Defense Production Act Amendments of 1952: Hearings Before the Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, Eighty-second Congress, Second Session, on S. 2594 and S. 2645, Bills to Amend and Extend the Defense Production Act of 1950, as Amended, and the Housing and Rent Act of 1947, as Amended, 2-3권

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1952 - 2793페이지

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1593 페이지 - No ceiling shall be established or maintained hereunder for any commodity processed or manufactured in whole or substantial part from any agricultural commodity below a price which will reflect to producers of such agricultural commodity a price for such agricultural commodity equal to the highest price therefor specified in this subsection.
1530 페이지 - Kingdom, open to participation by all other countries of like mind, directed to the expansion, by appropriate international and domestic measures, of production, employment, and the exchange and consumption of goods, which are the material foundations of the liberty and welfare of all peoples; to the elimination of all forms of discriminatory treatment in international commerce, and to the reduction of tariffs and other trade barriers...
1530 페이지 - At an early convenient date, conversations shall be begun between the two Governments with a view to determining, in the light of governing economic conditions, the best means of attaining the above-stated objectives by their own agreed action and of seeking the agreed action of other like-minded Governments.
1377 페이지 - States in such increased quantities, either actual or relative, as to cause or threaten serious injury to the domestic industry producing like or directly competitive products.
1592 페이지 - Whenever in the judgment of the Administrator such action is necessary or proper in order to effectuate the purposes of this Act...
1591 페이지 - It is hereby declared to be in the interest of the national defense and security and necessary to the effective prosecution of the present war, and the purposes of this Act are, to stabilize prices and to prevent speculative, unwarranted, and abnormal increases in prices and rents; to eliminate and prevent profiteering, hoarding, manipulation, speculation, and other disruptive practices resulting from abnormal market conditions or scarcities caused by or contributing to the national emergency...
1013 페이지 - Whenever ceilings on prices have been established on materials and services comprising a substantial part of all sales at retail and materially affecting the cost of living, the President (i) shall impose ceilings on prices and services generally, and (ii) shall stabilize wages, salaries, and other compensation generally.
1593 페이지 - Administrator, does not reflect such increases), and he shall make adjustments for such relevant factors as he may determine and deem to be of general applicability in respect of such accommodations, including increases or decreases in property taxes and other costs.
1213 페이지 - Senate, the chairman of the Banking and Currency Committee of the House of Representatives...
1565 페이지 - Copies of transcripts are available to respondents and to the public from the reporter at rates not to exceed the maximum rates fixed by contract between the Commission and the reporter.

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