The Life of Hyder Ally: with an Account of His Usurpation of the Kingdom of Mysore, and Other Contiguous Provinces. To which is Annexed, a Genuine Narrative of the Sufferings of the British Prisoners of War, Taken by His Son, Tippoo Saib. By Francis Robson, ...

S. Hooper, 1786 - 228페이지
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170 페이지 - L 1 effectually effectually be made in thirty days from the day of figning the treaty. The Nabob will caufe them to be fupplied with provifions and conveyances for the journey, the expence of which fhall be made good to him by the company. The commiffioners will fend an officer or officers to accompany the prifoners to the different places where they are to be delivered : in particular, Abdul Wahab Cawn, taken at Chitoor, and his family, fhall be immediately releafed, and if willing to return to...
170 페이지 - If any perfbn or perfons belonging to the faid Nabob, and taken by the company in the late war, be now alive, and in prifon in Bencoolen, or other territories of the company, fuch perfon or perfons fhall be immediately releafed, and, if willing to return, fhall be fent without delay to the neareft fort or fettlement in the Myfore country. Bafwapa, late amuldar of Palicacherry, fhall be releafed and at liberty to depart. III. Immediately after figning and fealing the treaty, the Englifh...
175 페이지 - Governor-General and Council of Bengal, and the Governor and Select Committee of Bombay, as binding upon all the Governments of India, and copies of the Treaty, so acknowledged, shall be sent to the said Nawab in three months, or sooner, if possible. In testimony whereof the said contracting parties have signed, sealed and interchangeably delivered two...
168 페이지 - Anderfon, on the part of the honourable company, in virtue of the powers delegated to him for that purpofe by the honourable the go...
177 페이지 - Vanbraam's interpretation, that no fort was to be built beyond the mountains on lands belonging to the King of France ; 'but the terms of the articles are, ' neither in this place or beyond the mountains.
150 페이지 - It was equal :o him whether he accomplifhed that, by diverting our attention from it, or by giving us battle. But it is reafonable to imagine, that if he fucceeded on the former grounds, he would hardly, after having fuffered four defeats, put any thing to rifle on the latter.
168 페이지 - Cananore, and the rajahs or zemindars of the Malabar coaft, are included in this treaty : the...
164 페이지 - ... troops pouring in upon them. Our people kept hold of the firft redoubt, as commanding or enfilading every thing in front or to the right of it, and therefore a good point to go from in our approaches ; it was ordered to be clofed by the chief engineer as loon as poffible.
151 페이지 - ... firft annunciation I had of Hyder's having approached fo near us, in force. His coming upon us, thus fuddenly, proceeds from his being able to cover the march of his line of infantry by his large bodies of horfe, and which having generally been the companion of our movements, dur» ing the whole war, were never to be confidered as any pofitive proof of his army being at hand.
172 페이지 - Nawab shall give written orders for the evacuation and delivery of Amboorgur and Satgur to the English ; and in the meantime none of the troops of the said Nawab shall be left in any part of the Carnatic, except in the two forts above-mentioned.

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