The Early History of Charles James Fox

Harper & Bros., 1880 - 470페이지

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137 페이지 - because all the world in concert could not have kept him in the background, and because when once in the front he played his part with a prompt intrepidity and a commanding ease that were but the outward symptoms of the immense reserves of energy, on which it was in his power to draw.
143 페이지 - ... the general odium. The prerogative of the Crown is to exert the constitutional powers entrusted to it in a way, not of blind favour and partiality, but of wisdom and judgment. This is the spirit of our constitution. The people too have their prerogative, and I hope the fine words of Dryden will be engraven on our hearts — " Freedom is the English subject's prerogative.
76 페이지 - I've bought the best champagne from Brooks. From liberal Brooks, whose speculative skill Is hasty credit, and a distant bill. Who, nursed in clubs, disdains a vulgar trade, Exults to trust, and blushes to be paid.
86 페이지 - I have been at one opera, Mr. Wesley's. They have boys and girls with charming voices, that sing hymns, in parts, to Scotch ballad tunes; but indeed so long, that one would think they were already in eternity, and knew how much time they had before them.
156 페이지 - Animated by the favour of the people on one side, and heated by persecution on the other, his views and sentiments changed with his situation. Hardly serious at first, he is now an enthusiast. The coldest bodies warm with opposition, the hardest sparkle in collision.
267 페이지 - And listen'd for the queen of all the quire; Fain would I hear her heavenly voice to sing; And wanted yet an omen to the spring.
426 페이지 - ... such a town as Lynn, dining with above two hundred of them amid bumpers, huzzas, songs, and tobacco, and finishing with country dancing at a ball and sixpenny whisk ! I have borne it all cheerfully ; nay, have sat hours in conversation, the thing upon earth that I hate ; have been to hear misses play on the harpsichord, and to see an alderman's copies of Rubens and Carlo Marat. Yet to do the folks justice, they are sensible, and reasonable, and civilized ; their very language is polished since...
323 페이지 - So, when this loose behaviour I throw off, And pay the debt I never promised, By how much better than my word I am, By so much shall I falsify men's hopes ; And, like bright metal on a sullen ground, My reformation, glittering o'er my fault, Shall show more goodly and attract more eyes Than that which hath no foil to set it off.
84 페이지 - This brought the man to himself. When the King came up to me, he asked why I did not come to town before. I said, I understood there was no business going forward in the House in which I could be of service to His Majesty. He replied, he supposed the severe storm of snow would have brought me up. I replied : ' I was under cover of a very warm house.' You see, by all this, how unfit I am for Courts.
80 페이지 - There will be no bankruptcy without we are both ruined at the same time. — How can you think, my dear George, and I hope you do not think, that anybody, or anything, can make a tracasserie between you and me? I take it ill that you even talk of it, which you do in the letter I had by Ligonier.

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