Proceedings of the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club, 1-2권

Gloucester., 1853

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47 페이지 - ... coloured rocks, may be termed natural ; the second, of stained or coloured terra cottas and glass, being artificial. The natural tesserae furnish but few colours, and those of a sober cast, hence these will be found forming shadings to figures entering largely into the composition of borders, or filling up the groundworks of the designs. They consist of portions of natural rocks from various localities, those belonging to the district where the pavement is found, as far as I have observed, always...
128 페이지 - The measurements given indicate a specimen smaller than several of the American examples, and but little, if any, larger than our no. 5, from Logic Bay. In the August number of the ' Annals and Magazine of Natural History,
268 페이지 - Monograph of the Mollusca of the Great Oolite, chiefly from Minchinhampton and the coast of Yorkshire...
168 페이지 - ... of the plates, and from four to six tubercles between these rows at the base and angle of the test. The interambulacral arese are slightly convex, and taper very uniformly from the base to the summit. The lower half of the areae is occupied by eight rows of primary tubercles, four in each column ; at the base and for a short distance up the sides of the test, these tubercles are of a uniform size, but beyond this two rows only maintain their development, and numbering twenty-four pairs of primary...
ix 페이지 - ... Aristotle without danger of falling into idolatry : his antagonists could have erected a system of verbal disputes upon the Principia of Newton, if they had possessed it. After his return to Oxford, with a doctor's degree granted at Paris, which was immediately also confirmed by the- former university, he took the vows of a Franciscan in a convent possessed by that order at Oxford, on the persuasion, it is said, of Robert Greathead or Grostete, bishop of Lincoln, of whom we shall presently speak....
129 페이지 - Every species has come into existence coincident both in space and time with a pre-existing closely allied species.
48 페이지 - No. 1 in the fire for a few minutes, it gradually assumed the colour of the gray tesserse, the change no doubt being due to some alteration in the chemical conditions of the iron with which the stone is slightly charged. 4. The dark colour of the lias entered largely into the composition of these pavements, as much of the outline of the design and the darker bands of the border ornaments are composed of this stone, which, judging from an Ammonite found in one of the tesserae, was obtained from some...
284 페이지 - ... ur a duzn at a time, 1 de quite onexpectedly a piches into um un massycrees 2 on um un ater that wenever a seed a likely chance heed fly at um jest like any uther reglar bred tarrier un a yused ta kip up them ther geems up ta tha de uv is deth wich took pleece soon ater a wus seesed for my rent wich somehow or nother unfornutly got into rare.
133 페이지 - A series of these shells, including 1UO species, is supplied for a small subscription. runs out of the cliff nearly half a mile westward of High Cliff Castle. It contains the bones and jaws of fishes, with many broken shells. It attains a thickness of about 30 feet. The fossils are nearly all in a fragmentary state. This green clay forms the lowest bed of Barton Cliff.
115 페이지 - Most people are aware that various inventions for "composing," or setting np type by a machine, have from time to time been brought under the notice of the heads of printingoffices.

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