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<sq. to Arabella, daughter of Dr. Pember. Mr. Thos. Stock, 72, and a fortnight after

wards his wife, Mrs. S. - Mrs. Hyatt, wife Died.] At Brancepeth, Mr. Martin But- of Mr. Thos. H. of the Dolphin Inn. ton, an excellent gardener, and a good violin At Stonehouse, Harry Brown, esq. maker, 67.

At Tetbury, Sarah, youngest daughter of At Shildon, Mr. Wm Taylor, late of Mr. R. Warn, of the Horse Collar Inn. Newcastle, land-surveyor, 26.

it 0:etbury, Mary, third daughter of At Gateshead, Mr. Adam Mather, for. Isaac Nind, esq. merly of the Blue Bell; 58.-Mr. George At Dursley, Mr. John Smith, school. Craig, weaver, 81.

Ai Durban, Margaret, third daughter of At Westbury-upon-Trim, Mr. Thos. Mr. W. Grieveson, 24. Mrs. Wake, widow. Gwilliam, parish-clerk. -Mrs. Eliz. Jackson, widow, 63.- Mrs. Ann Jopling, 58. -Mr. John Reaveley, 546 On Thursday, Dec. 1, 1814, at a most Mrs. Thompson, of the Golden Lion. numerous and respectable meeting of the inMargaret, relict of J. Hopper, esq. alderman" habitants, a branch Bible Society was of this city, 83.

formed for Southampton, and the paristies At Carr-house, Mr. Wm. Embleton, 67. of Fawley, Beaulieu, Dibden, Ealing, Milla

Ac Barnardcastle, Mr. John Wilcock, brook, Nutshafing, North Stoneham, South flax-dresser.

Stoneham, Hound, Hamble, and Botley.' At Middleton in Teasdale, Mr. Wm. Wm. Smith, esq. (in the absence of the Hobson, many years agent for the Duke of mayor,) was calle:l to the chair, on the moDevonshire, 70.

tion of T. Edwards, esq. L.L.D. seconded At Ryhope, Geo. Farrow, esq. 45. He by Capt. Henderson. The Rt. Hon. George retired to rest at Willey's Hotel, in perfect Rose was chosen president ; and the Rt. health, and was found a corpse in bed the Hon. Sturges Bourne, the Hon. Sir George following morning.

Grey, bart. Sir Grenville Temple, bart. AdAt Hamsteads, near Lanchester, Mr. John miral Sir T. Bertie, Lieut.-Gen. Evelegh, Proud, 92. He had been married to his last W. Chamberlayne, esq. and Dr. Edwards, wife 61 years, and was father of 16 children, vice-presidents ; W. Smith, esq. was chosen 13 of whom survive him.

treasurer ; and John Barney, esq. and Mr.

John Bullar, secretaries. On enquiry it was Married.) At Chelmsford, J. D. King, found that no less than 415 families, conesq. of the 7th Royal Fusileers, to Sally, taining 1784 individuals, were destilute of a third daughter of R. 'Tindal, esq. of Covalhall. copy of the holy scriptures in Southampton

Lieut. Walter Kirby, R. N. to Hannah, and its immediate neighbourhood. voungest daughter of the late Jas. Smith, A canal from Portsmouth to London, by esq. of Langford.

the way of Chichester and Arundel, is conDied.] At Malden, Ms. John Quilter, templated as promising very great advan. formerly a merchant of that town.

tages to that port, as well as to Arundel, At Mountnessing, John Payne, gent, Chichester, Emsworth, and Havant, Shares

At Halsted, Jane Elizabeth, wife of the have been subscribed by the inhabitants of Rev. Thos. Baines, a magistrate for this Portsmouth alone, to the amount of twenty county.

thousand pounds. A canal from the metroAt Tolleshunt Knights, Mrs. Quilter. polis nearly to Arundel is in considerable

At Farndon, the seat of W. Smith, esq. progress; and, from the spirit with which M.P. Jehosophat Postle, esq. student of St. the intention of continuing it has been emJohn's College, Cambridge.

