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A Beggar I am, of low degree (comic) 15

Adieu, my native land, adieu! 16

A song to the Oak, the brave old Oak 19

All in the garden of beauty there grows 24

Away with melancholy 52

Away, away to the mountain's brow 55

Adieu! adieu !—my native shore (JO

A hermit that dwells in these solitudes cro.>s'd me .... *84

All in the Downs the fleet was moor'd 85

A very little man, very 'how came you so' (comicj .. 94

At the peaceful midnight hour 114

A glass is good, and a lass is good 127

And has she then fail'd in her truth 133

An old man would be wooing 135

A tale I tell now without any flam (comicj 139

And did you ne'er hear of a jolly young waterman 148

As pensive Chloe walk'd alone 161

A landlady of France, she lov'd an officer, &c. (comic) 177

A traveller stopped at a widow's gate (comic) 180

A blessing unknown to ambition and pride 195

A curious tale I now will disclose (comic) 229

A clod-hopping country clown (comic) 234

A famous man was Robin Hood 251

And are you sure the news is true? 259

^,At the dead of the night, when by whiskey, &c. (comic) 264

And has she discharged the sweet youth (comic) 273

Adoo and farewell to this wile smoky town (comic) ... 278

Alas! the battle's lost and won 287

A song I'll sing,—a reglar joker (comic) 289

Ah why did I gather this delicate flower 296


A weary lot is thine, fair maid 304

A belle and beau would walking go (comic) 306

As Kate and I down in the glade 314

At the Baron of Mowbray's gate was seen 321

A bumper of good liquor 336

And ye shall walk in silk attire 350

Again the balmy zephyr blows 353

Amid the myrtles as I walk 3?3

Anna, thy charms my bosom fires 383

Behold the Britannia! how stately and brave 18

Behold how brightly breaks the morning 2'J

Be mine, dear maid; my faithful heart 60

Begone, dull care, I pry'thee begone from me 91

By the gaily circling glass 1)3

Believe me, if all those endearing young charms 101

Bound 'prentice to a waterman, I learn'd a bit to row 109

Bright are the beams of the morning sky 114

By the margin of fair Zurich's waters 116

Bright Chanticleer proclaims the dawn 158

Britannia's name from age to age 170

Britannia, musing o'er the deed 17i

Buy a broom! buy a broom! li)t?

Bold It obin Hood was a forester good 223

Beloved of my soul, though tins moment is bringing .. 263

Blow gentle gales, and on your wing 21i3

Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear 318

Brisk wine and lovely women are 382

By silver streams and tuneful groves 3U4

Cease your funning 17

Come now all ye social powers 36

Care, thou canker of our joys 36

Child of earth with golden hair 68

Come where the aspens quiver 84

Come, arouse thee, arouse thee, my brave Swiss boy .. 104

Come landlord, fill a flowing bowl 132

Cease, rude Boreas, blust'ring railer 182

Contented I sit with my pint and my pipe 193

Come listen to a whimmy chant (comic) 201

Canst thou love me, Mary 238

Come love, I pray don't say nay 276

Can you to the battle march away .. 2iM

Cherry ripe, ripe, I cry' 2*J5

, cease; those sighs I cannot bear 302


Come, come, my jolly lads, the winds abaft 331

Comfort, damsel, why that sigh! 341

Come, shining forth, my dearest 347

Pay has gone down on the Baltic's broad billow 38

Drink to me only with thine eyes 47

Dame Durden kept five serving girls 74

Do you ever think of me, love? 80

Deserted by the waning moon i3l

Draw the sword, Scotland! Scotland! Scotland! 196

Do you ever think on me, Peg? {comic) 267

Dick Friz was a barber's man (comic) 277

Dear maid of my soul, should I perish; 350

Deeply still, without a motion 360

Dear object of defeated care 373

Ere around the huge oak that o'ershadows yon mill .. 76

Excuse, Sir, my confusion 171

Eyes! living crystals, strain'd with thought 175

Economy is now the rage {comic) 218

Eliza was the loveliest maid 242

Each sorrow repelling 362

Far over land, far' over wave 54

Farewell! in despair 95

For England when with fav'ring gale 96

Follow, follow, over mountain 98

Fly care to the winds, thus I blow thee away 153

Faint as tolls the evening chime 155

Farewell my dearest Nancy 170

Fill the bowl with streams of pleasure 235

Forget thee!—in my banquet hall 266

Fare thee well, and if for ever 274

Forget me not—forget me not 308

Flow on thou shining river 328

Fair Ellen like a lily grew , 334

Far, far from me my lover flies 348

From distant climes a Troubadour 354

Gaily still my moments roll 28

Gaily the Troubadour touch'd iris guitar 42

Go lover false! go man, unkind 90

Glowing with love, on fire for fame 115

God save our gracious Queen 124

Gentle Zitella whither away 187

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Good bye, my love, good bye 223

