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Thy enemy nor fo is overcome

Satan, whofe fall from Heav'n, a deadlier bruife, Difabled not to give thee thy death's wound:

fhall recure,

Which he, who comes thy Saviour,
Not by deftroying Satan, but his works
In thee and in thy feed: nor can this be,
But by fulfilling that which thou didst want,
Obedience to the law of God, impos'd

On penalty of death, and fuffering death,
The penalty to thy tranfgreffion due,


And due to theirs which out of thine will grow: 400

So only can high justice reft appaid.

The law of God exact he fhall fulfil

Both by obedience and by love, though love
Alone fulfil the law; thy punishment


He fhall indure by coming in the flesh
To a reproachful life and curfed death,
Proclaming life to all who fhall believe
In his redemption, and that his obedience
Imputed becomes theirs by faith, his merits
To fave them, not their own, though legal works.
For this he fhall live hated, be blafphem'd,
Seis'd on by force, judg'd, and to death condemn'd
A fhameful and accurs'd, nail'd to the crois
By his own nation, flain for bringing life;
But to the cross he nails thy enemies,
The law that is against thee, and the fins
Of all mankind, with him there crucify'd,
Never to hurt them more who rigthly truft
In this his fatisfaction; fo he dies,

But foon revives; death over him no power
Shall long ufurp; ere the third dawning light
Return, the ftars of morn fhall fee him rife

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Out of his grave, freth as the dawning light,
Thy ranfor paid, which man from death redeems,
His death for man, as many as offer'd life
Neglect not, and the benefit embrace

By faith not void of works; this God-like act


nuls thy doom, the death thou fhouldft have dy'd, In fin for ever loft from life; this act

Shall bruife the head of Satan, crufh his ftrength, 430
Defeating fin and death, his two main arms,
And fix far deeper in his head their ftings
Than temp'ral death fhall bruife the victor's heel,
Or theirs whom he redeems, a death like fleep,
A gentle wafting to immortal life.
Nor after refurrection fhall he ftay

Longer on earth than certain times to appear
To his difciples, men who in his life


Still follow'd him; to them fhall leave in charge
To teach all nations what of him they learn'd 440
And his falvation, thein who fhall believe
Baptizing in the profluent ftream, the fign
Of washing them from guilt of fin to life
Pure, and in mind prepar'd, if fo befall,

For death, like that which the Redeemer dy'd, 445
All nations they fhall teach; for from that day
Not only to the fons of Abraham's loins
Salvation fhall be preach'd, but to the fans

Of Abraham's faith wherever through the world;
So in his feed all nations fhall be bleft,


Then to the Heav'n of Heav'ns he fhall afcend
With victory, triumphing through the air
Over his foes and thine; there fhall furprise
The Serpent prince of air, and drag in chains
Through all his realm, and there confounded leave;


Then enter into glory, and refue mano


His feat at God's right hand, exalted high

Above all names in Heav'n; and thence fhall come,

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With glory' and pow'r to judge both quick and dead,

To judge th' unfaithful dead, but to reward

His faithful, and receive them into blifs,
Whether in Heav'n or Earth, for then the Earth
Shall all be Paradise, far happier placebulicos D
Than this of Eden, and far happier days. 55465
So fpake th' Arch Angel Michaël, then paus'd,
As a
at the world's great period; and our fire
Replete with joy and wonder thus reply'd.

O Goodness, infinite, Goodness immenfe!
That all this good of evil fhall produce,
And evil turn to good; more wonderful
Than that which by creation firft brought forth
Light out of darknefs! full of doubt I stand,
Whether I fhould repent me now of fin

By me done and occafion'd, or rejoice



Much more, that much more good thereof shall spring,


To God more glory, more good-will to men
From God, and over wrath grace fhall abound,
But fay, if our Deliverer up to Heaven
Muft reafcend, what will betide the few
His faithful, left among th' unfaithful herd,
The enemies of truth? who then fhall guide
His people, who defend? will they not deak
Worfe with his followers than with him they dealt?
Be fure they will, faid th' Angel; but from Heaven

He to his own a Comforter will fend,

The promise of the Father, who fhill dwell
His Spirit within them, and the law of faith

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Working through love, upon their hearts shall write,
To guide them in all truth, and alfo arm
With spiritual armour, able to refift

Satan's affaults, and quench his fiery darts,
What man

man can do againft them, not afraid,
Though to the death, against fuch cruelties
With inward confolations recompens'd
And oft fupported fo ás fhall amaze
Their proudeft perfecutors for the Spirit
Pour'd first on his Apostles, whom he fends
To evangelize the nations, then on all



Baptiz'd, fhall them with wondrous gifts indue 500
To fpeak all tongues, and do all miracles,

As did their Lord before them, Thus they win
Great numbers of each nation to receive

With joy the tidings brought from Heav'n; at length
Their miniftry perform'd, and race well run,
Their doctrin and their ftory written left,



They die: but in their room, as they forewarn,
Wolves fhall fucceed for teachers, grievous wolves,
Who all the facred mysteries of Heaven
To their own vile advantages fhall turn
Of lucre and ambition, and the truth'
With fuperftitions and traditions taint,
Left only in thofe written records pure,
Though not but by the Spirit understood,

Then fhall they feek to' avail themselves of names, 515
Places, and titles, and with these to join
Secular pow'r; though feigning till to act
By fpiritual, to themselves appropriating
The Spirit of God, promis'd alike and given
To all believers; and from that pretence,
Spiritual laws by carnal pow'r fhall force




On every confcience; laws which one fhall find
Left them inroll'd, or what the Spirit within
Shall on the heart ingrave. What will they then
But force the Spirit of grace itself, and bind
His confort liberty? what, but unbuild
His living temples, built by faith to ftand,
Their own faith, not another's? for on earth
Who against faith and confcience can be heard
Infallible yet many will prefume:
Whence heavy perfecution fhall arife
On all who in the worship perfevere

Of fpirit and truth; the rest, far greater part,
Will deem in outward rites and fpecious forms
Religion fatisfied; truth fhall retire



Beftuck with fland'rous darts, and works of faith
Rarely be found: fo fhall the world go on,
To good malignant, to bad men benign,
Under her own weight groaning, till the day
Appear of refpiration to the just,


And vengeance to the wicked, at return

Of him fo lately promis'd to thy aid

The Woman's Seed, obfcurely then foretold,
Now amplier known thy Saviour and thy Lord,
Laft in the clouds from Heav'n to be reveal'd
In glory of the Father, to diffolve
Satan with his perverted world, then raise
From the conflagrant mafs, purg'd and refin'd,
New Heav'ns, new Earth, ages of endless date
Founded in righteoufness and peace and love,
To bring forth fruits, joy and eternal blifs.
He ended; and thus Adam laft reply'd.
How foon hath thy prediction, Seer bleit,
Meafur'd this tranfient world, the race of time,



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