Poetical Works: To which is Prefixed an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author, 1권

T. Evans, 1774

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105 페이지 - A barren genius at the best. — But Imitation's all the mode — Yet where one hits, ten miss the road. The mimic bard with pleasure sees Mat.
24 페이지 - The coming, all his evening preparation. By Law let others toil to gain renown ! Florio's a gentleman, a man o'th
46 페이지 - Apollo there, with aim so clever, Stretches his leaden bow for ever; And there, without the pow'r to fly, Stands fix'da tip-toe Mercury. The Villa thus completely grac'd...
xiv 페이지 - Nor tinged with envy, wish that genius mine : To Churchill's muse can bow with decent awe, Admire his mode, nor make that mode my law ; Both may perhaps have various powers to please, Be his the strength of numbers, mine the ease.
100 페이지 - And poets dread their mock dominion. So have you feen with dire affright, The petty monarch of the night, Seated aloft in elbow chair, Command the...
78 페이지 - tis a word ideal, That bears about it nothing real : For excellence was never hit In the first essays of man's wit.
19 페이지 - Tho' all his features were not grim'd with fnufF. Why fhou'd Pol Peach urn fhine in Dtin cloaths ? Why ev'ry devil dance in fcarlet hofe ? But in ltagc-cuftoms what offends me moft Is the flip-door, and flowly-rifing ghoft. Tell me, nor count the queftion too fevere, Why need the difmal powder'd forms appear ? When chilling horrors fhake th...
43 페이지 - With all the fuss of moving over : Lo ! a new heap of whims are bred. And wanton in my lady's head. ' Well ! to be sure, it must be own'd.
58 페이지 - His fingers' ends all pinch'd to death, He blew upon them with his breath. Friend, quoth the Satyr, what intends That blowing on thy fingers' ends ? " It is to warm them thus I blow, " For they are froze as cold as snow ; " And so inclement has it been, " I'm like a cake of ice within.
54 페이지 - Nay application will prevail, When braggart parts and Genius fail: And now to lay my proof before ye, 1 here prefent you with a ftory.

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