A Practical Treatise of Powers

W. Reed, 1808 - 604페이지

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540 페이지 - Ash, by any deed or deeds, writing or writings, with or without power of revocation and new appointment, to be by him sealed and delivered in the presence of, and to be attested by, two or more credible witnesses...
8 페이지 - ... to all intents, constructions and purposes in the law, of and in such like estates as they had or shall have in use, trust or confidence of or in the same...
540 페이지 - CD (in his actual possession now being by virtue of a bargain and sale to him thereof made by the said AB in consideration of five shillings in and by an indenture bearing date the day next before the day of the date of...
315 페이지 - ... who has given him an interest extensive enough to enable him to discharge it, he is a trustee for the exercise of the power, and not as having a discretion, whether he will exercise it, or not; and the court adopts the principle as to trusts; and will not permit his negligence, accident, or other circumstances, to disappoint the interests of those, for whose benefit he is called upon to execute it.
8 페이지 - ... be from henceforth clearly deemed and adjudged to be in him or them that have or hereafter shall have such use confidence or trust, after such quality manner form and condition as they had before in or to the use confidence or trust that was in them.
314 페이지 - • are never imperative: they leave the act to be done at the will of the party to whom they are given. Trusts are always imperative, and are obligatory upon the conscience of the party intrusted.
199 페이지 - ... and shall be attested and subscribed in the presence of the said devisor by three or four credible witnesses, or else they shall be utterly void and of none effect.
401 페이지 - What is an illusory share, and what is a substantial share ? Is it to be judged of upon a mere statement of the sum given, without reference to the amount of the fortune, which is the subject of the power ? If so, what is the sum that must be given to exclude the interference of the Court ? What is the limit of amount at which it ceases to be illusory and begins to be substantial ? If it is to be considered with reference to the amount of the fortune, what is the proportion, either of the whole or...
540 페이지 - ... to the uses upon and for the trusts intents and purposes and with under and subject to the powers provisoes and declarations...
361 페이지 - ... and the heirs of his body; and in default of such issue then, over,

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