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Beneath Gibraltar to the Libyan fands.


Forthwith from every fquadron and each band
The heads and leaders thither hafte, where ftood
Their great commander; Godlike fhapes and forms
Excelling human, princely Dignities,

And Pow'rs that erft in Heaven fat on thrones; 360
Though of their names in heav'nly records now
Be no memorial, blotted out and ras'd
By their rebellion from the books of life.

Nor had they yet among the fons of Eve

Got them new names, till wand'ring o'er the earth, 365
Through God's high sufferance for the trial of man,
By falfities and lies the greatest part

Of mankind they corrupted to forfake
God their Creator, and th invisible

Glory of him that made them to transform
Oft to the image of a brute, adorn'd
With gay religions full of pomp and gold,


And Devils to adore for Deities:



Then were they known to men by various names,
And various idols through the Heathen world.
Say, Mufe, their names then known, who firft, who, laft,
Rous'd from the flumber, on that fiery couch,
Ar their great emp'ror's call, as next in worth
Came fingly where he stood on the bare ftrand,
While the promiscuous croud stood yet aloof.
The chief were those, who from the pit of Hell
Roaming to feek their prey on earth, durft fix
Their feats long after next the seat of God,
Their altars by his altar, Gods ador'd
Among the nations round, and durst abide
Jehovah thund'ring out of Sion, thron'd
Between the Cherubim; yea, often plac'd


Within his fanctuary itself their shrines,
Abominations; and with curfed things
His holy rites and folemn feasts profan'd,
And with their darkness durft affront his light.
First Moloch, horrid king, befinear'd with blood
Of human facrifice, and parents tears,



Though for the noife of drums and timbrels loud
Their childrens cries unheard, that pass'd through fire 395
To his grim idol. Him the Ammonite
Worshipt in Rabba and her watry plain,
In Argob and in Bafan, to the ftream
Of utmoft Arnon. Nor content with fuch
Audacious neighbourhood, the wiseft heart
Of Solomon he led by fraud to build
His temple right against the temple' of God
On that opprobrious hill, and made his grove
The pleasant valley' of Hinnom, Topher thence
And black Gehenna call'd, the type of Hell.
Next Chemos, th' obfcene dread of Moab's fons,
From Aroar to Nebo, and the wild


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To do him wanton rites, which coft them woe.
Yet thence his luftful orgies he inlarg'd


Ev'n to that hill of fcandal, by the grove

Of Moloch homicide, luft hard by hate;

Till good Jofiah drove them thence to Hell.

With these came they, who from the bord'ring flood.

Of old Euphrates to the brook that parts

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Egypt from Syrian ground, had general names
Of Baälim and Afhtaroth, thofe male,
These feminine. For Spirits when they please
Can either fex affume, or both; fo foft
And uncompounded is their effence pure,

Not ty'd or manacled with joint or limb,


Nor founded on the brittle ftrength of bones,

Like cumbrous flesh; but in what shape they choose

Dilated or condens'd, bright or obscure,

Can execute their aery purposes,

And works of love or enmity fulfil.

For those the race of Ifrael oft forfook

Their living itrength, and unfrequented left
His righteous altar, bowing lowly down


To beftial Gods; for which their heads as low 435
Bow'd down in battel, funk before the fpear
Of defpicable foes. With thefe in troop
Came Aftoreth, whom the Phoenicians call'd
Aftarte, queen of Heav'n, with crefcent horns;
To whose bright image nightly by the moon .449
Sidonian virgins paid their vows and fongs,

In Sion also not unfung, where stood

Her temple on th' offenfive mountain, built

By that uxorious king, whose heart though large, Beguil'd by fair idolatreffes, fell

To idols foul. Thammuz came next behind,

Whofe annual wound in Lebanon allur'd
The Syrian damfels to lament his fate


In amorous ditties all a fummer's day,
While smooth Adonis from his native rock
Ran purple to the fea, fuppos'd with blood
Of Thaminuz yearly wounded the love - tale
Infected Sion's daughters with like heat,



Whole wanton paffions in the facred porch
Ezekiel faw, when by the vision led
His eye furvey'd the dark idolatries
Of alienated Judah. Next came one



Who mourn'd in earneft, when the captive ark
Maim'd his brute image, head and hands lopt off
In his own temple, on the grunfel edge,
Where he fell flat, and sham'd his worshipers:
Dagon his name, fea moufter, upward man
And downward fifh: yet had his temple high
Rear'd in Azotus, dreaded through the coaft
Of Palestine, in Gath and Afcalon,


And Accaron and Gaza's frontier bounds.
Him follow'd Rimmon, whofe delightful feat
Was fair Damafcus, on the fertil banks
Of Abbana and Pharphar, lucid streams.
He alfo' against the house of God was bold:
A leper once he loft, and gain'd a king,
Ahaz his fottish conqu'ror, whom he drew
God's altar to difparage and difplace


For one of Syrian mode, whereon to burn

His odious offerings, and adore the Gods
Whom he had vanquifh'd. After thefe appear'd


A crew, who under names of old renown,

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Th' infection, when their borrow'd gold compos'd
The calf in Oreb; and the rebel king
Doubled that fin in Bethel and in Dan,
Likening his Maker to the grazed ox,
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Jehovah, who in one night when he pass'd

From Egypt marching, equal'd with one stroke
Both her firft-born and all her bleating Gods.

Belial came laft, than whom a Spi'rit more lewd 490
Fell not from Heaven, or more grofs to love
Vice for itself to him no temple tood

Or altar fmok'd; yer who more oft than he
In temples and at altars, when the priest
Turns atheilt, as did Eli's fons, who fill'd
With luft and violence the house of God?
In courts and palaces he alfo reigns
And in luxurious cities, where the noise
Of ri'ot afcends above their loftieft towers,
And injury and outrage: and when night
Darkens the streets, then wander forth the fons
Of Belial, flown with infolence and wine.
Witness the streets of Sodom, and that night
In Gibeah, when the hofpitable door
Expos'd a matron to avoid worse гаре.




'Thefe were the prime in order and in might;
The reft were long to tell, though far renown'd:
Th' Ionian Gods, of Iavan's iffue held

Gods, yet confefs'd later than Heav'n and Earth,
Their boasted parents: Titan Heav'n's first-born 510
With his enormous brood, and birthright feis'd
By younger Saturn; he from mightier Jove
His own and Rhea's fon like meafure found;
So Jove ufurping reign'd: these first in Crete
And Ida known, thence on the fnowy top 515
Of cold Olympus rul'd the middle air,

Their highest Heav'n; or on the Delphian cliff,
Or in Dodona, and through all the bounds

Of Doric land; or who with Saturn old


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