The Comedy of the Noctes Ambrosianae

Lovell, Adam, Wesson & Company, 1876 - 582페이지

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147 페이지 - Nought living meets the eye or ear, But well I ween the dead are near ; For though, in feudal strife, a foe Hath laid Our Lady's chapel low, Yet still beneath the hallow'd soil, The peasant rests him from his toil, And, dying, bids his bones be laid, Where erst his simple fathers pray'd. If age had tamed the passions...
444 페이지 - The poet's eye, in a fine frenzy rolling, Glances from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven, And as imagination bodies forth The form of things unknown, turns them to shape, And gives to airy nothing A local habitation and a name.
535 페이지 - Until he came unto the Wash Of Edmonton so gay; And there he threw the Wash about, On both sides of the way, Just like unto a trundling mop, Or a wild goose at play. At Edmonton his loving wife From the balcony spied Her tender husband, wondering much To see how he did ride. " Stop, stop, John Gilpin! Here's the house!" They all at once did cry; "The dinner waits and we are tired.
365 페이지 - North. No bark like his, James, now belongs to the world of sound. Shepherd. Purple black was he all over, except the star on his breast — as the raven's wing. Strength and sagacity emboldened his bounding beauty, and a fierceness lay deep down within the quiet lustre o...
35 페이지 - At supper this night he talked of good eating with uncommon satisfaction. " Some people," said he, " have a foolish way of not minding, or pretending not to mind, what they eat. For my part, I mind my belly very studiously, and very carefully ; for I look upon it, that he who does not mind his belly will hardly mind anything else.
581 페이지 - LL.D.) The Tour of the Prince of Wales in India, and his Visits to the Courts of Greece, Egypt, Spain, and Portugal. By WH RUSSELL, LL.D., who accompanied the Prince throughout his journey ; fully Illustrated by SYDNEY P.
198 페이지 - The minister wad ca' that no orthodox. But the mystery o' life canna gang out like the pluff o' a cawnle. Perhaps the verra bit bonny glitterin insecks that we ca' ephemeral, because they dance out but ae single day, never dee, but keep for ever and aye openin and shuttin their wings in mony million atmospheres, and may do sae through a
78 페이지 - I'm wrapped up in my plaid, and lyin a' my length on a bit green platform, fit for the fairies' feet, wi' a craig hangin ower me a thousand feet high, yet bright and balmy a' the way up wi' flowers and briars, and broom and birks, and mosses maist beautifu' to behold wi' half-shut ee, and through aneath ane's arm guardin the face frae the cloudless sunshine ! North.
xvi 페이지 - ... have been well led ; and I should not be doing justice to my own feelings if I were not, on my arrival here, to repeat the expressions of admiration extorted from me as I passed along in view of the difficulties you had to meet, and which you have so triumphantly surmounted.
366 페이지 - Fall, and will any other response come from that oracle within us—Conscience—than that we have no claim on God for immortality, more than the beasts which want indeed " discourse of reason," but which live in love, and by love, and breathe forth the manifestations of their being through 1 Nieve—fist.

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