An Easy Introduction to the Arts and Sciences:: Being a Short, But Comprehensive System of Useful and Polite Learning, Divided Into Lessons. Illustrated with Cuts, and Adapted to the Use of Schools and Academies

S. Crowder, Pater-noster-Row., 1792 - 248페이지

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46 페이지 - As may with sweetness, through mine ear, Dissolve me into ecstasies, And bring all Heaven before mine eyes. And may at last my weary age Find out the peaceful hermitage, The hairy gown and mossy cell, Where I may sit and rightly spell Of every star that heaven doth shew, And every herb that sips the dew, Till old experience do attain To something like prophetic strain.
137 페이지 - The great blue heron (Ardea herodias) is about four feet in length from the point of the bill to the end of the tail, and nearly six feet across the wings.
238 페이지 - Franklin, astonishing as it must have appeared, contrived actually to bring lightning from the heavens, by means of an electrical kite, which he raised when a storm of thunder was perceived to be coming on. This kite had a pointed wire fixed upon it, by which it drew the lightning from the clouds. This lightning...
239 페이지 - ... so that it would stream out plentifully from the key, at the approach of a person's finger. At this key he charged phials, and from electric fire thus obtained, he kindled spirits, and performed all other electrical experiments which are usually exhibited by an excited globe or tube.
112 페이지 - The soft murmurs of the waters are the sighs of the Naiads. A god impels the winds. A god pours out the rivers. Grapes are the gift of Bacchus. Ceres presides over the harvest. Orchards are the care of Pomona. Does a shepherd sound his reed on the summit of a mountain, it is Pan who with his...
215 페이지 - If a little water be poured into the tube upon the lead, it will increafe the weight upon the column of water under the lead, and caufe the lead to fall from the tube to the bottom of the glafs veflel, where it will lie in the fituation b d.
66 페이지 - Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November ; February twenty-eight alone, All the rest have thirty-one ; Except in Leap year, then is the time, When February has twenty-nine.
215 페이지 - AB, to the depth of fix inches below the furface of the water at K : and then the leaden bottom EFG will be plunged to the depth of fomewhat more than eleven times its own thicknefs : holding the tube at that depth, you may let go the thread at L, and the lead will not fall from the tube, but...
11 페이지 - ... will afcend towards the upper part of the atmofphere, and the adjacent air will rufh in to fupply its place ; and therefore, there will be a ftream or current of air from all parts towards the place where the heat is. And hence we fee the reafon why the air rufhes with fuch force into a glafs-houfe, or towards any place where a great fire is made.
112 페이지 - ... of men and gods : under his feet roll the thunders formed by the Cyclops in the cavern of Lemnos : his smile rejoices nature, and his nod shakes the foundation of Olympus.

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