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esq. 55.

At Ickworth House, Mr. Samuel Glan Died.] At Southam, the Rev. Sam. Sanville, butler to the Earl of Bristol, in whose dys, 79. family he had been a faithful servant upwards At Birmingham, Mr. Edw. Farmer, aeof 40 years, 70.

countant.-Mr. Jas. Gough. At Melford, Mrs. Coe.-Mrs. Ann White, At Edgbaston Priory, Ann, wife of John who had lived 60 years in one family, 79. Gordon, esq. banker.

At Woolverston Park, near Ipswich, Chas. At Coventry, Mr. Alderman Norman Berners, esq. 80.

Mrs. Ann Johnson, 73.

At Lemington Priors, Mrs. Abbots, wiOn th 2d of May, the rural village of Ad- dow. dington was visited by a most dreadful storm. At Warwick, Mr. Daniel Umbers, 70. It commenced at twelve o'clock, and raged At Harburne Heath Cottage, Thos. Barker, with unabated fury till six in the evening, esq. 61. during which time rain and hailstones, the At Kenilworth, Mr. Charles Ridges, near latter, as big as marbles, fell in torrents, ac 30 years an eminent surgeon of that place, 55. companied by thunder and lightning. The At Coleshill, Edward Michael, son of the church-wall was washed down, and great Rev. John Hutton. part of the Archbishop of Canterbury's gar At Ettingsall, Mr. D. Bagley, 89. den-wall, 12 feet high, swept away by the

WESTMORELAND. current. The villages for miles round were laid under water. Numerous poor cottagers Married.] At Kirkby Lonsdale, Capt. have suffered severely, but no lives were Lamb to Miss Harrison. Tost.

Died.] At Windlestone, Mr. John Rob. Married.) At Clapham, J. Whitmore, son, many years house-steward to the late jun. esq. to Miss Maria Stainforth.

Sir John Eden, and his successor, Sir Rob. E. Died.) At Mortlake, Culpeper Conant, 60. esq. brother to Sir Nath. C. formerly of Tri

WILTSHIRE. nity College, Cambridge. At Wandsworth Lodge, James Newsome,

Married.) At Codford, Mr. Wm. Dou.

bleday, of Nottingham, to Miss M. A. BenAt Richmond, Mrs. Bayly, relict of Nichs. nett, second daughter of Wm. B. esq. B. esq. formerly colonel of the West Middle

At Malmsbury, Edm. Cresswell, esq. of sex militia.

Marley-hall, Hereford, to Fanny, youngest At Camberwell, the Rev. Thos. Jephson, daughter of the late Sam. Walbrook, esq. formerly of St. John's College, Cambridge,

At Maddington, Edw. Tanner, esq. ef and late master of ?he grammar school Cam- Wexcomb, to Miss Gibbs, sister of the late berwell, 75.

Rev. Fras. G. of Orcheston.

Died.] At Market Lavington, Mr. T. K. At a meeting of the Town Commissioners Willougliby, attorney, of Melksham. of Brighton, for the purpose of determining

At Bradford, T. Timbrell, esq.--Mawbey upon the merits of plans and models of ma- Tugwell, esq. chines for heaving vessels lying on the beach Ac Mere, Mrs. Seymour, wife of Mr. S. out of danger of the sea, the premium of 30l. solicitor. was adjudged to J. Burchell, a labouring

At Salisbury, Edw. Mayo, son of Edw. mechanic, 201. to Capt. Stevens, and 101. Keele, esq. of that place, 16.-M.J. M. to Mr. Preston, of North Yarmouth.

Wells, surgeon, 48.-Wm. Woolfryes, esq. Married.) At Icklesham, the Rev. T. 62.-Mrs. Ann Webb, 73. Richards, of St. John's College, Cambridge,

At Christian Malford, the Rev. Wm. to Eliza Frances, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Willes, archdeacon of Wells, and rector of Hollingberry, vicar of the former place.

Christian Malford, the duties of which paVice-Admiral John Wells, to Miss Jane rishi he performed near 60 years. Dealtry, of Rottingdean.

At Lackington, Wm. Jones, esq. Died.] At Brighton, Wm. Gore, esq. of

Ac Alderbury, Mr. Wm. Lawrence, 92. Baker-street, London, 70.-The celebrated

-Mr. Rich. Simmonds, 75. bathing-woman Martha Gun, 88.

