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Advocating Federation as the remedy for International Anarchy, and for Wars and huge


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THE COMPILER OF THE HANDY REFERENCE LIST. (International Arbitration and Peace Association

Publioation) Undertakes to Collate Literary Matter for Societies, having for their

object the diffusion of practical information on SOCIAL, POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, and


ALSO TO PREPARE THE SAME FOR PRESS. Parliamentary Data supplied from Official Souroes


SPENCES ( PATENT Price 6d., 9d., & 1s each o

Price 3d., 4d.& 6d.ea. This improved Shield

The holes in the allows free respiration

Shield can be kept and prevents the risk of

perfectly clean by suffocation.

Loose Shields, the occasional use

Price ld. and 2d. each of a damp brush. The Registrar-Generals Return for 1891 states that 1,544 Infants under one year of age were suffocated during that period. These lives might have been saved by using SPENCE'S PATENT SHIELD.

Of all Chemists, or post-free from

Address--Mr. W. ALEX. SOTHERN

(Formerly of the Military Library, Whitehall), THE GLADSTONE CLUB, NORWICH.

“For the compilation of this Catalogue (which, however, does not pretend to be complete), we have engaged the services of Mr. W. A. Sother, who has for many years acted as Librarian, and is well qualified for the task in question."-Article in CONCORB, May 16, 1888, “ The Literature of War, Peace, and Arbitration,"


CONCORD, 1893.

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AFRICA, Importation of Arms into ... 57, 72, 75, 195
Aigues-Mortes, Riots at ...

... 156
"Ålbion, Perfide"

... ... 164
Almanacb de la Paix

Alsace-Lorraine ...

... 47, 90, 106, 211
American Congress...
, Lakes ... ...

... ... 111
, War ...

Anglo-American Treaty ... 27, 53, 59, 92, 115,
Annual Meeting .

" 118
Arbitration. Progress of

,, ... ... 51
What Questions can be Settled by

Arbitrator, The One Possible .
Armaments, European ... 31, 37, 90, 105, 109, 199

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... 108

DARBY, W. E. ... ...
Decrais, M. .. .. ...
Denmark ...
Derby, The Earl of
Derry, The Bishop of
Despotism, The Menacing Military
Destrem, H.
Dole, C. F.
Drummond-Wolff Convention, The
Dudley, Meeting at
Dufferin and Ava, Marquis of...
Dumas, J. ...
Durham, The Bishop of ... ..

Testimony in favour of

36, 37, 65, 71

84, 95
... 185


93, 213




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... 108


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... 56, 59, 158

... 138

... 107

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BAJER, Fredrik ... ... ... ... ... ... 156
Barrés, M. ... ..
Bavaria ... ... ... ... ...
Beesly, E. S. ...
Behring Sea Arbitration, 19, 53, 63, 86, 103, 143, 154,

159, 167, 177, 203
Belgians, King of the ...

Berwick, E.
... ... ... ...

Blaine, J. G.

Bomb-throwing in Paris, The
Bothmer, A. ...
Boys with Bayonets

Brand, W. F.

Brussels Act, The ...

Bucharest ..
Bureau, The International Peace, 17, 27, 65, 176, 195,

203, 212
Burmah ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 116

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28, 37, 38, 59, 69, 75, 81, 82, 83
England and America ...
English-speaking Peoples ...
Epidemic, The New

... 199
Ethical Society, The

... 194
Europe, Condition of ...

Peril of ...

United States of ..
Examples, Two Bright ...

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Felletin, Society at
Financial Nightmare, The real
Fischoff, Dr. A. ...
Flags in Schools ...

... ... 23
, The Two ... ... *** 38. 71. 139, 148, 193

„ and Germany
Franck, A. ...


... 56, 57, 72
French Opinion on Englanıl 144, 145, 146, 158, 174, 207, 215
Friends, Letters from our... ...

... ... 42, 158, 178


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CAMBERWELL, Meeting at ...
Canterbury, Meeting at ...

Carnegie, A.

137, 178
Carnot, Presideot ...
Chicago, Congress at 18, 32, 37, 47, 58,

79, 85,

111, 149, 195
Cholera and War ... "
Citizenship ... ... ..
Cohn, Dr. ... ...
Collet. C. D.
Colonisation and Civilisation
Commons, Debate in the '...
"Conférence Interparlementaire, La" ...
Conscription, The Curse of
Constadz ... ... "" "ee

... 37
France-L. Marillier 15, 33, 54, 87, 103, 135, 172,

190, 205
Germany-A. Bothmer 87, 104, 135, 152, 173, 191, 206
Italy-ý. Prestini 16, 33, 55, 66, 105, 153, 174, 192, 206

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... 41
... 138

51, 95
... 185
154, 208

PALERMO ... ...
Pareto, V. ...
Parliamentary Organisation
Passy, F. ... ..

