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Printed for A. HAMILTON, in Falcon-Court, Fleet-street.


CARACTACUS (Mafoni) Græco Carmine reddituscum Ver.

. fione Latina. A Georgio Henrico Glasse, A. B. Page 1 Warwick's Abelard to Eloisa, Elements of Jurisprudence, Adams's (George) Essay on Electricity, Dr. Hamilton's Out-lines of the Theory and Practice of Mid. wifery,

15 Dr. Swedia'r's Observations on Venereal Complaints, 17 Henry's Translation of Lavoisier's Essays on the Effects produced

by various Processes on Atmospheric Air, The Herald of Literature, The Sad Shepherd. By Ben Jonson, Dr. Watson's History of Philip III. King of Spain, Dr. Priestley's Letters to Dr. Horsley, Letters of the late Ignatius Sancho, an African, Gilpin's Observations on the River Wye, &c. The proper Limits of Government's Interference with the AF.

fairs of the East India Company, attempted to be alligned, 53 Pulteney's Effects to be expected from the East India Bill, 57 Thoughts on East India Affairs,

62 Major Scott's Narrative of the Transactions in Bengal, ibid. A Candid Investigation of the prevailing Topic, Adams's (John) History of the Dispute with America, Letter from an American to a Member of Parliament, Review of the State of Great Britain, &c. Second Edition, 69 Instructions to a Statesman,

70 Letter to a Country Gentleman,

ibid. Secret Influence public Ruin,

71 The Contrast ; or an Estimate of the Coalition Ministry, ibid. Dobbs's Letter to Lord North and Mr. Fox,

74 Serious Address, concerning the Tax on Receipts, ibid. Boswell's Letter to the People of Scotland,

ibid. Dr. Jebb's Letters to the Volunteers of Ireland, The Christmas Tale, Hayes's Hope, a Poem,

ibid. Arthur's Sermons on various Subjects, Goodwin's Sketches of History, in fix Sermons,

ibid. Dialogue between an Unitarian Christian and an Athanafian, ib. Dr.Priestley's View of the Argument for the Unity with God,&c. 79 Course of Lectures for Sunday Evenings, Dr. Trufler's Poetic Endings; or, a Dictionary of Rhimes, ibid. Letters on Wit and Humour,

ibid. Soulés's Grammar of the French Language, &c. . 80 Letters from a Peeress of England to her eldest Son, ibid. Thoughts on Bonds of Resignation,

ibid. Philosophical Transactions, Vol. LXXIII. Part I. Sir William Blackstone's Reports,

90 Biographical History of Sir William Blackítone, ; 94 Richardson's Essays on Shakspeare's Dramatic Characters, 101 Gale's Ellay on the Nature and Principles of Public Credit, 107 A 2



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Poems, on Subjects arising in England and the West Indies, 110 Anecdotes of the Russian Empire, . .

113, 187 Craven's Sermons on the Evidence of a future State, &c. 123 Levi's Account of the Rites and Ceremonies of the Jews, 125 Transactions of the Society at London, for the Encouragement of Arts, &c. Vol I. '

: 128 jo. Physiophili Specimen Monochologiæ Methodo Linnæano, 132 John Physiophilus's Specimen of the Natural History of the various Orders of Monks,


134, 213, 386 Second Letter to a Country Gentleman, Mr. Burke's Speech on Mr. Fox's East India Bill, Major Scott's Reply to Mr. Burke's Speech,

- ibid. A Letter to the People of England, Address to the Majority of the House of Commons, ibid. Letter to the Right Hon. William Pitt,

ibid. A short commercial and political Letter from Mr. Joseph Price to the Right Hon. C. J. Fox,

147 Observations on the Principles and Tendency of the East India Bills proposed by Mr. Fox and Mr. Pits,

ibid, Confiderations on the present Situation of Great Britain and the United State of North America, &c.

ibid. 'Case of the East India Company, as stated at the Bar of the House of Lords,

"48 Serious Reflections on a Diffolution of Parliament, ibid. A New Whig Catechifm,

ibid. A Letter in Defence of the Lords and Earl Temple, ibid. Dobbs's Thoughts on the present Mode of Taxation in Great Britain, . .