At Swallowclift, the wife of M, D. Bland

ford, esq. 44. Married.} At Aston, Mr. Samn. Cotterell,

At Burbage, Mrs. Pearce, wife of Thos. P. attorney, to Miss Smith, daughter of Mr. esq. 72. Wm. S. attorney, of Birmingham.-Ramsay

WORCESTERSHIRE. , Sutherlanı, esq. of Harper's; Hill, to Jane, Married.] At Kempsey, the Rev. D. eldest daughier of Mr. Paul, of Erdington Pritchett, rector of Cheadle, to Harriet, Cottage.

youngest daughter of the late Rev. Dr. WarAt Coventry, Mr. Reader, printer of the ren, prebendary of Gloucester, Coventry Mercury, to Miss Hadiey.-Mr. At Worcester, Mr. T. Powell, jun. of John Parris, of Willenhall. Essex, to Eliza- Brecon, to Miss Jane Bowes, youngest beth, daughter of Mr Alderman William diugher of the lare Thos. B. esq. of Nether

Poppleton, York,





Yorkr-Wales-Scotland Ireland, &c. (June 1, Died.) At Kidderminster, Mrs. Lea, relict At York, Mrs. Wickham, relict of Henry of L. esq. of that place, 82.

W. esq. of Cottingley, 77.-Mr. W. Hud At Worcester, Mrs. Stafford, wife of the son, formerly manager of the York concerts, Rev. Wm. S. vicar of Overbury, and relict 75. of Capt. John Houston, R. N.

At Bromsgrove, Mary, eldest daughter of "A chalybeate spring has recently been disa Mr. Greening

covered in the vicinity of Tenby, about two YORKSHIRE.

miles from the town: it is a clear transpa. At an auction sale, which lately took place rent stream, holding iron in solution, with at Hull of sittings for individuals in the Holy carbonic acid, and is of course similar imits Trinity Church, in that town, 70 sittings properties to the carbonated chalybeate were sold for 5201., besides an annual pay- waters of Cheltenham and Tunbridge. ment of several shillings by each person.

SCOTLAND, It is of course impossible for the lower or Married.) At Cumnock, Major J. Miller, ders to find accommodation in the churches of the 74th foot, to Miss Margaret Miller, of the establishment at Hull.

only daughter of the Rev. Dr. M. Several vessels were wrecked during the Died.] At Edinburgh, Henrietta Sophia, violent storm on the 13th of April, and 27 wife of Dan. Waldegrave, esq. and daughter fishermen from Staithes, near Whitby pe- of the late Baron Alt, who was upwards of rished, leaving large families. Many from 42 years minister from the Landgrave of Whitby, Scarborough, &c. met a like un Hesse Cassel to the court of Great Britain,69. timely fate.

At Montrose, Mr. T'. Blackwood, of Perth, From the statements made at the first An. who had been in Montrose Infirmary some niversary Meeting of the Methodist Mission- weeks, and fell the victim of a visionary no. ary Society for Hull, York, and the other tion that the Trinity had forbidden him to eat. circuits of the York district, lately held at At Stobo Castle, William, youngest son Hull, it appears that the Methodists have of Sir James Montgomery, bartó expended 10,0001. during the last year in At Elgin, Capt. A. Nowles, formerly of benevolent missionary enterprises ; and that the 25th foot, and lately avljutant of the Álothey employ abroad a greater number of rayshire local militia. missionaries than any body of Christians

IRELAND. whatever, the Moravians excepted.

An accident, attended with very fatal conMarried.] At Hull, the Rev. J. L. Sis- sequences, lately occurred in Dublin: an im, sons, of Wakefield, to Frances, only daugh- mense multitude had assembled in the streets ter of Mr. Sam. Hirst.

to witness the punishment of a chimnesAt Scarthingwell-park, the Rev. T. sweeper, who was to be whipped for cruelty Barnes, rector of Castleford, to Charlotte, to his apprentice, and the high steps at the youngest daughter of the late T. D. Bland, Exchange were crowded to excess. On the esq. of Kippax-park.

approach of the criminal, the pressure at this At Eastrington, the Rev. J. King, of Wel. place became so great, that the entire sange lington, Salop, io Miss Blanchard, only of metal ballustrading, with the heavy spac daughter of Geo. B. esq. of Cavil-hall, near work on which ir was erected, was pushed Howden,

out, and with at least 100 persons, thrown At Sheriff Hutton, Dav. Rowlay, esq. of into the street upon the people assembled Stiltenham, to Miss Jackson, only daughter there. About so were taken from under the of the late Rich. J. esq.

ruins ; of these 7 were killed on the spot, At Airton, John Birkbeck, esq. of Settle, 3 have since died, and 20 others were severely bænker, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. John wounded. A subscription has been opened Ion, of Dent,

for the benefit of the persons disabled and Died.] At Hotham, the Rev. Rich. Gee, their families. LL.B. rector of Leven, in the E. Riding, 73. Married.] At Seafield, county Down, Sir

At Hull, Mrs. M. Champney, daughter J. C. Anderson, bart. of Fermoy, to Carolins, of the late Rev. Thos. Nelson, rector of sister of R. Shaw, esq. M. P. før Dublin. Fingall.