Gaily sounds the Castinet 38$

Go, brightest of the flowery race 311

Green grow the rashes, O 368

Give me then life's largest cup 384

ITow stands the glass around 15

Hera's the bow'r she lov'd so much 18

Hail to thee! England, blest isle of the ocean 45

Here a sheer hulk lies poor Tom Bowling 50

He that will not merry merry be 51

How sweet at close of silent eve 58

Hurrah o'er Hounslow Heath to roam 79

Hail smiling morn, that tips the hills with gold 81

Here's a health to thetn that's awa' 89

He leap'd into his boat as it lay upon the strand 100

Here's a health to all good lasses 107

How gladly, how merrily we ride along the sea 117

Hark, the bonnie Christ Church hells 137

He's all his agent painted him (comic) 161

He comes from the wars, from the red field of fight .. 167

He's gone, and I shall never see 173

Howl not, ye winds, o'er the tomb of the brave 193

Hey the bonnie, ho the bonnie ? 194

Hark! the hollow woods resounding 263

Had I a heart for falsehood framed 271

How sweet is the breeze at eve's modest hour 308

How oft without or help or guide 326

How happy could I he with either 359

His white plume o'er the mountain streams 368

Her mouth with a smile 371

He was fam'd for deeds of aims 375

Hark! 'tis the Indian drum 381

I saw thee weep, the big bright tear 10

If pity dwell .within your breast 20

I remember, I remember 25

I've no sheep on the mountains, nor boat on the lake 28

I give thee all, I can no more 33

If any so wise is, that he sack despises 35

I have pluck'd the fairest flower, I have dream'd, Occ 40

I dreamt last night of our earlier days 43

Is there a heart that never lov'd 47

I knew a Sicilian maid 79

I am a friar of orders grey 7C


I'd be a butterfly, bom in a bower 82

In the day when we went gipsying 88

In the downhill of life when 1 lind I'm declining 112

I've wander'd through that Indian land 138

If you listen to me 1 will sing of a spree (comic) 142

It is not for thine eye of blue 155

It is the lady of Kienast Tower, of love she will not hear 150

I love to see the flowing bowl 180

In the night, when the watch-light beside him was, &c. 1U1

If love's dream be o'er 184

I knew by the noise that I hear'd all around {comic).. 190

I've rov'd afar thro' summer climes 233

If a body meet a body comin' thro' the rye 247

I'm owre young, I'm owre young 248

In my cottage near a wood 261

I'll come to thee when evening grey 275

I heard thy fate without a tear 275

I came from ole Kentucky {comic) 279

I knew by the smoke that so gracefully curl'd 282

I greased my brogues, and cut my stick (comic) 283

I've been roaming, I've been roaming 288

If after all you still would doubt and fear me 290

If I had a donkey wot would'nt go (comic) 291

1'ze a Yorkshireman just come to town (comic) 292

I saw a village maiden stray 295

In Cheapside there liv'd a marchant t'comici 296

In storms when clouds obscure the sky 300

I've been shopping, I've been shopping (comic) 303

In Britain, the soil which true liberty yields 307

I am the laughing-stock of all (comic) 309

I saw her at the fancy fair 315

I'll sing you a good old song 322

I'll sing you a prime new song 324

I lock'd up all my treasuce 334

I love the hills, my native hiils 343

I whispered her a last adieu 345

I'm Paddy Whack, of Ballyhack (comic) 335

I knew by the smoke that so greaseiully curl'd (comic) 359

I wish I were where Helen lies 367

I'm a tough true-hearted sailor 369

If not with thee I'm blest 378

In thee I bear so dear a part 373

If I had a beau for a soldier would go 374

John Jones was a farmer, and highly respectable (comic) 245

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