braced, there is every reason to suppose the

project will be accomplished. Married.] Ac Churchdown, Mr. Thos. It is stated that the Royal Military ColHerbert, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Jos. lege lately erected at Sandburst, at an exPomfry, both of Pyrton.

pense to the public of more than 200,000l. At Winterbourne, Alfred, second son of is materially affected by the dry rot which it Jos. Hardcastle, esq. of Hatcham-house, has been found impossible to eradicate, Surrey, to Anne, only daughter of the late Births.) At Westover-house, 1. of Wight, Edm. C. Hurry, esq. of Holy-hill, Hants. the lady of Sir Leonard T. Worsley Holmes,

Died.) At Cheltenham, Mrs. O'Malley, bart. of a daughter. relict of George O'M. esq. of Castlebar co. Murried.] At Alresford, Mr. Wm. Read, Mayo, Ireland, 64.-Miss Emma Shubrick. grocer, to Miss E. Smither. At Gloucester, Giles Greenaway, esq. one

Mr. Geo. Smith Davidson, son of the of the senior aldermen, and many years Rev. Mr. D. to Miss S. Westbrook, of Beauchamberlain of the corporation, $3.-Mrs. lieu. Cox, wife of Mr. Henry C. 62 -Susan, At Portsmouth, Wm. Baynes, esq. shipyoungest dau?hter of Mrs. Hughes, of Aber owner, to Ann, eldest daughter of Jos. gavenny.-William, youngest son of Mrs. Marder, esq. of Landport Terrace. - Mr. Watts, who survived him only one week.- S. Webb, pueser, R. N. to Miss Sparshott,



He eford-Herts-Ilunts, Kent-Lancashire.



At Romsey, Rob. G. Longcroft, esq. to of the Kent-road, to Susannah, eldest Lucy, only daughter of the laie Wm. Trodd, daughter of John Littlewood, esq. esq.

At Lee, Mr. Geo. Soanes, of London, to Died.] At Winchester, J. C. Richards, Maria Theresa, eldest daughter of the late esq. fellow of New College, Oxford.--Mr. Rich. Cottle, esq. of Milk-street. Geo. Godding, 44.—Mr. Rob. Buri, crier of At Bearsted, Mr. Thos. Baits, of Otham, the county court, 41.-Mr. Osgood.

to Jane, second daughter of Mr. Rich, Webb. At Portsmouth, Lieut, col. R. Campbell, At Folkestone, Mr. Geo. Brice, to Miss major in the 72d foot.—Lieut. J. M'Arthur, M.Cordel, of Dover. on the establishment of the Royal Naval At Whitstable. Mr. R. Legsett to Mrs. Hospital at Haslar.-Miss Perring, sister of Dyason. the late Mr. T. mealman, 61,-Mr. Paimer, Ac St. Lawrence, I. of Thanet, Henry of the Leopard public-house, Portsea. Layard, esq. of his Majesty's Ceylon Civil At Emsworth, Mr. Thos. Suter.

Service, brother of the Countess of Lindsey, At Hambledon, Mrs. Priichgit, 65. to Marianne, only daughter of Nath. Austen,

At Preshaw-house, Alice, the infant esq. of Ramsgate. daughter of Walter Long, esq.

Died.] At Blackheath, Henry Robert, A: Fawley, Mrs. Smith.

eldest son of Henry Goodwyn, esą. At Tedworth, the lady of Thos. Assheton At Eldham, Cornelius L. Wallace, esq. Smith, esq. M. P for Andover.

At Broome, near Canterbury, the lady of HEREFORDSHIRE.

Sir Henry Oxendon, bart. fifth daughter of Birth.] At Easton, the lady of D. R. the late Lieut. col. Graham. Dansey, esq. of a son and heir.

At Dover, Mrs. Broadley, relict of Thos. Married.] Capt. Townsend, R, N. to Frances Phipps, eldest daughter of the Rev. At Chart, Mr. Wm. Owlett, 84. He Thos. Biddulph, of Ledbury.

dropped down while on his way to church, Jan. 12, at St. Weonards, Hugh Hovell and instantly expired. Farmar, esq. of Dunsinane, co. Wexford, to At Folkestone, Mr. Rich. Hunt, 45.-Meliora, only daughter of the late Peter Mr. John Ashtoll, 25.- Mrs. Ann Pay, 79. Rickards Mynors, esq. of Treago, in this At Selling, Mr. John Frost, of the White county, and Evenjob Court, Radnor.

