Sketches of Rulers of India ...

Clarendon Press, 1908

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116 페이지 - And that which should accompany old age, As honour, love, obedience, troops of friends, I must not look to have ; but, in their stead, Curses, not loud but deep, mouth-honour, breath, Which the poor heart would fain deny, and dare not.
104 페이지 - That not to know at large of things remote From use, obscure and subtle, but to know That which before us lies in daily life, Is the prime wisdom...
185 페이지 - They seem to last where nothing else lasts. Dynasty after dynasty tumbles down; revolution succeeds revolution; but the village community remains the same. This union of the village communities, each one forming a separate little state in itself, has, I conceive contributed more than any other cause to the preservation of the...
148 페이지 - India is concerned, appeared to me peculiarly wise and liberal, and he is evidently attached to, and thinks well of the country and its inhabitants. His public measures, in their general tendency, evince a steady wish to improve their present condition. No government in India pays so much attention to schools and public institutions for education. In none are the taxes lighter, and in the administration of justice to the natives in their own languages, in the establishment of...
140 페이지 - Behind the bush the bowmen hide, The horse beneath the tree ; Where shall I find a knight will ride The jungle paths with me ? There are five and fifty coursers there, And four and fifty men ; When the fifty-fifth shall mount his steed, The Deckan thrives again !
3 페이지 - A hundred times in India have I said to myself, Oh that to every Englishman in this country, as he ends his work, might be truthfully applied the phrase, ' Thou hast loved righteous'ness and hated iniquity.' No man has, I believe, ever served India faithfully of whom that could not be said. All other triumphs are tinsel and sham. Perhaps there are few of us who make anything but a poor approximation £o that ideal.
101 페이지 - Munro, in words used many years since, that any expense which may be incurred for this object, 'will be amply repaid by the improvement of the country ; for the general diffusion of knowledge is inseparably followed by more orderly habits, by increasing industry, by a taste for the comforts of life, by exertion to acquire them, and by the growing prosperity of the people.
100 페이지 - We bewilder ourselves in this part of the world," said Mr. Canning, " with opinions respecting the sources from which power is derived. Some suppose it to arise with the people themselves, while others entertain a different view ; all, however, are agreed that it should be exercised for the people. If ever an appointment took place to which this might be ascribed as the distinguishing motive, it...
38 페이지 - I cannot doubt, to add an anecdote to the ac" count of this celebrated siege. When provisions be" came so scarce that there was a fear that famine might " compel them to surrender, the Sepoys proposed to Clive " to limit them to the water (or gruel) in which the rice " was boiled. ' It is,' they said, ' sufficient for our sup"'port; the Europeans require the grain.
151 페이지 - We might silently omit all precepts of questionable morality, but the slightest infusion of religious controversy would secure the failure of the design. It would be better to call the prejudices of the Hindus to our aid in reforming them, and to control their vices by the ties of religion, which are stronger than those of law. By maintaining and purifying their present tenets at the same time that we enlighten their understandings, we shall bring them nearer to that standard of perfection at which...

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