R. Deck, 1827 - 159페이지

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143 페이지 - Alas! — how light a cause may move Dissension between hearts that love! Hearts that the world in vain had tried And sorrow but more closely tied; That stood the storm when waves were rough Yet in a sunny hour fall off, Like ships that have gone down at sea When heaven was all tranquillity!
34 페이지 - Frolic's revel, folly's lure ; -:•;•• Pleasures transport;— all delight And give the order of the night. Pleasing stories, gracious hints, Slight detraction, partial dints, Current news, Greek or Turk, Neighbour ladies' handy work; Puns and queries, gibe and romp, Music spreading magic pomp : Cards and playthings, for the age, From infant chick, to hoary sage ; Dances, hornpipe, country reels, Songs, glees, trios, merry peals ; Ghosts and goblins, thin and tall, Wolves and rabhits on the...
91 페이지 - I WILL not own thy sway, love, Nor call thee Deity; I throw thy snares away, love, And bid the visions flee. The many cares you bring, love, But weakness ne'er infected; And readily thy sting, love, By prudence is detected.

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