esq. of Thoring George Cooper. --Thos. Lane Husband, of ton Hall, to Elizabeth Susanna, youngest the royal navy, youngest son of the late Rev. daughter of Nicholas Starkie, esq. lake of John H. of Lublington, Derby, - Isabella, Frenchwood, Lancashire. relict of John Shadwell, esq. barrister, 85. Died.] At Bury, Henry Robinson, gent. Mary, relict of Edw.Weston, esq. of Brough- 80.--Mr. Wm. Miller, 38.-Mr. Thos. Um. ton Hall, Worcestershire, 96.

freville, 81. At Bath, Abr. De Rimier, esq, of the Cus At Mildenhall, youngest daughter of the tom-house, London.-Eliza, eldest daughter Rev, Nath. Orman, 13. of the laté Mrs. Brake.--Of an apoplectic At Mill Hill, ncar Long Melford, Richard, seizure, Anne, wife of W. Reeves, statu son of Sam. Fenning, esq. of London, 35 ary; and the saine day, aged 90, Mrs. At Hadleigh, Wallace, eldest son of the Hucklebridge, Kingsmead-square. The for- late Dr. Reeve, of Norwich.



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