The Book of Poisonous Quotes

McGraw Hill Professional, 1993 - 348페이지
Savor the world's celebrated wits in this entertaining compilation of more than two thousand of the most caustic quips ever to scorch paper. Enduring satirists Voltaire, Mark Twain, and Oscar Wilde join the likes of Dorothy Parker and H. L. Mencken and present-day curmudgeons such as P. J. O'Rourke and Fran Lebowitz in waging hilarious verbal warfare, while hundreds of other critics, humorists, and sharp-tongued wags offer their cutting commentary on everything from Hollywood to the White House, from modern art to the battle between the sexes. Egos are exploded, reputations run ragged, idols impeached, and the classics challenged. Perfect for reference, repartee, or revenge, this anthology is a must for all who believe that the pen - and the tongue - is mightier than the sword.

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The Creative Arts

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저자 정보 (1993)

Colin Jarman is an experienced sailor and journalist and the features editor of Yachting Monthly, a British sailing magazine. Illustrator Bill Beavis spent 12 years as a merchant navy officer and was assistant editor of Yachting Monthly.

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