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Runs divers, wandring many a famous realm
And country, whereof here needs no account; 235
But rather to tell how, (if art could tell
How) from that faphire fount the crifped brooks,
Rowling on orient pearl and fands of gold,
With mazy error under pendent shades
Ran Nectar, vifiting each plant, and fed
Flow'rs worthy of Paradife, which not nice art
In beds and curious knots, but nature boon
Pour'd forth profufe on hill, and dale, and plain,
Both where the morning Sun first warmly fmote
The open field, and where the unpierc'd shade 245
Imbrown'd the noon-tide bow'rs. Thus was this place,
A happy rural feat of various view:



Groves whofe rich trees wept od'rous gums, & balm;
Others whofe fruit burnish'd with golden rind
Hung amiable, HESPERIAN fables true,
If true, here only, and of delicious taste.
Betwixt them lawns, or level downs, and flocks
Grazing the tender herb, were interpos'd,
Or palmy hilloc, or the flow'ry lap
Of fome irriguous valley fpred her ftore;
Flow'rs of all hue, and without thorn the rofe.
Another fide, umbrageous grots and caves
Of cool recefs, o'er which the mantling vine
Lays forth her purple grape, and gently creeps
Luxuriant: mean-while murm'ring waters fall
Down the flope hills, difpers'd, or in a lake,
That to the fringed bank with myrtle crown'd
Her chryftal mirror holds, unite their ftreams.
The birds their quire apply; airs, vernal airs,
Breathing the fmell of field and grove, attune
The trembling leaves, while univerfal PA N,
Knit with the GRACES and the HOURS in dance,
Led on th' eternal fpring. Not that fair field
Of ENNA, where PROSERPINE gathering flow'rs,
Her felf a fairer flow'r by gloomy Dis
Was gather'd, which coft CERES all that pain





To feek her thro' the world: nor that sweet grove
Of DAPHNE by ORONTES, and th' infpir'd
CASTALIAN fpring, might with this Paradife
Of EDEN ftrive: nor that NYSBIAN ifle
Girt with the river TRITON, where old CHAM,
(Whom Gentiles AM MON call and LIBYAN JOVE)
Hid AMAL THEA, and her florid fon


Young BACCHUS, from his ftepdame RHEA's eye:
Nor where A BASSIN Kings their iffue guard, 280
Mount A MARA (though this by fome fuppos'd
True Paradife) under the, ETHIOP Line
By NILUS' head, inclos'd with fhining rock,
A whole day's journey high, but wide remote
From this ASSYRIAN garden; where the Fiend 285
Saw undelighted all delight, all kind

Of living creatures new to fight and strange.

Two of far nobler shape erect and tall,
Godlike erect with native honor clad
In naked majefty, feem'd Lords of all;
And worthy feem'd: for in their looks divine
The image of their glorious maker shone,
Truth, wisdom, fanctitude fevere and pure;
Severe, but in true filial freedom plac'd,
Whence true authority in men: though both
Not equal, as their fex not equal feem'd;
For contemplation he, and valor form'd,
For foftness the, and fwect attractive grace;
He for GoD only, the for GOD in him.



His fair large front, and eye fublime, declar'd 300 Abfolute rule; and hyacinthin locks

Round from his parted forelock manly hung

Cluftring, but not beneath his fhoulders broad.

She, as a veil, down to the flender waist

Her unadorned golden treffes wore,

Disfhevel'd, but in wanton ringlets wav'd,
As the vine curls her tendrils, which imply'd
Subjection, but requir'd with gentle fway,



And by her yielded, by him beft receiv'd,
Yielded with coy fubmiffion, modeft pride,
And fweet reluctant amorous delay.
Nor thofe mysterious parts were then conceal'd;
Then was not guilty thame, dishoneft shame
Of nature's works; honor dishonorable;
Sin-bred how have ye troubled all mankind
With fhews inftead, mere fhews, of feeming pure,
And banish'd from man's life his happieft life,
Simplicity, and spotlefs innocence?

So pafs'd they naked on, por fhun'd the fight
Of GoD or Angel, for they thought no ill:
So hand in hand they pafs'd, the lovlieft pair
That ever fince in loves embraces met;
ADAM the goodlieft man of men fince born
His fons; the fairest of her daughters EvE.
Under a tuft of fhade, that on a green
Stood whifp'ring foft, by a fresh fountain fide.
They fat them down; and after no more toil
Of their sweet gard'ning labor than suffic'd
To recommend cool ZEPHYR, and made ease
More easie, wholfom thirst and appetite
More grateful, to their fupper-fruits they fell,
Nectarine fruits! which the compliant boughs
Yielded them, fide-long as they fat recline
On the foft downy bank damask'd with flow'rs.
The favoury pulp they chew, and in the rind
Still as they thirfted fcoop the brimming ftream;
Nor gentle purpofe, nor endearing fmiles
Wanted, nor youthful dalliance as befeems
Fair couple, link'd in happy nuptial league,
Alone as they. About them frisking plaid
All beafts of th' earth, fince wild, and of all chafe
In wood or wilderness, foreft or den;







Sporting the lion ramp'd, and in his paw
Dandled the kid; bears, tigers, ounces, pards,
Gambol'd before them, th' unwieldy elephant


To make them mirth us'd all his might, and wreath'd

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