Principles of Insurance: Life


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333 페이지 - We may venture to observe that the price of insurance is not fixed over the counters of the companies by what Adam Smith calls the higgling of the market, but formed in the councils of the underwriters, promulgated in schedules of practically controlling constancy which the applicant for insurance is powerless to oppose and which, therefore, has led to the assertion that the business of insurance is of monopolistic character and that "it is illusory to speak of a liberty of contract.
131 페이지 - If the valuation of the certificates, as hereinbefore provided, on December 31, 1917, shall show that the present value of future net contributions, together with the admitted assets, is less than the present value of the promised benefits and accrued liabilities, such society shall...
20 페이지 - The Corporation for the Relief of Poor and Distressed Presbyterian Ministers, and of the Poor and Distressed Widows and Children of Presbyterian Ministers.
130 페이지 - ... that no society, domestic or foreign, shall hereafter be incorporated or admitted to transact business in this State, which does not provide for stated periodical contributions sufficient to provide for meeting the mortuary obligations contracted, when valued upon the basis of the National Fraternal Congress table of mortality...
330 페이지 - ... uncertain loss," or the diffusion of positive loss over a large group of persons, as we have already said to be certainly one of its effects. We can see, therefore, how it has come to be considered a matter of public concern to regulate it, and, governmental insurance has its advocates and even examples. Contracts of insurance, therefore, have greater public consequence than contracts between individuals to do or not to do a particular thing whose effect stops with the individuals.
181 페이지 - A provision limiting the time within which any action at law or in equity may be commenced to less than five years after the cause of action shall accrue.
181 페이지 - A provision for any mode of settlement at maturity after the expiration of the contestable period of the policy of less value than the amount insured on the face of the policy...
330 페이지 - We have shown that the business of insurance has very definite characteristics, with a reach of influence and consequence beyond and different from that of the ordinary businesses of the commercial world, to pursue which a greater liberty may be asserted.
165 페이지 - Office either (a) that he has become totally and permanently disabled by bodily injury or disease, so that he is. and will be, permanently, continuously and wholly prevented thereby from performing any work for compensation, gain or profit, and from following any gainful occupation...
245 페이지 - ... substandard industrial mortality table. Any life insurance corporation may voluntarily value its policies, or any class thereof, according to the American experience table of mortality, or if industrial, at its option, according to the standard industrial mortality table or substandard industrial mortality table...

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