Lion. Died.) Ai Pennystone, near Ross, Mrs. At Whitstable, Mr. John Read, one of Clifford, relict of Wm. Morgan C. esq. the Company of Dredgers.

At Leominster, Mrs. Mary Lewis, relict At Wingham, Mr. Birch, grocer. of Mr. Jas. L. of Trossnant, Monmouth.

LANCASHIRE. sbire.- Mrs. Hannah Pritchard, 27.

It has been resolved by the proprietors of At Kingsland, Mr. Jacob Wyles.

the Exchange Buildings at Liverpool, that Ai Hereford, Miss Eliz. Jones, sister to in consequence of various irregularities, no Mrs. Meredith.

person, not being a proprietor, shall henceAt Preston, Mr. Sam. Elliott, 72.

forth be admitted unless he becomes a subAt Wilton, near Ross, Mr. Wm. Porter. scriber; and that every proprietor, in lieu of

At Bromyard, Mrs. Kelly, wife of Mr. K. the right to nominate persons for admission, master of the Latin school there, 28. shall be entitled to receive the annual sum HERTFORDSHIRE.

of three guineas in respect of each share. Birth.] At Stanstead Bury, the lady of A dividend of 31. per share, exclusively of Lieut. col. Foulkes, of a son.

this compensation, will be paid on the 25th Married.) at Sawbridgeworth, Harrison, of March next. eldest son of P. Codd, esq. of Kensington, to Manchester has increased so much lately, Sophia, eldest daughter of the late John that one Sunday in January there were 92 Lateward, esq. of Ealing.

christenings at the colicgiate church, and Mr. Jos. Jackson, of Stapleford, to Miss the day following there were 28 mariiages, Spencer, of Hertford,

all at one time. On Christmas-lay there Died.] At Scanstead, Dr. Robert Dims were 104 christenings at tire same church; dale, 81.

and during the last year there were 1670 At Watford, Mrs. Paumier.

marriages, and about 2500 christening, beHUNTINGDONSHIRE,

sides great numbers at the other churches. Married.] A. S. Abbott, esq. of Cam Married.] At Liverpool, Col. Rob. Munro, bridge, to Miss Theed, only daughter of of the service of the E. I. Comp. to Jane, Edw. T. esq. of Hilton in this county. daughter of Mrs. Dickey, of Dublin.-Mr.

At Ramsey, Mr. Rob. Thompson, of Jos. Harding, schoolmaster, to Miss Slaloz. Woolsthorpe, to Miss Newton.

Mr. Wm. Cheshire to Miss Basnett. - Mr. Died.) At St. Ives, Mr. Denny, surgeon, Alex. Allinson, to Maria, daugiter of Mr. formerly of Wicklewood-house, Norfolk. Nathaniel Beaman,

At Manchester, Wm. Staley, esq. of LisBirth.) At Beckenham, the lady of Thos. bon, to Susannah, eldest daughter of whe P. Courtenay, esq. of a son.

laie H. Hargreaves, esq. of Thistlemount in Married.) At Bexley, Jos. Watson, LL.D, this county:-Dan. Grant, esq. to Elizabeth, NEW MONTHLY Meg-No. 13,

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eldest daughter of Thos. Worthington, esq. daughter of the Rev. Francis Swan, rector of of Sharston-hall, Cheshire.

St. Peter at Arches, Ac Aughton, Wm. Shaw, esq. of Orins At Bolingbroke, F. Richardson, esq. of kirk, to Miss Anne Culshaw.

Manchester, 10 Jane, youngest daughter of Ai Melling, Thos. North, esq. of Gunner the late John Clarke, esq. thwaite, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Edw. Died.] At Stamford, Clara, daughter of Parker, esq. town-clerk of Clithero.