Died.] At Kilmorony, the Hon. Mrs. At Scarborough, Jas. Tindall, esq. banker, Weldon, sister to the Earl of Conyngham. father of the corporation of that town, and

BRITISH COLONIES. a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the Married ) At Bermuda, Cape, F. Truscott, N. Riding, 65.

R. N. to Catherine, daughter of the Hoa.do. At Wakefield, Mr. John Thorburn, 15 Hutchinson. years governor of the poor-house, 39.

Died.] At Berhampore, East Indies, Wm. At West Mills, Mirfield, Mrs. Brook, wife Hanson, esq. quarter-master of the s3d fooi. of Sam. B. esq.

At Bracton Bottom, W. Hesleden: esq.91. Birth.] At Brussels, Lady Fitzroy so

At Leeds, the Rev. Jos. Whiteley, late merset, of a daughter. of Magdalen College, Cambridge, head mas Died.] Ac Touro in France, Francis A ter of the Free Grammar School, and vicar Hare Naylor, esq. late of Hurstmonce. I of Lastingham, in the N. Riding.

Castle, Sussex.


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MONTHLY AGRICULTURAL REPORT. 2 THE wheat crop, although much forwarder than is usual in this climate, is universally good upon every kind of soil. But the best wheut-bearing lands are covered with a luxuriant dark verdure, which at all times indicares a full crop.

Barley, from the timely showers that have successively fallen immediately after the seed was sown, has come up well together, producing a full regular crop, which is at this time finely on the curl.

Oats have come up strong and thick, even upon lands that are in an indifferent state of culture.

Beans, pease, and all the leguminous tribe, are very promising, free from slug and fly.

The whole of the soiling species are very forward, and a remarkably full crop. A spring more productive of every kind of green food has not occurred for many years.

Hay-time has commenced in the neighbourhood of London with a full crop of grass. The clover and all the artificial grasses in the country never were more abundant. But from the late dark and showery weather the turnip fallows are in a foul and backward

The orchards in some districts bate suffered considerably from the larva of a fly. CORN EXCHANGE, MAY, 22.-Foreign Wheat, 455. to 698.-English, 415. to 698. Rye, 345, to 385.-Barley, 235. to 355.-Malt, 60s. to 3,45.-Oats, 18s, to 275.--Fine Flour, 60$. to 658. ; second, 555, to 60s.

SMITHFIELD MARKET, MAY 22.- Beef, 48. 4d. 10 ss. 4d. Multon, 4s. 8d. to 3s. 6d. lamb, ;8. to 85. 6d. -Veal, 5s, to 6s. 60. Pork, ss. to 6s. od. per stone of 8 lbs.

Hay, 31. to 41. 105.-Straw, il. 10s. to il. 165.-Clover, 4), 105, 1071.,
Hops, New Pockets --Kent, 71. to pl. 98. Sussex, 6h to sl.--Farnham, wl. to 141.






Average Prices of Corn, By the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, from the Returns received in the Week endeal

the 20th of May, 1815.1.

Wheat. Rye. Barley. Oats.

Wheat. Rje. Barley. Oats. d $. d. . d. $. d.

d: $. d. S. d. 1st Essex,

6130 10/24 Middlesex, 164 4436 031

1 Kent,

629, 6/26 O


166 056 031 028
62 8
26 946 6 Hertford, 50


0 24
2d Suffolk, 65
30 9/24 9 Bedford, 167 11

9 29
Cambridge, 65 1 39 0/99 1091 1 Huntingdon, 10% 2

38 4/22
3d Norfolk, 67 3

26 12/19
9 Northampton, 70 0 38 028

7119 11 4th Lincola, 63 119 5-7 517 8 Rutland, 69 6.


