A Verbatim Report, with Indexes, of the Debate in Parliament During the Progress of the Elementary Education Bill, 1870

National Education Union, 1870 - 622페이지

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134 페이지 - And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.
304 페이지 - ... to be approved by the Education Department, and to be kept permanently and conspicuously affixed in every schoolroom ; and any scholar may be withdrawn by his parent from such observance or instruction without forfeiting any of the other benefits of the school...
165 페이지 - It is suspected that an evasion is intended, and that it is meant to keep the word of promise to the ear, but break it to the hope.
43 페이지 - Who will not say that the uncommon beauty and marvellous English of the Protestant Bible is not one of the great strongholds of heresy in this country ? It lives on the ear, like a music that can never be forgotten, like the sound of church bells, which the convert hardly knows how he can forego.
6 페이지 - ... 1. It shall not be required, as a condition of any child being admitted into or continuing in the school, that he shall attend or abstain from attending any Sunday school, or any place of religious worship...
202 페이지 - Do unto others as ye would that they should do unto you " ? This was the doctrine of Lao-tsze.
43 페이지 - The power of all the griefs and trials of a man is hidden beneath its words. It is the representative of his best moments, and all that there has been about him of soft and gentle and pure and penitent and good speaks to him for ever out of his English bible It is his sacred thing, which doubt has never dimmed, and controversy never soiled. In the length and breadth of the land there is not a protestant with one spark of religiousness about him, whose spiritual biography is not in his Saxon bible...
414 페이지 - The owner of any tithes, or of any tithe commutation rentcharge, or the occupier of any land used as arable, meadow, or pasture ground only, or as woodlands, market, gardens, or nursery grounds, and the occupier of any land covered with water or used only as a canal or towing path for the same, or as a railway constructed under the powers of any Act of Parliament for public conveyance, shall be assessed in respect of the same in the proportion of onefourth part only of such net annual value thereof.
181 페이지 - The true principles of the brotherhood of man are the fundamental principles of the order — ,Do unto others as you would they should do unto you,
302 페이지 - The time or times during which any religious observance is practised, or instruction in religious subjects is given at any meeting of the school, shall be either at the beginning or at the end, or at the beginning and the end of such meeting...

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