Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, 31권

H.O. Houghton and Company, 1863

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557 페이지 - Hopkins, which is to give some encouragement in those foreign plantations for the breeding up of hopeful youths in a way of learning, both at the grammar school and college, for the public service of the country in future times.
141 페이지 - ... or any part thereof, to which insurers are liable by the rules and customs of insurance...
564 페이지 - I give to my four sons all the remainder of my estate, both real and personal, to be equally divided between them, share and share alike.
48 페이지 - ... by virtue of a contract or agreement expressed or implied with the owner thereof or his agents, shall have a lien to secure the payment of the same upon such house, mill, manufactory, building or appurtenance, and the lot of land upon which the same shall stand.
196 페이지 - Clarke, in the trial of an appeal from a decree of the judge of probate for the County of Middlesex, sustaining the will of a man who had recently died in one of the towns in that county.
251 페이지 - It is a rule in Equity that a gift of real or personal estate, either inter vivos or by will, to promote 'education is a charity. It is also considered as a settled rule that such a gift to a charitable use is to receive a most liberal construction; and if the Trustees pervert the fund to other uses, or even if they refuse to accept or execute the trusts, the charity itself shall not fail, nor will the property revert to the donor.
183 페이지 - This suggests another course of inquiry; that is, how far the maxim is applicable to this case, ' that the domicil of the wife follows that of the husband.' Can this maxim be true, in its application to this subject, where the wife claims to act, and by law, to a certain extent, and in certain cases, is allowed to act, adversely to her husband ? It would oust the Court of its jurisdiction, in all cases where the husband should change his domicil to another State before the suit is instituted. It...
282 페이지 - Leonard. the guardian would be extremely unpleasant, and it would be almost impossible to. execute the trust. In every action he might be obliged to go before the jury upon the question of sanity, and one jury might find one way, and another another. We are of opinion, that as to most subjects, the decree of the probate court, so long as the guardianship continues, is conclusive evidence of the disability of the ward ; but that it is not conclusive in regard to all. For example, the ward, if in fact...
491 페이지 - All the mines belonging to him thereunder." could hardly be meant to refer to mines already open.] If possible, effect is to be given to all the words which are used. It is said that whatever words are sufficient to explain the intent of the parties — that the one shall divest himself of the possession, and the other come into it for a determinate time...
509 페이지 - Majesty, her heirs and this statute. successors, and the other moiety to him or them that shall sue for the same in any of the Queen's Majesty's Courts of Record...

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