165 * 10+
0 281021 7 Leicester,

75 11 38 0 30 10/22
5th Durhamn,

Nottingham, 173

031 8/23 10 Northumb, 161105! 4126 10 24 0 Derby,

ao ol 34 028 3 6th Camberland, 72 B19 050 6:7 2 Statłord,



8 909 Westmorland, 173


731 오 Salop, 89 91601634 2130 G 7th Lancaster, 75 5) 126 10 Hereford, 169 4140 028

176 91

26 8

72 538 033 1032 6 8th Flint, 179 101

8 25 10


4/27 1 Deabigh, 170 6) 37 5127


164 81 31 10.30 8


62 61 31 3)SO 10
Carnai von,
31 5/22

66 11

128 6 27 3 Merioneth, 178 1

31 11/27
8 Bucks,


9|26 10 gth Cardigan,

168 169
31 3/17 11
Brecon, 79 7

31 822 8
26 101

Montgoniery, 83 210 032 0125
Carmarthen, 170

33 2017
8 Radnor,

2 30 3
75 7

35 0 28 8 10th Gloucester,


29 10 96 11
173 9

176 2

39 11th Devon,

8 08 221


AVERAGE OF ENGLAND AND Cornwall, 81 10 31 1 c6 20

WALES 12th Dorset, 70 427 1728 0

190 6 1 39,3 / 31 01 25 4 Hants, 66 101 28 2279




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[June 1,




FROM APRIL 23 TO MAY 23 INCLUSIVE. Where the address of the Solicitor is not mentioned, he must be understood to reside at the

same place as the bankrupt. The Solicitors' names are between Parentheses. ABBOTT J. Ancaster, butcher (Elgie, Lincoln Edwards W.J. Rotherbithe, pavabroker (Tem A

ddis R. Monmouth, maltster (Frankis, Bristol $plar and Glynes. Barr-street Ager R. Leigh street, paper banger (Mills, Vine Emes W. nad P. Chuich row, Fenchurch stres strcet

merchants (Blunt and Bowman, Old Behlum Aypleton A. Manchester cott a merchant (Hew. Evans and Co. Aberystwith, bankers (Jonai, itt and Kirk

Machynlleth Atkinson T. York, linen draper (Davies

Evaus T. Liverpool, linen-draper (Jackson Badham G. Bromnyara, victualler (Dangerfield Fawcitt P. Stamford Baron, innholder (Floplis Baker C.T. Marlborouglı, linen draper (Ware and

son, Stamford Merriman

Field R. C. Long Acre, hat maker (Dawes and Barnet C. Londoo-wall, horse dealer (Bookle, Chatfield, Angel court New Broad, street

Fisher T. Exton, livery stable keeper (Warrea and Basnett H. C. Nanchester, scrivener (Hewitt and Churchill, Uppingham Kirk

Foyster J. Bury St. Edmond's, grocer (Leeds Bee J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, tallow chandler Galpin T. Honiton, grocer (Flood and Males (Reed

Garnett J. Liverpool, scrivener (Orred & Brides Belling R. Drury lane, victualler (Mayhew and Gaspard E. George street, Minories, merehati Price, Symond's Inn

(Leigh and Co. New Bridge street Biddle N. Gloucester, grocer (Counset:

George J. Monmouth, timber merchant (Pbil Bishop T. Great Yarmouth, fish merchant (Sayers potts Blackburn C. Newark-upon-Trent, cora factor Graves R. East Retford, fishmonger (Masdo sad (Cropper, Loughborough

Mee Blake J. Greenwich, cabinet maker (Parker Green J. Birmingham, cabinet maker (Diseley, Bourne J. (leobury Mortimer, mercer (Hill,Wor. Pershore

Grellier J. II. and W. G. Cranch, Guildford, hinge Bowker E. H. and T. Pearson, Salford, cotton burners (Hackett, New court, Swithin's kate merchants (Edge, Manchester

Halliday, W. Manchester, cottoa spinder (Buci. Bromedge T. Gloucester, clothier (Walton, Ba. ley singhall street

Hagrecn J. Bury St. Edmund's, grocer (Leech Brown J. jun. Colchester, miller (Gale and Son, Hamaan J. II. Great Winchester street, tuercha! Bedford-street

Oakley and Birch, Martin's lane Buckle M. York, woolstapler (Brook and Bulmer Ilarris S. Northwarnborough, miller (Raggett a Bull J. jun, and sen. Red Lion court, merchants Cole, Odihain (Nind, Throgmorton street

