Personal Sketches of His Own Times, 1권


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76 페이지 - The Maker justly claims that world he made, In this the right of Providence is laid; Its sacred majesty through all depends On using second means to work his ends...
10 페이지 - RULE 5. As a blow is strictly prohibited under any circumstances among gentlemen, no verbal apology can be received for such an insult. The alternatives, therefore, are: the offender handing a cane to the injured party, to be used on his own back, at the same time begging pardon; firing on until one or both is disabled; or exchanging three shots, and then asking pardon without the proffer of the cane.
27 페이지 - His figure was ludicrous ; he was very short, and nearly as broad as long ; his legs were of unequal length, and he had a face which no washing could clean : he wanted one thumb, the absence of which gave rise to numerous expedients on his part; and he took great care to have no nails, as he regularly eat every morning the growth of the preceding day: he never wore a glove, lest he should appear to be guilty of affectation in concealing his deformity.
131 페이지 - ... gangway ; and he said that so many members used to come perpetually to whisper to him — and the buzz of importunity was so heavy and continuous, that before one claimant's words had got out of his ear, the demand of another forced its way in, till the ear-drum, being overcharged, absolutely burst ! which, he said, turned out conveniently enough, as he was then obliged to stuff the organ tight, and tell every gentleman that his physician had directed him not to use that ear at all, and the other...
175 페이지 - ... at its being made ! It proceeds from the hired traducer of his country — the excommunicated of his fellow-citizens — the regal rebel— the unpunished ruffian — the bigoted agitator ! In the city a firebrand — in the court a liar— in the streets a bully— in the field a coward ! And so obnoxious is he to the very party he wishes to espouse, that he is only supportable by doing those dirty acts the less vile refuse to execute.
168 페이지 - Harvey appeared black lumps, the features being utterly undistinguishable; that of Keogh was uppermost, but the air had made no impression on it whatever ! his comely and respect-inspiring face (except the pale hue, scarcely to be called livid) was the same as in life ; his eyes were not closed, his hair not much ruffled ; in fact, it appeared to me rather as a head of chiselled marble, with glass eyes, than as the lifeless remains of a human creature. This circumstance I never could get any medical...
185 페이지 - Half-liked, half-reprobated, he was too high to be despised, and too low to be respected. His language was coarse, and his principles arbitrary; but his passions were his slaves, and his cunning was his instrument. In public and in private he was the same character ; and, though a most fortunate man and a successful courtier, he had scarcely a sincere friend or a disinterested adherent.
134 페이지 - The wooden walls of Ireland ! " This toast being quite new to us all, he was asked for an explanation ; upon which, filling a bumper, he very gravely stood up, and bowing to the Marquess of Waterford and several country gentlemen, who commanded county regiments, he said — " My lords and gentlemen, I have the pleasure of giving you ' The wooden walls of Ireland...
131 페이지 - ... repeated the suggestion literatim. Sir Frederick was once making a long speech in the Irish Parliament, lauding the transcendent merits of the Wexford magistracy, on a motion for extending the criminal jurisdiction in that county, to keep down the disaffected. As he was closing a most turgid oration, by declaring " that the said magistracy ought to receive some signal mark of the Lord Lieutenant's favour " — John Egan, who was rather mellow, and sitting behind him, jocularly whispered, " And...
69 페이지 - O'Leary saw him, and the bear seemed sulky; the keeper, however, with a short spike fixed at the end of a pole, made him move about briskly. He marked on sand what o'clock it was, with his paw ; and distinguished the men and women in a very comical way : in fact, our priest was quite diverted. The beast at length grew tired — the keeper hit him with the pole — he stirred a little, but continued quite sullen ; his master coaxed him — no ! he would not work ! At length, the brute of a keeper...

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