Personal Sketches of His Own Times, 1권

Carey, Lea and Carey, 1827 - 476페이지
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246 페이지 - Three poets in three distant ages born, Greece, Italy, and England did adorn; The first in loftiness of thought surpassed, The next in majesty; in both the last. The force of Nature could no further go, To make a third she joined the former two.
151 페이지 - The glorious, pious, and immortal memory of the great and good King William : not forgetting Oliver Cromwell, who assisted in redeeming us from popery, slavery, arbitrary power, brass money, and wooden shoes.
134 페이지 - It would surely be better, Mr. Speaker," said he, " to give up not only a part, but, if necessary, even the whole, of our constitution, to preserve the remainder...
196 페이지 - A cause was argued in Chancery, wherein the plaintiff prayed that the defendant should be restrained from suing him on certain bills of exchange, as they were nothing but kites. — "Kites!" exclaimed Lord Redesdale: — " Kites, Mr. Plunkett? Kites never could amount to the value of those securities! I don't understand this statement at all, Mr. Plunkett." " It is not to be expected that you should, my Lord," answered Plunkett: " in England and in Ireland, kites are quite * An Irish vulgar idiom...
166 페이지 - ... was uppermost, but the air had made no impression on it whatever ! his comely and respect-inspiring face (except the pale hue, scarcely to be called livid) was the same as in life ; his eyes were not closed, his hair not much ruffled ; in fact, it appeared to me rather as a head of chiselled marble, with glass eyes, than as the lifeless remains of a human creature. This circumstance I never could get any medical man to give me the least explanation of. I prevailed on General Hunter, who then...
164 페이지 - My warning was not attended to, but his Majesty's government soon found I was right. They lost Wexford, and might have lost Ireland, by that culpable inattention.' " The result need scarcely be mentioned, every member of that jovial dinner party, (with the exception of myself, the barrister before alluded to, and Mr.
135 페이지 - Tyrawley for crim. con. with her ladyship. Never was there a more sensible blunder than the following. We recommend it as a motto to gentlemen in the army : " The best way," said Sir Boyle, " to avoid danger is to meet it plump.
131 페이지 - ... involuntarily repeated the suggestion literatim. Sir Frederick was once making a long speech in the Irish Parliament, lauding the transcendent merits of the Wexford magistracy, on a motion for extending the criminal jurisdiction in that county, to keep down the disaffected. As he was closing a most turgid oration, by declaring that " the said magistracy ought to receive some signal mark of the Lord-Lieutenant's favor," John Egan, who was rather mellow, and sitting behind him, jocularly whispered,...
70 페이지 - ... carousal ; and, in the morning, when my brother awakened his guests, the mortar had completely set, and their hair being the thing most calculated to amalgamate therewith, the entire of Joe's stock, together with his queue, and half his head, was thoroughly and irrecoverably...
198 페이지 - ... satisfaction. Strong measures were immediately proposed : messengers despatched in all quarters to arrest him : very few knew who he was ; when Lord Norbury, with that vivacious promptness which he always possessed, on its being observed that no such transaction had ever occurred before, exclaimed — " I found the very same incident some few days back in the cross-readings of the columns of a newspaper. ' Yesterday a petition was presented to the house of commons — it fortunately missed fire,...

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