Harvey J. Ipstones, grocer (Flint, Ottcreter Butler R. Poultry, glorer Metcalf, Basinghall Haywood J. W. Kennington, stock broker (Cha street

man and Co. Little St. Thomas Apostle Carlill J. and B. Hull, merchants (Martin and Hemsley T. W. Bath, victualler (Physick Scholefield

Hewitson J. Wigton, innkeeper (Wallis Cave S. Oxford street, mercer (Hughes and Bux. Hewitt P. Carey street, vintner (Hurd, Ternple ton, Fenchureh street

Hight J. Two Waters, farmer (Bourdillen end Chiffios P. Much Hadlar, baker (Gee, Bisliop llewitt, Little Friday street Stortford

Hill J. Alsop's buildings, New Road, merchant Christian C. Bread street, tallow chandler (Cun Eritt and Rixon, Haydon souare ingham, Vere street

Hillary T. P. Mark lane, merchant (Gregson and Clarke W. II. Lydcomb, coal merchant (Tapper, Co. Angel court Bristol

Holland W. Wigland, coal merchant (Ringlet and Cocksedge J. Fann street, tallow chandler (Drew Brookes. Whitchurch and Sons, Southwark

IIorner W. Portsea, Hants, grocer (Weddell, G. Cooper 'T. Manchester, coach maker (Heslop

port Cridland J. sen. Leicester, hosier (Dalby

Haughton E. Boston, fruiterer (Holloway Cross J. Commercial Road, taylor (Lang, Ame Hudson E. Lancaster, merchant (Oalley od sca square

Birch, Martin's lane Cross W. Ilasleworth, currier (Cofaude

Humphrys R. Old Jewry, taylor (Dalton, 'bisa Dawson G. Great St. Ilelen's, merchant (Alling. street ham, St. John's square

Jelf, Sir J. Gloucester, banker (Wbilcocabe ad Dawson T. Dalton, butcher (Morton and Wiliam.

Co. son, Gray's Inn square

Jcw M. Pershore, butcher (Mole, Birmingha De Metz A. L. South Sea Chambers, merchant Jolinson R. Liverpool, merchant (Stalha ads Poolc, Adam's court

Dunkin Z. Bermondsey, druggist (Ingold Jones P. and W. Appleton, Liverpool, saders
Durant T. Hvathfield, brewer (Heslo, Man. (Murrow

Johnstone J. Liverpool, merchant (Munrow
Durrant W. Maidstone, tanner (Burr and Ioas Joncs J. Bicester, butcher (Walford
Edney J. High Holborn, broker Willougliby, Clif. King R. Old-street road, butcher

(Brewa. Od ford's un

North street Edwards J. Bristol, hatter (Tarrant & Co. Chan. Langton T. Newlawn. dealer (Pilkington, Press cury Jane

Laws G. Norwich, inakteper (Chase

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Le Roy E. and T. Jermyn street, fruiterers (Law. Rice J. New Shorcham, merchant (Brooker and rence, Furnirai's 1m

Colbatch Liadaer J. J. Ratclif, hat manufacturer (Paulia Roberts T. and W. Steevens, Gloucester, tobacco Lindrea W. Bristol, woollen draper (Bevan

pipe manufacturer (Beran, Bristol Lingard J. Blackwell, corn dealer (flewitt and Roper J. R. Gosport, brewer (Collins and Hew

Kirk, Manchester Lisle D. jun. Newcastle upon Tyne, cabinet masker Ross R. Chuuleich, indholder (Kendall (Brockete

Salumner T. and J. Manchester, hat manufacturers many Llewelly W Carmarthen, mercliant (Jones

(lladtiuld lowman W. Newcastle upon Tgue, taylor (Adam. Schroder J T. Manchester, inerchant (Cunliffe

Shalloruss W. St. Puncras, baker (Coleinan, Fur. Marchant J. Maidstone, carpenter (Ottaway, Sla vival's Ino plehurst

Shepherd J. Sutton, ship builder (Haire, Holl Marsmail J. New Sarumn, carpeater (Foot, Salis. Smith E. D.eping few, innholder (Cheates and bury

Forbry, Sleaford
Miesser E. Gagingwell, farmer (Solby, Banbury Southey w.juu. Bristol, turner (Thomas
Meacock 1. Liverpool, merchant (Whitley

Stanley R. Warnford court, merchant (Bowden,
Jietcalfe W. Crooked lane, merchaut (Cranch, Angel court
Union street

Steed J. jun. Long Melford, plumber (Wayında, Mist J. Fleet street, cbinaman (Spike, Temple

