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4 페이지 - Secretary shall require a bond in each case, for double the value of the property, for the care and safe-keeping thereof and for the return of the same when required.
3 페이지 - Navy to educational institutions, be amended so as to provide that retired officers, when so detailed, shall receive the full pay and allowances of their rank, except that the limitations on the pay of officers of the Army above the grade of major as provided in the acts of March second, nineteen hundred and flve, and June twelfth, nineteen hundred and six, shall remain in force.
2 페이지 - ... thereof, and for the return of the same when required; Provided, That nothing in this act shall be so construed as to prevent the detail of officers of the Engineer Corps of the Navy as professors in scientific schools or colleges as now provided by act of Congress approved February twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, entitled "An act to promote a knowledge of steam engineering and Iron shipbuilding among the students of scientific schools or colleges in the United States...
1 페이지 - Institutions applying for such detail that are required to provide instruction in military tactics under the provisions of the act of Congress of July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, donating lands for the establishment of colleges where the leading object shall be the practical instruction of the industrial classes in agriculture and the mechanic arts...
10 페이지 - All rules and orders relating to the organization and government of the military students, the appointment, promotion, and change of officers, and all other orders affecting the military department, except those relating to routine duty, will be made and promulgated by the professor of military science and tactics after being approved by the chief administrative officer of the institution.
22 페이지 - States district attorney, a United States commissioner, or a judge or clerk of a State court of record, with the seal of said court attached, that the...
18 페이지 - It will fully insure against loss by fire, take good care of, and safely keep and account for the same, and will, when required by the Secretary of War. duly return the same, within 30 days. In good order to the Chief of Ordnance, United States Army, or such other officer or person as the Secretary of War may designate to receive them.
2 페이지 - An act to promote a knowledge of steam engineering and Iron shipbuilding among the students of scientific schools or colleges in the United States"; and the Secretary of War is hereby authorized to issue ordnance and ordnance stores belonging to the Government on the terms and conditions hereinbefore provided to any college or university at which a retired officer of the Army may be assigned as provided by section twelve hundred and sixty of the Revised Statutes.
1 페이지 - The president may, upon the application of any established military institute, seminary or academy, college, or university, within the United States having capacity to educate at the same time not less than one hundred and fifty male students, detail an officer of the army or navy to act as superintendent or professor thereof...
15 페이지 - That for the purpose of securing a list of persons specially qualified to hold commissions in any volunteer force which may hereafter be called for and organized under the authority of Congress, other than a force composed of organized militia...

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