Pasteur, L. ... ... ...
Patriotism ...
Peace, Little Pleas for ...

Society ...
Peckham, Lecture at
Penn's Treaty with the Indi
Petition, Universal...
Pisani, G. C.
Poincarré, M.
Pope as Arbitrator, The ...
Portugal, England and
Post Office and Military Service, The
Post Tenebras Lux
Potomac, The Picket on the ...


W ADDINGTON, M. ... ...
Westminster Abbey, Desecration of
Wirth, F. ... ... ...
Wisbech ...
Women, Declaration of ... ..

, Peace and Politics ..
Women's Committee ... ..

, Liberal Federation ...

... 158



... 15

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· Union



... 108
... 52, 73, 75

Working Classes, A word to the

Grü to the ..


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and our fortnightly articles in the Echo, in

foreign journals, and the production of

The Journal of the International Arbitration and Peace CONCORD.


In the early part of the year, our chairman

induced several influential friends at Genoa to


form a society there, after visiting Florence for

the same purpose. He also convoked a meet-


ing of our colleagues at Milan, and conferred

A New Year's Address to the Members of the Association ... with others at Paris, with a view to consider

the practicability of constituting a permanent
Patriotism : True and False

committee to study and report on the un-
Uganda: A Rejoinder.....

settled questions which threaten the peace of

Does France desire War with Germany?

An International Tribunal ....

Europe. Our Annual Meeting attracted con-


siderable attention, at home and abroad, through

Our Foreign Correspondence

the remarkable address delivered on that occa-

sion by one who-in the Church and out of it

The International Bureau of Peace

-is so widely esteemed as the Bishop of

Durham. The Committee have rendered,
Mr. Frederic Harrison on Peace Sunday

during the past year, a great service in taking

up one of the most important subjects dis-

Great Britain and Venezuela ...

cussed at the London Peace Congress in 1890—

Universal Petition ...........

we refer to the great need of securing for the

Sabscriptions and Donations

people of all countries adequate control over

their “foreign affairs," and of obtaining such

THE Executive Committee of the Association

knowledge of any pending dispute as may

enable them to take the necessary steps for

does not hold itself responsible for the opinions

preventing an outbreak of war. The Com-

of the writers of articles and letters in this mittee have published a full statement on this

JOURNAL. When they deal with controversial subject, and will endeavour to have the question

questions they should bear some signature, considered in Parliament at an early date.

personal or impersonal.

The offer made by the Committee to give a

prize of £50 for the best model chapter on

peace and war (for schools) has attracted
A NEW YEAR'S ADDRESS favourable notice in Europe and America ;
TO THE MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION. and several papers (through the good

offices of the different societies) have reached
FRIENDS, -At the beginning of a New Year our office. The Committee have also given
we desire to thank you for having enabled our | effect to a resolution-moved by the Chair-
Committee to continue their arduous task, and man at the Roman Congress of 1891, having
we wish for you the satisfaction of continuing for its object to promote at all the universities
to aid them in their efforts for the delivery of of the world increased attendance by foreign
mankind from the calamity of war.

students and such instruction with regard to
You know that the special objects which our international arbitration as may promote right

Association has undertaken from the beginning sentiments among the coming generation. A

are of a peculiarly difficult nature, for the | letter on this subject has been forwarded to

higher men climb, the steeper is the path. We the principal seats of learning in Europe and

said, when we started on our journey, that we America, and several replies of interest and

would endeavour to do two things :-(1) “To | value have been received.

make war upon war” by attacking all its | At the annual Peace Congress, held at

causes, and (2) to render this work of pacifica Berne, our association was well represented

tion as international as possible, through direct by its delegates, and Mr. Felix Moscheles was

co-operation with the peace-makers of every | called on by the president, at the inaugural


meeting, to represent Great Britain as one of

We are glad to look back upon another year the official speakers on that occasion. Mr.
of unresting-and, we hope, of fruitful-labour Moscheles was also chosen as chairman of an
for those objects. We point to what we have | important committee appointed during the
done as fair ground for asking you to help us Congress. The communication made on that
to do still more during the New Year. We occasion by our Committee, respecting the
will now state very briefly some of the more objects, methods, and limitations of arbitra-
important things in which we have been en- tion, and respecting tribunals, occupied much
gaged in addition to the indirect and unseen | attention, and was reported on by a special
work, such as our large foreign correspondence, committee,