C. Shephard, esq. of High Beech, Essex.-At Şephton, Mr. Hugh Spencer, school- Mrs. Smith, relict of Henry S. esq. solicitor, 'master, of Ince, to Miss Dorothy Ryder, of 77.-Mr. Thomas Snow, 34.-Mr. George Newcastle, Stafford.

Tatam, 34.--Mrs. Many Miller, a maiden At Lancaster, Mr. Clark, bookseller, to lady. Mary, youngest daughter of Mr. Edw. Fay Ai Spalding, Mr. Rich. Pilgrim, formerly

an eminent flax-dresser of that place, 90. Died.] At Manchester, Mrs. Stevens, wise At Alford, Mr. J. Fotherly, stationer. of Mr. John S. and third daughter of Dan. At Louth, Mrs. Freshney:-Mrs. Gray, Basneit, esq. coroner for Cheshire.

86.-Frances, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thos. Davenport, 72.

Mr. Thos. Dales, 56.-Mrs. Marshall. At Ormsbirk, Mrs. Parker, relict of John At Ingoldsby, Mrs. Hall, 27.

At Barton upon Humber, Mary, relict of At Warrington, Mr. Thos. Holmes. Mr. John Morley, of the George Irn there,

At Preston, Mrs. Stockdale, relict of the 59. Rey. Wm. S. vicar of Chipping, and perpe At Sleaford, Miss Spencer, 46. tual curate of Samlesbury, 70.

Ai Sedgbrook, near Grantham, Eliz. AukAt the Manor house, Maghull, Thos. Uns- land, widow, in her 101st year. worth, esq.

at Gainsborough, Mr. Wm. Booth. A: Rainford, near Ormskirk, Mr. Joshua At Lincoln, Mrs. Tesh, wielow, 75.- Mrs. Tunstal, 104.

Ashton.-- Mr. Geo. Frankish, 45.- Mrs. At Moorhouse, near Lancaster, Mr. Wm. Pannell, 26.-Mrs. Pilley, wife of Mr. MiWillasey, father of Jas. W. esq. of Everton. chael P. 82.-Mrs. Parrat; a short time be

At Lancaster, Mr Geo. Hinde, sen. 80. fore she died, she rose from her bed, went At Everton, Miss E. B. Bridge.

to the quaker's meeting-house, where she At Ulverstone, Mr. Jos. Goad, 27.

lay down in a corner and expired.---Mrs. At Wallasey, Mr. Rainford, 65.

Aisthorpe.- Mr. Jas. Dawes, 77.-Mr. AlAt Liverpool, Nír. John Campbell, booke derman Kent, 90. He served the office of seller, son of Mr. Dan. C. of Carlisle, 32. mayor in 1780 and 1787, was chamberlain Mr. Thos, Briggs.-Charlotte, eldest daugh. in 1757 and sheriff in 1760. ter of Jos. Greaves, esq. 23.-Miss Marina Ai Tealby-grove, J. E. Meredith, esq. seByrne.—Sarah, wife of Mr. Rich. Laycock. cond son of the late Sir Harry Collis M. and -Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Edw. Yates, 55. brother to Sir Joshua M. bart. 39. Mr. John Chorley, 77.--Mr. Nich. Garnett At Boston, Mr. Wm. Sykes, of the Barge 28.-J. Jackson, esq. late of Fir Grove. -- Inn. Geo. Edw. Dale, esq. banker, formerly of At Frisby, Mr. James Laughton, an opuStockport.-Capt. Jas. Derbyshire, late mas lent farmer. ter of the George of this port, 46.--The At Fotherby, of the measles, Mr. Moses, Rev. Henry Dennett, minister of St. John's. 80. Anthony Keeling, esq. formerly of Tun At Horncastle, Mr. Rodgerson. Stall, Staffordshire, 76.

At Grimsby, Capt. John Kershaw of the

Gainsbro' packet. He was drowned in the Married.]

lock, into which he accidentally fell. At Osgathorpe, Mr. Wm.

