The Imperial Gazetteer of India, 9권

Trübner & Company, 1886

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144 페이지 - Having completed the exterior, they set to work to excavate the interior, so as to make it resemble a structural building of the same class, leaving only such pillars and supports as were sufficient to support a wooden roof of the ordinary construction. In this instance, it was a mass of solid granite which, had the excavation been completed, would certainly have crushed the lower storey to powder. As it was, the builders seem to have taken the hint of the crack, and stopped the further progress...
51 페이지 - Possession for fifty years was decided to give a good title. In the case of personal grants, the holder was offered the alternative of retaining the land subject to the liability of lapse, and without the power of alienation ; or of enfranchising it by the payment of a moderate quit-rent or a lump sum. Service tenures, where the service was still performed, and religious endowments, were continued on the existing terms ; where the services were no longer required, the holders were granted the same...
417 페이지 - Songs, called raiwdi, on pastoral and agricultural subjects, are common. The dialect is harsh and unpolished, so that no difference can be made when addressing a male or female, or with respect to social distinctions. They are given to the use of intoxicating drink, are very superstitious, and have great faith in omens.
21 페이지 - Mappilas are a hardworking, frugal people, but uneducated and very fanatical ; and, under the influence of religious excitement, they have often been a source of danger to the public peace. Further particulars of this sect will be found in the article on MALABAR DISTRICT. The Shaikhs and the Sayyids represent the Musalman element from the north, together with descendants of converts made during the period of Muhammadan supremacy. Pathdns, numbering 15,401, and Mughals 1229, are also descended from...
382 페이지 - Mardtha rule, until the fall of DELHI in 1803, when all the country between the Jumna and the Ganges was ceded by Sindhia to the British. The Begam, who had up till that time given active assistance to Sindhia, thereupon made submission to the new Government, to which she remained constantly faithful till her death in 1836. The...
17 페이지 - Uriyd is the native tongue in the extreme north of Ganjam, bordering on Orissa ; and various subdialects of Dravidian origin (eg Toda, Kota, Kodagu) are used by the hill tribes of the Eastern Ghdts, of whom the Kandhs may be taken as the type. In all, 28,853,224 out of the whole population of 31,170,631 (or 92-56 per cent.) are Dravidians as to language.1 Castes. — According to the classification of the Census Report, the...
225 페이지 - ... present features not without anxiety for the future. The marriage customs of the Nairs are in many respects peculiar. For a long time it has been supposed that polyandry was a national practice among them ; but a recent writer on Malabar law and custom asserts that although the issue of a Nair (Ndyar) marriage are still children of their mother rather than of their father, polyandry is almost extinct, and marriage may be defined as a contract based on mutual consent and dissoluble at will.
520 페이지 - In this kingdom also are made the best and most delicate buckrams, and those of highest price ; in sooth they look like tissue of spider's web ! There is no King nor Queen in the world but might be glad to wear them.
512 페이지 - ... of native female apparel are the chief manufactures. The chief of Mudhol State belongs to the Bhonsld family, of Kshattriya origin, descended, according to tradition, from a common ancestor with Sivaji the Great. This name, however, has been entirely superseded by the second designation of Ghorpade, which is said to have been acquired by one of the family who managed to scale a fort previously deemed impregnable, by fastening a cord around the body of a ghorpad or iguana.
49 페이지 - The entire series of circumstances affecting the production of every village come up for consideration. Questions of meteorology, geology, and sometimes chemistry, have to be determined. Agricultural experiments have to be conducted ; the local records of plenty and famine have to be searched ; and the probabilities of improved means of communication have to be reckoned. Finally, a table is framed showing the yield of each class of soil, and this yield is commuted into money by an average struck...

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