History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland: Comprising a General Survey of the County, and a History of the Town and County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with Separate Historical, Statistical, and Descriptive Sketches of the Boroughs of Gateshead and Berwick-upon-Tweed, and All the Towns ... Wards, and Manors. To which is Subjoined a List of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry

Whittaker and Company, 1855 - 1010페이지

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126 페이지 - My heart is awed within me when I think Of the great miracle that still goes on, In silence, round me, — the perpetual work Of thy creation, finished, yet renewed Forever.
119 페이지 - ... are overhung. The roof is covered as with a canopy of gorgeous tapestry, enriched with festoons of most graceful foliage, flung in wild irregular profusion over every portion of its surface. The effect is heightened by the contrast of the coal-black colour of these vegetables with the light ground-work of the rock to which they are attached.
49 페이지 - They come — and onward travel without dread, Chanting in barbarous ears a tuneful prayer — Sung for themselves, and those whom they would free! Rich conquest waits them : — the tempestuous sea Of Ignorance, that ran so rough and high And heeded not the voice of clashing swords, These good men humble by a few bare words, And calm with fear of God's divinity.
141 페이지 - Saxon hands : 0 ye Northumbrian shades, which overlook The rocky pavement and the mossy falls Of solitary Wensbeck's limpid stream; How gladly I recall your well-known seats Beloved of old, and that delightful time When all alone, for many a summer's day, 1 wandered through your calm recesses, led In silence by some powerful hand unseen.
119 페이지 - The effect is heightened by the contrast of the coal-black colour of these vegetables, with the light ground-work of the rock to which they are attached. The spectator feels himself transported, as if by enchantment, into the forests of another world ; he beholds trees of forms and characters now unknown upon the surface of the earth, presented to his senses almost in the beauty and vigour of their primeval life...
704 페이지 - Let those who will descend with me, and in the name of the Lord, we will break that host, and conquer ; or, if not, at least die with honour, like soldiers.
59 페이지 - Here was that Charter" seal'd, wherein the Crown All marks of Arbitrary power lays down: 330 Tyrant and slave, those names of hate and fear, The happier stile of King and Subject bear: Happy, when both to the same Center move, When Kings give liberty, and Subjects love.
40 페이지 - When they pursue, they infallibly overtake ; when they are pursued, their escape is certain. They despise danger ; they are inured to shipwreck ; they are eager to purchase booty with the peril of their lives. Tempests, which to others are so dreadful, to them are subjects of joy ; the storm is their protection when they are pressed by the enemy, and a cover for their operations when they meditate an attack. Before they quit their own shores, they devote to the altars of their gods the tenth part...
49 페이지 - But because you are come from far into my kingdom, and, as I conceive, are desirous to impart to us those things which you believe to be true and most beneficial, we will not molest you, but...
108 페이지 - ... francs per annum to the government establishment of the School of Arts, which takes charge of every youth who shows an aptitude for drawing, or imitative design of any kind, applicable to manufactures. Hence all the eminent, painters, sculptors, even botanists and florists of Lyons, become eventually associated with the staple trade, and devote to it their happiest conceptions.

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