NORFOLK. l'arker, of Thorney len, to Jane, second

The Committee for erecting a monument daughter of the late Rev. John Fell, of Or

to the memory of the late Viscount Nelson

have fixed on Yarmouth as the most eligible At Leicester, Mr. Kemp, of Uppingham, situation, and determined that this monuto Miss Godfrey.

ment shall be a column. Ditd.) At Appleby, the Rev. John Moore, M. A. formerly of Emanuel College, Cam

Birih.) At Narborough-hall, the lady of bridge, B. A. 1773, M. A. 1776.

Sam. Tyssen, esq. of a son. Ai Scalwood, near Ashby de la Zouch, Edw. Mellish, of a son.

At East Tuddenham, the lady of the Rev. Walter Patrick, esq. late of Jamaica, plantter.

Married.] Jas. G. Sayers, gent. of AldLINCOLNSHIRE.

borough, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Birih.] At Canwick-hall, the lady of Capt. John Gambling, of Hickling. W. Siltorp, 4th Dragoon Guards, of a son. At Norwich, Mr. Rob. Cole of Yarmouth,

Murried.) At Busion, Captain Road, to to Miss Sudbury. Mi's Mary Maliby.

At Yarmouth, Mr. Nich. Baker, to Miss At Lincoln, Wm. John Pickin, esq. of Mary Nightingale. fl'hitemoor, Notts, to Susanna Maria, eldest At Catton, Arthur Weston, esq. late ma




Northampton Northumberlund. jor of the 3rd Dragoons, to Ann Eliza, only the interests of its conimerce, and generally daughter of the larc Arch Lille, e q. the attaininent of such objects connected

Died.] At Stanhope-hall, Chas. James V. with the commerce of the Port, as the exMathias, 62d. regimcnt.

ertions of individuals may not be aciequite Ac Norwich, Mrs. Hamond, relict of Dr. to accomplish. All merchants, manufacH. prebendary of the Cathedral of this city, tureis, ship-owners, ard others interested in 83.--John. Cufaude, gent. 92.-Mrs. S. the commerce, of the Tyne, will be eligible Langham, widow.

as members of the chamber; each house At Bixley-hall, Mrs. Smith, near 50 years or individual paying on admission, a fee in the service of the late and present Lord of three guideas, and one guinea annually, Ruseberry, 68.

or, instead of the latter, 10 guineas at any At East Ouston, Mr. Thos. Barber, 00. one time. The Committee consisting of is

At St. German's, near Lynn, Mrs. Esther persons, is to meet at the Merchants' Couri, Patrick.

on the first Thursday in cvery month, and to At Lynn, Wm. Munson, 70. He had be invested with the right of applying the for 50 years pursued the humble occupation funds. of a shoe-black in that town, thouzlı re As cight persons were ascending from 2 ported to be the illegitimate son of a noble- pit at Mount Moer Colliery, the chain slipman, from whom he disdained to receive ped from the rope by which Robert Stewart any pecuniary assistance sccretly offered to and William Simpson, brothers, William him,

Davidson and Thomas Smith, were precipiNORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

tated to the bottom of the shaft, and killed Married.] At Daventry, Mr. W. Payne, on the spot. The other three escaped by of Oxford, to Jane, second daughter of the having hold of the rope above the chain. late Mr. W. Castell.

Birth.] A Wissington, the lady of the At Northampton, Mr. Eaton, of Oxford, Rev. Henry Lowther, of a son. to Miss Haycock.

Married.] At Berwick, Charles YoungDied.] At Loddington, the Rev. Edw. husband esq. major Royal Artillery, to FranJones, 47 years rector of that parish and of ces, second daughter of R. Romer, esq. Uppingham, Rutland, 74.

John Langhorn, esq. of the Berwick and At Peterborough, Mrs. Sharpe, wife of Kelso Bank, to Miss Hailey, only daughter Mr. S. hair-dresser, 83.

of Jas. B.

esq. of Chellingham. At Willow-hall, near Peterborough, Mr. At Alnwick, John Grey, c.9. Milfield-hill, Jos. Newton. He dropped down dead while to Hannah Eliza, young 'st daughter of walking on his farm.

