The Common School Laws of the State of Kentucky

Continental printing Company, 1910 - 220페이지

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85 페이지 - ... simple sentences in the English language and that in his opinion the child is fourteen years of age or upwards and has reached the normal development of a child of its age, and is in sound health and is physically able to perform the work which it intends to do.
150 페이지 - There shall be elected at the general election in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, three members of a State board of education ; one for two years, one for four years, and one for six years...
164 페이지 - ... aided by such State from its own revenue, for the education of colored students in agriculture and the mechanic arts...
78 페이지 - Whoever shall violate any of the provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor, and upon conviction...
85 페이지 - ... birth of such child, which affidavit must be taken before the officer issuing the employment certificate, who is hereby authorized and required to administer such oath, and who shall not demand or receive a fee therefor.
160 페이지 - An Act to apply a portion of the proceeds of the public lands to the more complete endowment and support of the colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts, established under the provisions of an Act of Congress, approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two," the deficiency, if any, in the sum.
86 페이지 - ... shall state the date and place of birth of the child, and describe the color of the hair and eyes, the height and weight and any distinguishing facial marks of such child, and that the papers required by the preceding section have been duly examined, approved and filed, and that the child named in such permit has appeared before the officer signing the same and been examined.
85 페이지 - A duly attested transcript of the birth certificate filed according to law with a registrar of vital statistics, or other officer charged with the duty of recording births, shall be conclusive evidence of the age of such child.
123 페이지 - Every two years thereafter there shall be elected for four years one Senator in each Senatorial District in which the term of his predecessor in office will then expire, and in every Representative District one Representative for two years.
3 페이지 - The General Assembly shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ; nor shall any person be compelled to attend any place of worship, pay tithes, taxes, or other rates for building or repairing places of worship, or the maintenance of any minister, or ministry.

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