149 Sir G. O. Paul's Considerations on the Defects of Prisons, 150 The Heads of a Plan for raising the Money for maintaining Pau

pers, by a new Method, Speech to the Sun of the Political Hemisphere,

ibid. Miss Ryves's Epistle to the Right Hon. Lord Jo. Cavendish, 152 Fourth Satire of Persius imitated,

,ibid. The Voluntary Exile, 'The Political Remeinbrancer, A Monody on the Death of Lord Ashburton. Peace, a Poem,

ibid. Spenser's Fairy Queen, attempied in blank Verse,

155 Fashion, an Ode. With other Poems, Burnby's Summer Amusements, or Miscellaneous Poems, 156 A serious and friendly Address on the dangerous Consequences of neglecting Colds and Coughs,

ibid. White's Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of that Swelling in

the Lower Extremities which happens to Lying-in Women, 157 The Clergyman's Companion in vifiting the Sick, ibid. Bishop of Landaff's Sermon before the House of Lords, 158 A familiar Address to the Curious in English Poetry, 159 D. Junii. Juvenalis & A. Perfii Flacci Satiræ expurgatæ, ibid. Varietés Dramatiques; ou Recueil de Comedies & Tragedies, 160



153 ibid.,

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Letter to Philip Thickneffe, Esq.

160 Breflaw's last Legacy; or, the Magical Companion, &c. ibid. The Air Balloon; or, a Treatise on the Acrostatic Globe, ibid. Meinoirs of Ancient Chivalry,

161 Bishop Atterbury's Epistolary Correspondence, &c. Vol. III. 166 A general Dictionary of Husbandry, Planting, Gardening, &c. 172 Jerningham's Rise and Progress of the Scandinavian Poetry, 194 Lemon's English Etymology,

177, 286 Williamson's Argument for the Christian Religion, Observations on the present State of Denmark, Russia, &c. 194 Mrs. Cowley's Bold Stroke for a Husband, a Comedy, : 201 Andrew's Reparation, a Comedy,

205 Letters to Honoria and Marianne,

203 Stanhope's Genuine Memoirs of Afiaticus,

211 Letter to the Right Hon. William Pitt, upon the Nature of parliamentary Representation,

223 The true State of the Question,

ibid. Edwards's Thoughts on the late Proceedings of Government

respecting the Trade of the Weit India Islands with the · United States of North America,

224 Thoughts on the Idea of another Coalition,

225 Constitutional Truths,

ibid. Impartial Advice relative to the Receipt-Tax,

226 Some Observations on the second Edition of · The Effects to be expected from the Eat India Bill,'.

ibid. The Source of the Evil: or the System Displayed, ibid. Chartered Rights,

ibid. A short Address to the chartered Companies of England, 227 A clear and candid Exposition of the State of the several Loans - made to Mahoinct Ally Cawn, Nabob of Arcot, ibid. A Speech intended to have bcen spoken in the House of Come mons, Feb. 2,

ibid. Labilliere's Letters to the Majesty of the People,

ibid. Proceedings of a General Court of Proprietors of East India Stock, Nov. 7, 1783,

ibid. Parker's Thoughts on opening the Trade to the East Indies, 228 American and Britich Chronicle of War and Politics, ibid. Memorial concerning the Woollen Manufactory, &c. ibid. Wedgewood's Address to the Workmen in the Pottery, ibid. Account of Debates in the House of Lords,

229 Debates in the House of Commons, Detail of the Debates in the House of Commons on the East India Bill, &c.

ibid., Account of the Debates in the House of Commons, &c. ibid.' Brockwell's Practical Exposition of the Lord's Prayer, ibid. Observations on One of the Names of God in Scripture, 230 Elucidasion of the Unity of God,

231 Directions for the Student in Theology,

ibid. Dr. Priestley's Remarks on the Monthly Review of the Letters

to Dr. Horsley, The Temple of Wit, and the Temple of Folly, i . ! 232



:. ibid.

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