The Edinburgh Journal of Science, 1권

Thomas Clark, 1824

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344 페이지 - I have shown that chemical attractions may be exalted, modified, or destroyed, by changes in the electrical states of bodies; that substances will only combine when they are in different electrical states ; and that, by bringing a body naturally positive artificially into a negative state, its usual powers of combination are altogether destroyed...
200 페이지 - Protestants who had been driven from France by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.
135 페이지 - Indian rum, ie rum and water in the proportion of one part of the former to two of the latter.
183 페이지 - ... with a cork, or blowing into it, a jet of ignited sulphurous vapour will proceed from the touch-hole. Exposed to this, a bunch of iron wire will burn, as if ignited in oxygen gas, and will fall down in the form of fused globules in the state of protosulphuret. Hydrate of potash, exposed to the jet, fuses into a sulphuret of a fine red colour.
149 페이지 - Dissolve in a copper kettle, by heat, one part of verdigris, in a sufficient quantity of pure vinegar, and add to it an aqueous solution of one part of white arsenic. A precipitate of dirty green generally forms, which must be renewed by adding more vinegar, or till the precipitate is perfectly dissolved. After boiling this mixture, a granular precipitate will in a short...
150 페이지 - ... to 5. The following Table exhibits the relative adhesion of nails of various kinds, when forced into dry Christiana Deal, at right angles to the grain of the wood...
344 페이지 - ... copper remained bright, whilst the iron or the zinc was slowly corroded. A piece of thick sheet copper, containing on both sides about sixty square inches, was cut in such a manner as to form seven divisions, connected only by the smallest filaments that could be left, and a mass of zinc, of the fifth of an inch in diameter, was soldered to the upper division. The whole was plunged under sea water; the copper remained perfectly polished.
151 페이지 - From this channel they may be taken in words or sentences, and formed by the hand into pages, by means of a box placed at the side of the machine. The third machine for taking off impressions from the types evinces much ingenuity ; but cannot be understood without several drawings. After the types have been used, and the requisite number of impressions obtained, they are re-melted and re-cast as before, so that every sheet is printed with new types.
162 페이지 - One general fact relative to situation is, that whatever diminishes the view of the sky, as seen from the -exposed body, occasions the quantity of dew, which is formed upon it, to be less than would have occurred, if the exposure to the sky had been complete.
211 페이지 - ... axis of the prism. It must then be placed upon a piece of well polished glass, and the glass heated to a considerable degree. At the proper temperature, which is about that of boiling water, the slice will adhere to the glass so...

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