Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute, 32권

New Zealand Institute., 1900
The proceedings or notices of the member institutes of the society form part of the section "Proceedings" in each volume; lists of members are included in v. 1-41, 43-60, 64-

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371 페이지 - That low man seeks a little thing to do, Sees it and does it : This high man, with a great thing to pursue, Dies ere he knows it.
369 페이지 - And, keeping the figure a little longer, even at cost of tiresomeness, for it is a thoroughly useful one, the metal you are in search of being the author's mind or meaning, his words are as the rock which you have to crush and smelt in order to get at it. And your pickaxes are your own care, wit, and learning ; your smelting-furnace is your own thoughtful soul.
368 페이지 - In spite of your intelligence and sympathy, I can have but little doubt but that my writing has been, in the main, too hard for many I should have been pleased to communicate with; but I never designedly tried to puzzle people, as some of my critics have supposed. On the other hand, I never pretended to offer such literature as should be a substitute for a cigar, or a game of dominoes, to an idle man. So perhaps, on the whole, I get my deserts and something over, — not a crowd, but a few I value...
206 페이지 - The steep which we had descended was formed of volcanic matter, apparently a light red and gray kind of lava, vesicular, and lying in horizontal strata, varying in thickness from one to forty feet. In a small number of places the different strata of lava were also rent in perpendicular or oblique directions, from the top to the bottom, either by earthquakes, or other violent convulsions of the ground connected with the action of the adjacent volcano.
221 페이지 - Rosskeen, in which some friends in the Parish of Alness were so much interested that they wished me to prepare a similar paper on their Parish, which I have done, and now take the liberty of reading. I hope those friends and others will find a few things in it which will...
206 페이지 - The surface of this plain was uneven, and strewed over with large stones and volcanic rocks, and in the centre of it was the great crater, at the distance of a mile and a half from the precipice on which we were standing.
211 페이지 - W., where he sighted the great ice barrier which forms the seaward boundary of Antarctica. Speaking of this discovery, Sir James Clark Ross says : " I confidently believe that the enormous mass of ice which bounded his view when at his extreme south latitude was a range of mountainous land covered with snow.
386 페이지 - ... who in 1648 sailed from a harbour in Siberia, in the Polar Ocean, into the Sea of Kamchatka. But his voyage was long regarded by Europeans as a fable, until Behring's (qv) expedition in 1728. The strait was explored and accurately described by Cook in 1778. The narrowest part is near 66°...
206 페이지 - The bottom was covered with lava, and the south-west and northern parts of it were one vast flood of burning matter, in a state of terrific ebullition, rolling to and fro its " fiery surge
213 페이지 - I am aware that the figures are far too small to allow of any generalisation from them, but at the same time, it is to be remembered that the...

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