The Mining Advance Into the Inland Empire: A Comparative Study of the Beginnings of the Mining Industry in Idaho and Montana, Eastern Washington and Oregon, and the Southern Interior of British Columbia; and of Institutions and Laws Based Upon that Industry

University of Wisconsin, 1914 - 254페이지
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20 페이지 - No emigrants or other whites, except the Hudson's Bay Company, or persons having ceded rights from the Indians, will be permitted to settle or remain in the Indian country, or on land not ceded by treaty, confirmed by the Senate, and approved by the President of the United States.
204 페이지 - This is to certify that of has paid me this day the sum of and is entitled to all the rights and privileges...
189 페이지 - Canada; and thereupon it shall be lawful for the Parliament of Canada from the Date aforesaid to make, ordain and establish within the Land and Territory so admitted as aforesaid all such Laws, Institutions and Ordinances and to constitute such Courts and Officers as may be necessary for the Peace, Order and good Government of Her Majesty's Subjects and others therein...
222 페이지 - That the legislative power of the territory shall extend to all rightful subjects of legislation consistent with the constitution of the United States and the provisions of this act ; but no law shall be passed interfering with the primary disposal of the soil ; no tax shall be imposed upon the property of the United States; nor shall the lands or other property of non-residents be taxed higher than the lands or other property of residents.
206 페이지 - Every owner of a ditch or water privilege shall be bound to take all reasonable means for utilizing the water granted to and taken by him. And if any such owner shall wilfully take and waste any unreasonable quantity of water, he shall be charged with the full rent as if he had sold the same at a full price. And it shall be lawful for the Gold Commissioner, if such offence be persisted in, to declare all rights to the water forfeited.
235 페이지 - That George Ives be forthwith hanged' by the neck until he is dead.
186 페이지 - Whereas by Law all Mines of Gold, and all Gold in its natural place of deposit within the Territory of New South Wales, whether on the Lands of the Queen or of any of Her Majesty's subjects, belong to the Crown...
189 페이지 - Legislature to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of British Columbia, such Legislature to consist of the Governor and a Council, or Council and Assembly, to be composed of such and so many persons, and to be appointed or elected in such manner and for such periods, and subject to such regulations, as to her Majesty may seem expedient.
241 페이지 - I am content to let the vigilantes go on for the present ; they can attend to this branch of jurisprudence cheaper, quicker and better than it can he done by the courts — besides we have no secure jails in •which to confine criminals.
239 페이지 - Laws" company and whenever any criminal act shall come to their knowledge to inform his Captain or Lieutenant of the same, when the officers so informed shall call together the members of his Company, (unless the Company has chosen a committee for such purpose) when they shall proceed to investigate the case, and elicit the facts and should the said company conclude that the person charged with any offense should be punished by the committee, the Captain or Lieutenant will first take steps to arrest...

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