Ralph Annett, esg. of the fence. At Rothwell, Mr. Fairclough, many years

The Rev. Geo. Atkin, of Morpeth, to Mrs. a surgeon in the army.

Paiterson, eldest daughter of Ralph Annett, At Brock-hall, Mrs. Godfree, mother of esq. and relict of Mr. Robt. P. the late Mr. G. attorney, 83.

At Newcastle, Robt. Briggs, esq. of Hawk At Sywell-hall, Mrs. Pell, wife of Mr. Hill, 10 Eleanor Frances, daughter of Mr. Sam. P. 63.

Edmund Robson. Mr. Robi. Yielder, to At Northampton, Mrs. A. Stanton. Miss Mary Biown. The Rev. Walter Scoti,

The Rev. W. Chase, 30 years vicar of of Rothwell, Northamptonshire, tu Charloite, Staverton, formerly of Christ Church. The daughter of Mr. Silas Angas, of Durham. living is in the gift of that society, and a At Haliwhistle, the Rev. J. Gilbanks, to Westminster scholar must be presented.

Miss Carrick. 'The Rev. J. Morrice, 38 years vicar of At Chillingham, John Langhorn, esq. of Flower, late of Christ Church, Oxford. Berwick, banker, to the only daughter of

Mr. Atkinson, of Peterborough, an ex Jolin Bailey, esq. cellent man and much esteemed by all his Died.] At Walsingham, Mr. W. CouitHeighbours. He was found dead in the hard, commercial traveller, late of NewcasNorth Fen, near Glinton.

tle. Mr. Johu Wooler, 01. Ai Caster, Mr. Wm. Wright, 65.

At Alnwick, Mr. Thos. Wilkin, 51. Mr. NORTHUMBERLAND.

Mark Smitli, 73. The bills of mortality for Newcastle, in At Riverside House, near Alnwick, Mr. cluding Gateshead, for 1814, give the fol- Wm. Clavering, 85. lowing results :-Christened 534, males, At Cowpen, Mrs. Watson, sen. 07. 483 females : total 1017.-Buried 244 males, At Ruthbury, Isabella Taylor, 96. 250 females : total 494.-Marriages 420. At Cold Pig Uill, Mr. Ralph Wheatley, 56. The excess of births over deaths in this At Newcastle, Mr. Robert Akenhcad, ctatement proves an extraordinary increase stationer, 41. Matthew, the infant son of in the population of that flourishing town. Mr. Forster, solicitor. Mr. N. Ward, 49.

A Chamber of commerce has been form- Sarah, wife of Mr. Benj. Ridley, 69. Mss. ed at Newcastle. The purposes of this in. Eliz, Dickenson, 72. Mrs. Isabella Denstitution are the redress of grievances af ham, 75. Mrs. Webster, 56. fecting the trade of the Port: the facilitat At Glanton, Catherine, youngest daughing of any mcaşures calculate! to promote ter of Rich Robson esq. 23.

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At Morpeth, Samuel Younghusband, se Oxford, 10 Catherine, eldest daughter of cond son of the late Rev. Jolin Collinson, Rich. Heydon, esq. Vicar of Kiikhaile, 13. Mr. John Hind At Oxford, Mr. Sharp, of Southampton, to haugh, 28.

Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Rich. At Sholton Edge, near Morpeth, Mr. Pyle. Mallam.--Mr. Deane, coal merchant, to

At North Shieldi, Mrs. Mary Guilford, Mis. Becketts, 67.-Mr. John Griere, 61.—Mrs. Mary At Woodstock, Mr. Wells, of the MarlCoxon, 45.- Mr. Joseph Wilson, 61.-Mr. borough arms, to Miss Dewsnap. Geo. Watson, 63.--Mrs. C. Rankin, 59. Died.] At Ensham, Miss Webb.

