Natural Gas and Gasoline Journal, 12권

Periodicals Publishing Company, 1918

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418 페이지 - Managers none. 2. That the owners are: (Give names and addresses of individual owners, or, if a corporation, give its name and the names and addresses of stockholders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of the total amount of stock.) The National Historical Society.
137 페이지 - Three members of the board of directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
4 페이지 - ... be subject to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars and not more than one hundred dollars for each offense or by imprisonment in the city or county jail for not less than five days and not more than ten days, or by such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court.
418 페이지 - That the average number of copies of each issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the mails or otherwise...
92 페이지 - Mariotte's law states that the volume of a gas varies inversely with the pressure to which it is subjected.
138 페이지 - Said Board shall annually, immediately after its own organization, elect a Finance Committee of three from its own number, who shall have power to examine at any time the books and accounts of the Secretary-Treasurer...
138 페이지 - Any proposition to alter or repeal an existing ByLaw, shall be presented in writing during any meeting of the Association, at any time before its adjournment, seconded by not less than three members, shall be read twice, and if approved by two-thirds of all the members present, shall become a part of these By-Laws ; but no such alteration or amendment shall effect any question pending at the time of its adoption.
307 페이지 - ... indicator cards, and may be expressed as the product of the volumetric efficiency, the intake pressure, and the hyperbolic logarithm of the ratio of compression, all divided by the Indicated mean effective pressure within the air cylinder or cylinders. Mechanical efficiency is the ratio of the...
147 페이지 - He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper. This amicable conflict with difficulty obliges us to an intimate acquaintance with our object, and compels us to consider it in all its relations. It will not suffer us to be superficial.
170 페이지 - The natural gas business is unique in that it is the only public utility service that does not and in fact cannot create the basic feature of the service that it renders to the public. . . . Transportation agencies, like railroads or street railways, can easily create the motive source of their service; water...

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