Buty St. Edmund's Níoffitt R. Munchester, merchant (lladfield Stephenson L Beverley, grocer (Hail and CampNoon R. Liverpool, merchant (Stanistreet and bell Eden

Stereos W. St. Mellion, moor-stone merchant Moore J, Leicester, worsted spinner (Dalby

(Bozon, Plyinouth Morris J. P. Bristol, carpenter (Langley

Tauner T. Gloucester, builder (Whitcombe aod Nalborough S, and W. Parsons, llarwich, baber Co. dashers (Lutkow, Doctors' Commons

Tebbutt R. Loughborough, mércer (Bond, L-i. Needham E. sen. Manchester, dealer (llewilt and cester Kuk

Thorn H. Colehoscer, rag merchant (Francis Norton C. jun. Birmingham, buikler (Bird Thropp J. Birningham, silversmiti (Bott Xott T. Titchborne street, hatter (Nind, Throg Turner J. jun. Hurstperpsint, buieber (Bott, morton street

Brigliton Nottage G. Slabsted Mountfitchet, miller (Sweet Vaux T. York, farmer (Thorpe, Thorne and Stohes, Basinghall street

Veon, T. Halsted, innkeeper ($t well Nunney J. F. Clare street, victualler (Isaacs, St. Webb W. Leamington, builder (Watson, Lutter. Mary Axe

worth O'Brien J. Copthall Buildings, ipsurance broker Welsford G. Crediton, sawer (Sinith (Paterson, Copthall court

Whitaker J. Leeds, wool seller (Skelton Pain J. Romford, butcher (Wilkinson, South place White J. and Co. Fleet street, booksellers (Chipl Payn T. jun. Leplan, dealer (Elsyn, Canter pendall, Great Queco street bury

White R, Queen Street, wine merchant (Coote, Pearce T. Gravesend, taylor (Hackett, New court, Austin Friars Swithin's lane

Whitwell, S.Coventry, surgeon (Carter Pearce W. ani! W. Wesitorp, Liverpool, Merchants Willcock W. Orchard-street, baker (Ilughes, Dean (Avisou and Wheeler

street Portington A. Great Qucen strect, taylor (Grif Willis P. Romford, artist (Blunt and Bowman, fich, featherstone buildings

Old Bethlem Powis J. Mild street, Wareliooseman (Hurd Wilson W. and R. Wellingborough, merchants Temple

(Pinniger, Gray's Inn square Piesburg W. Newington, cheesemonger (Taylor, Wolton, H. W. and H. K. Creed, Crutched Friars, Cripplegate

ruerchants, (Nind, 'Thragmorton street Rapsey J. Fleet street, fishmonger (Harvey, Cut. Woodward J. Gloucester, vintner (Langley, sitor street

Bristol Redding $. llereford, butcher (Holbrook, Led. Wright J. W. Hackney road, horse-hair manufac. bury

turer (Richardson, Clement's Ing

DIVIDENDS. Aberdeen A. Lisle street, merchant, June 3

Barker P. II. and J. II. Peacock, Burwell, merAbrahams, M. Duke street, Aldgate, merchant, chants, May 24 June 13

Barrow G. Handforth, swailer, May 24 Adams J. Bristol, grocer, June 19

Baskelt, J. Sheffield, Ale maker, May 30 Almond W. Pickett street, haberdasher, May 23 Beasley S aud G. Neise, Parliament street, anny Aistou W. Heybridge, farmer, June 20

accoutrement inakers, May 20 Anderson D. Gray's Inlage, coal merchant, June 3 Beckwith R. Baldwin's Gardens, May 30 Aosdell J. Liverpool, cimber merchant, May 31 Bey C. Wapping, master mariner, May 27 Arnot D.Gracechurch street, book seller, June 6 Bennett J. Blackburn, ironmonger, June 16 Ash J. Bloomsbury, sword cutler, June 17

Benwell T. Newman sticct, coach maker, May 16 Ashley J. Bath, musical instrument makei, May 19 Berry J. Buckfast Abbey, woollen mutucturer, Bailler G. and J. Jaffray, Finsbury place, mer May 00 chants, June 29

Beswick J. Levenshulme, whitster, May 25 Haker E. Shetford, paper maker, May 20

Bird J. S. Liverpool, grocer, May 19. Hanford W. Houndsditch, timber merchant, May 13 Blake C. Bishopsgate-street, silversmith, May 13 Banks J. Newington, stationer, April og.

Bolton J. Norwich, corn merchant, June 1

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