During the past year the deplorable conflict sermons and other addresses delivered at in Uganda led us to address the British Christmas and New Year's time some such Government and the Anti-Slavery Bureau at expansion of moral sentiment and sense of Brussels, inquiring what steps had been taken obligation to look on others' good as well as under the Brussels General Act of 1890. Its our own was abundantly evident. And it is provisions restrict the importation of firearms not too much to say that the large portion of into territories infested by the slave trade; the Bishop of Durham's charge to the clergy and it appeared to us to be highly necessary of his diocese dealing with the question of that the public should be informed as to what ! International Peace (quoted in our last issue) steps had been taken by the several Powers | may be cited to mark a distinct advance in which had signed the Act. After much the tide of practical Christian ethics. For, correspondence, we have received information after all, the only real test is what we do or from our Foreign Office that a report on this i are willing to do or endure, and not what we subject may be shortly expected.

say or profess. As the revered teacher said: The Committee feel great satisfaction in “The question of international peace . ... is having, by means of a small guarantee fund, a searching test of the scope and vitality of raised among its friends, facilitated the publica our own faith”; also "the development of tion of an English translation of the Baroness moral ideas (that is, their being translated into von Suttner's remarkable work, “Die Waffen national action) encourages us not less than Nieder”-“ Lay Down Your Arms”). They the progress of society to look for the exare especially happy that the English public tinction of war.” And seeing it is now, under will be enabled to know and appreciate this most fitting auspices, thus acknowledged that work, through the admirable translation made “the National Church has a message to the by their esteemed Vice-Chairman, Mr. T. nation,” bidding it seek peace by quite other Holmes, F.R.C.S. The Committee felt that it means than by bloated armaments and fruitless was hardly creditable that a book which had war, those few public teachers outside that appeared in three other languages, and had conventional pale who have long held such produced so great an impression on the convictions may be encouraged to come into Continent, should not be known in England. line on behalf of a cause that is beyond all Its appearance has really constituted an event party or sectarian divisions, and the claims of in the history of the movement, and may have which are as wide as humanity itself. a far-reaching influence in bringing about the great reform for which we are labouring.

As the soundness of the doctrine will have Friends,-Such has been part of the work to stand the rough test of practical application, done during the last twelve months, and there we will make an essay in that direction by has been only one drawback to the satisfaction citing one or two passages from a religious which our Committee have felt in rendering teacher who may be regarded as almost at the these services—we refer to the anxiety in opposite pale to that of orthodox ecclesiastics. which, as usual, they have been placed as to

We refer to Mr. Frederic Harrison's New Year's the means of meeting the very moderate ex

Day address to the Positivist “Church”; and, penses of the Association. We leave it to you if any of our readers query “how religious ?” our to consider whether you will not do your best answer is ready to hand. Mr. Harrison spoke to relieve those who are engaged in so great a of having just then received a letter“ from the task from embarrassment on this score. They most eminent of living philosophers," who often have before them proposals of much

remarked therein that "much of what was called value, to which they dare not give effect, in religion is ethics. Just so; but as faith withconsequence of inability to incur even a out works is dead, so also are philosophic ethics moderate additional outlay. Should this be į but a dream until applied to the practical so ?-Yours faithfully,

A WORKER ! difficulties and international struggles of the

work-day world. Let us then see if fruitful

hints in this direction may be gained from "RELIGION IS ETHICS."

passages in Mr. Harrison's address. It will be That keen critic, but also wise mentor,

for our readers to apply his remarks more Emerson, remarked - now well-nigh forty

closely than he could do at the time: and we years ago—"The doctrine of the Old Testa

have no responsibility for his special allusions. ment is the religion of England; the first leaf

After a graceful reference to Tennyson “who of the New Testament it does not open.” We

had left no successor," he proceeded to remark would fain believe that the moral standard of

on " the military burdens under which Europe our nation has advanced since that period ; 1

is staggering” thus :and especially in the direction of greater

“All this overshadowing of the Continent by the willingness to do to other nations what we i of Europe since Germany, in the pride of victory, had

sinister genius of war had been the standing condition desire them to do to us. In several of the chosen to clutch an integral, he would say an indepar

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