At Beltord, the wife of Mr. Stephen At Ifhey, Miss Figgins, 26. Thompson, and a few days afterwards their At Oxford, Mr. John Bishop, formerly daugliter Catherine, 28.

builder, of this city, but lately clerk and inNOTTINGHAUSHIRE.

spector of several barracks in Devonshire, 75. Births.] Ai Cuckney, the lady of Sir Mr. Edw. Finmore, servant of Merton colGeo. Evre, bart. of a daughter.

lege, 27.–Mr. Chas. Moore, one of the At New Radford, on Christmas day, the chamberlains of this city, 32.--Mrs. Wells, wife of James Fisher, frame-work-knitter, of wife of Mr. W. of the Wheatsheaf.rs, ibree children,

Ward, 76.- Joseplı Mayow, fifth son of Mr. Married.] Ai Worksop, Mr. Kirke Swann, C. Talmage. ellest son of Mr. Alderman S. of Notting The Rev. Thos. Ilinde, rector of Ardley ham, to Lucy, second daughter of Mr. Jack and Westwell, in this county, and vicar ot son, of Eastland house.

Culworth, Nordamptonshire.
Ac Newark, Mr. B. Rushton, to Miss M. At Bicester, Mr. Thos. Morris, 37
A. Cartledge.-W. Flarmasie, esq. alder man, At Henley, Mr. Sam, Rolls, 84.
to Mrs. White.

At Nottingham, Mr. T. St. George Wal Several persons who have died lately have degrave to Miss Webster, daughter of the been respectively announced in the papers as late Rich. W. esq.

“ the last survivor of those who ascended the Died.] At Southwell, Mrs. Lindley, re Heights of Abraham under General Wolte." lict of

of Mansfield,

But there is now living, though upwards of At Car Colston, Mr. F. Blags, surgeon, 44. fourscore, a person of that description, who

At Newark, Mr. Thos. Hawkins, 50. perhaps may be the last, at Denion, in the Mr. Rich. Gee.--Mr. John Abbot, 76. neighbourhood of Belvoir Castle. This is a

Ac Mansfield, Mr. John Corbett.-- Mr. blind and very infirm old soldier of the name Dav, Johnson.- Jer. Lockwood, gent. 61. of William Osinond, or Osbome, and to the

In consequence of a fall from his horse, honour of this generous nation let it be added Mr. Geo. Sculthorpe, solicitor, of Nottings that his services have for many years becn ham, and clerk to the magistrates at their rewarded with a pension of is. 4 d. a day. stated meetings in that town and Bingham. As he was obliged, six or seven years ago,

At Nottingham, Mr. Burns.-Mis. Sarah weak as he was, to be taken in a cart four Shaw, 87.-In consequcnee of a fall, Sarah miles in very inclement weather to receive Cass, 80.--Mr. R. Alders.

his pay, he was brought back more dead

than alive. When he had with difficulty From the Rules, Regulations, Premiums, recovered, the rector of the parish represented and List of Members, belonging to the Agri to the Ordnance Office “ the hardship that cultural Society established in this county in one who had hazarded his life for his coun1911, it appears that the society already try in his youth, should be forced to expose it numbers near 300 members. The premiums 10 still greater dangers in his old age, &c." offered for the present year, which display a Accordingly, the Board kindly permitted him strict regard for the purposes of the instiru to pay the pensioner regularly, and to draw rion, amount to 78, and are of the total upon them. This has apparently prolonged value of 3431. About one half of these are The poor man's life ; and it is here menfor the crcouragement of emulation and in- tioned, because, though in general a personal dustry in ploughmer, servants, and labourers appearance may be indispensable, yet it may in husbandry, shepherds, and shearers ; and lead to acts of similar humanity, wherever the remainder for implements, catile, anel there may appear to be a similar necessity. experiments, Under the later head, we [The highly respectable correspondent find 10ls offered for the best experiment on from whom we received these particulars any of the native grasses, not less than three says " Besides the above, we have in this kinds, and each kind not occupying less lown another poor man who has been 4 or than half an acre. It is judiciously provided 5 years blind. He has been a harmless hardthat implements which may obtain premiums working labourer, and he wishes me io try to shall be purchased at a fair price, and placed get him upon the list of some of the charities in some central situation for the inspection of for the blind. As I am unacquainted with the members.

these things, I should feel obliged if any of Married] At Banbury, the Rev. John your readers would put me in the way of deNelson, M, A, Fellow of Queen's College, ing so."]


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