Proceedings of the Madras Native Association on the Resolution of the Government of India on Local Self-government

Printed at the Scottish Press, 1883 - 246페이지

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9 페이지 - ... should be insisted upon would have to be carefully considered by each Government and they would at the outset be probably somewhat numerous, but as the Boards gained in experience, might be reduced in number). In the second place, the Local Government should have power to interfere either to set aside altogether the proceedings of the Board in particular cases, or, in the event of gross and continued neglect of any important duty...
181 페이지 - But as education advances, there is rapidly growing up all over the country an intelligent class of public spirited men whom it is not only bad policy, but sheer waste of power, to fail to utilise.
10 페이지 - ... there appears to be great force in the argument that so long as the chief Executive officers are as a matter of course Chairmen of the Municipal and District Committees, there is little chance of these Committees affording any effective training to their members in the management of local affairs or of the nonofficial members taking any real interest in local business. The non-official members must be led to feel that real power is placed in their hands and that they have real responsibilities...
4 페이지 - It is not, primarily, with a view to improvement in administration that this measure is put forward and supported. It is chiefly desirable as an instrument of political and popular education.
6 페이지 - The Governor-General in Council considers it very important that the area of jurisdiction allotted to each board should in no case be too large. If the plan is to succeed at all, it will be necessary to secure among the members both local interest and local knowledge. Experience proves that District Committees are, as a rule, very badly attended by members not actually residing in the vicinity of the headquarters
1 페이지 - The Provincial Governments, while being now largely endowed from Imperial sources, may well, in their turn, hand over to local self-government considerable revenues, at present kept in their own hands, but similar in kind to many which have long been "locally...
3 페이지 - It would be hopeless to expect any real development of self-Government if the local Bodies were subject to check and interference in matters of detail, and the respective powers of Government and of the various local Bodies should be clearly and distinctly defined by Statute so that there may be as little risk of friction and misunderstanding as possible within the limits to be laid down in each case. However the Governor-General in Council is anxious that the fullest possible liberty of action should...
4 페이지 - Government tell of an ever-increasing burden laid upon the shoulders of the local officers. The cry is everywhere for increased establishments. The universal complaint in all departments is that of overwork. Under these circumstances it becomes imperatively necessary to look around for some means of relief; and the...
7 페이지 - GovernorGeneral in Council does not require the adoption of the system of election in all cases, though that is the system which he hopes will ultimately prevail throughout the country, and which he wishes to establish now as widely as local circumstances will permit Election in some form or other should be generally introduced in towns of any considerable size, but may be extended more cautiously and gradually to the smaller Municipalities and to backward rural tracts.
8 페이지 - New methods, unthought of in Europe, may be found suitable to India; and after a time it will probably be possible to say what forms suit best the local peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of the different populations.

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