An Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean

C. Ewer, 1820 - 461페이지

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389 페이지 - Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard. 28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you : I am the LORD.
363 페이지 - It must not, however, be supposed, that these women are always easily won ; the greatest attentions and most fervent solicitations are sometimes requisite, even though there be no other lover in the way. This happens sometimes from a spirit of coquetry, at other times from a dislike to the party, &c. It is thought shameful for a woman frequently to change her lover. Great presents are by no means certain methods of gaining her favours, and consequently they are more frequently made afterwards than...
330 페이지 - Bolotoo is supposed to be so far off as to render it dangerous for their canoes to attempt going there ; and it is supposed moreover that even if they were to succeed in reaching so far, unless it happened to be the particular will of the gods, they would be sure to miss it.
374 페이지 - ... with his arms considerably extended, he brings his right hand towards his breast, moving it gradually onwards ; and whilst his left hand is coming round towards his right shoulder, his right hand partially twisting the...
96 페이지 - ... which Finow snatched the paper from his hand, and with astonishment, looked at it, turned it round and examined it in all directions; at length he exclaimed, "This is neither like myself nor anybody else ; where are my eyes ? where is my head ? where are my legs? How can you possibly know it to be I ?" and then without stopping for any attempt at an explanation, he impatiently ordered Mr.
375 페이지 - Sometimes the fibres of the fow are heard to crack with the increasing tension, yet the mass is seen whole and entire, becoming more thin as it becomes more twisted, while the infusion drains from it in a regularly decreasing quantity, till at length it denies a single drop.
435 페이지 - All this while, the women accompanied their song with several very graceful motions of their hands toward their faces, and in other directions at the same time, making constantly a step forward, and then back again, with one foot, while the other was fixed. They then turned their faces to the assembly, sung some time, and retreated slowly in a body, to that part of the circle which was opposite the hut where the principal spectators sat. After this, one of them advanced from each side, meeting and...
437 페이지 - ... some particular parts ; and even a stranger, who never saw the diversion before, felt similar satisfaction, at the same instant. For though, through the whole, the most strict concert was observed, some of the gestures were so expressive, that it might be said they spoke the language that accompanied them, if we allow that there is any connection between motion and sound.
96 페이지 - I ?" and then, without stopping for any attempt at an explanation, he impatiently ordered Mr. Mariner to write something else, and thus employed him for three or four hours in putting down the names of different persons, places, and things, and making the other man read them. This afforded extraordinary diversion to Finow, and to all the men and women present, particularly as he now and then whispered a little love anecdote, which was strictly written down, and audibly read by the other, not a little...
168 페이지 - Certainly money is much handier, and more convenient, but then, as it will not spoil by being kept, people will store it up, instead of sharing it out, as a chief ought to do...

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