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MR. SUMMERS: And subsequently THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE repudiated.

COUNCIL (Sir WILLIAM HART DYKE, BARON H. DE WORMS: There is no Kent, Dartford) : I understand that evidence of that.

Messrs. Cassell have made such an offer

as the hon. Member describes, and I PUZZLE COMPETITIONS.

am not aware of any reason why MR. SEYMOUR KEAY (Elgin and managers of schools should not avail Nairn) : I beg to ask the Secretary of themselves of it for the formation of a State for the Home Department whether lending library, and charge the cost to his attention has been called to adver- the school fund. tisements in Comic Cuts and other papers, stating that £200 will be given MESSRS. RANSOME AND THE away in cash prizes to those sending ADMIRALTY CONTRACT. most correct solutions to certain puzzles, MR. WHITMORE (Chelsea): I beg and inviting competitors to send solu- to ask the First Lord of the Admiralty tions together with 13 stamps; whether whether he can now state whether information has reached him that, Messrs. Ransome, of Battersea, who owing to the extreme ease of guessing are carrying out, under a sub-contract these puzzles, vast numbers of persons, with Messrs. Thornycroft, of Chiswick, chiefly youths and children, are induced a portion of an Admiralty contract, are to send postal orders, receiving in paying their workmen less than the return either nothing at all or merely trade rate of wages in contravention of nominal sums; and whether he will the Resolution of this House of 13th take steps to determine whether the February, 1891 ? law is being infringed by the operations THE FIRST LORD OF THE ADMIin question ?

RALTY (Lord G. HAMILTON, MidMR. MATTHEWS: No, Sir; I have dlesex, Ealing) : From the inquiries I not seen the advertisements referred to; have made I am satisfied that Messrs. but I have called the attention of the Ransome have fully complied with the Treasury Solicitor to the allegations terms of the Resolution in question. made in the question.


I beg to ask the Postmaster General MR. H. GARDNER (Essex, Saffron whether, when a Bank Holiday falls Walden): I beg to ask the Vice Presi- during a telegraphist's annual leave, dent of the Committee of Council on the usual practice is as follows: “ If Education whether his attention has the day on which an officer should in been called to an offer made by Messrs. ordinary course begin his annual leave Cassell, publishers, to supply their happens to be a public holiday in the “ National Library” of 200 volumes at department, the officer's leave is half price (£1 7s.), provided the library reckoned to begin on the following day; is vested in responsible persons, and if the day on which an officer's annual

he place one in which no bookseller leave expires happens to be a public resides ; and whether, in view of the holiday in the Department, the officer great advantage the possession of a is not required to resume duty till the lending library would be to the inhabi- day after the public holiday;" whether tants of villages where no such provi- this course is adopted at all Provincial sion now exists, and seeing that such a and London district offices, but not at proposal is in accordance with para- the Central Telegraph Office; and graph 52 of the Revised Instructions to whether he will recommend that the Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, same privilege be extended to the lately issued by the Education Depart- clerks of the Central Telegraph Office, ment, he will authorise and recommend who at the present time have not par. school managers in rural districts where ticipated in this extension of leave ?

library exists to include in the SIR J. FERGUSSON: The rule is school accounts a moderate sum suffi- as stated in the question. The Concient for the purchase of Messrs. troller of the Central Telegraph Office Cassell's or some similar library? was so informed on the 1st December

last, and the rule will be in operation can state why the Magistrates, after during the current and future years. such evidence and memorial, renewed


MR. MATTHEWS: In regard to the SCHOOLS.

renewal of the licence of a public house MR. S. SMITH: I beg to ask the known as the “ Norfolk Arms,” ShoreVice President of the Committee of ditch, I am informed by the Magis. Council on Education, with reference trates' clerk that a general statement to evening schools and the New Code, was made before the Bench that this whether, having regard to the fact that house was “frequented by thieves," the articles of the Code which relate to but that the evidence failed to establish evening schools are scattered under that statement. The Magistrates do various headings, making it difficult to not consider that the fact that licensed ascertain precisely the conditions houses, more or less numerous, exist in requisite for obtaining a Government the neighbourhood is to be treated by grant, and the further fact that many itself, and in the absence of other School Boards and other educational reasons, as a reason for taking away authorities in small towns and rural the licence of any particular house. districts are unaware of their powers The Magistrates are unable to say and responsibilities in respect to such whether the memorial referred to was schools, and of the facilities provided' signed by a majority of the inhabitants, in the Code, he will issue, in connec- but point out that under the Licensing tion with the Code, 1892, a special Act the only evidence they can receive statement or summary of those clauses in opposition to the renewal of a licence which relate to evening schools, show must be on oath. ing the exact conditions under which a Government grant may be obtained,

TURKEY AND ARMENIA. together with a table setting forth MR. F. S. STEVENSON (Suffolk, the subjects that may be taught, and Eye): I beg to ask the Under Secrethe grants that may be earned, in tary of State for Foreign Affairs evening schools ?

whether the Turkish Commander of SIR W. HART DYKE: I am aware the 4th Army Corps, whose headof the advantages to be derived from quarters are at Erzeroum, has been the course suggested, and the Depart- compelling the Armenians to supply ment have for some time had in the horses necessary for the formation contemplation the issue of a separate of the Kurdish Cavalry regiment, that Code for evening schools, but the the owners have received no compensadetails of the scheme are not yet tion for the confiscated animals, and complete.

that acts of cruelty have been perpe.

trated at Kortanlan, Hogthean, and LICENCES AT SHOREDITCH.

other places on those persons who reMR. J. STUART (Shoreditch, Hox- fuse to give up their property, whether ton) : I beg to ask the Secretary of any protest has been made by the State for the Home Department British Consul in Armenia; whether whether he is aware that the Licensing the acts enumerated are in contravenMagistrates of the Tower Hamlets tion of Article 61 of the Berlin Treaty; Division, on Monday, 14th March, re. and when the promised Papers relating newed the licence of a public house to Armenia will be published ? known as the “Norfolk Arms,” in MR. J. W. LOWTHER: No inforBateman's Row, Shoreditch, after mation in support of the allegations sworn evidence had been given that contained in the first paragraph has the house was the habitual resort of been received. Her Majesty's Vice thieves, and that there were already 24 Consul at Van has reported that the other public houses or beershops Kurds have come forward with great within a radius of 200 yards, and after readiness to enlist, that their horses a majority of the inhabitants of the have been branded, and that although immediate neighbourhood had presented it was alleged that they had borrowed a memorial praying the Magistrates not and stolen the horses of others he was to renew the licence; and whether he not able to confirm the report. There

Sir J. Fergusson

has, consequently, been no ground for *MR. JACKSON: The answer to that representations on the part of Her is very simple. Two different departMajesty's Embassy. The acts alleged ments have to supply the information. in the first paragraph might be con. I have got it from one and not from the sidered to be in contravention of

other. Article 61 of the Treaty of Berlin. Papers will be distributed this week.


MR. JOHNSTON (Belfast, S.): I beg DISTRESS AT INNISBOFFIN. MR. FOLEY (Galway, Connemara) :

to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if he is able to state the number of superintenaware that great distress prevails at dents of the Dublin Metropolitan Police, present in the Island of Innisboffin, that how many of them are Protestants, and 20 or 30 families there are in actual how many Roman Catholics; whether want; and if, in view of this lamentable condition of affairs, he will urge Catholics, and afterwards have been

any Protestants have become Roman the Congested Districts Board to undertake the completion of the pier in the promoted; whether a Protestant Ineast end of the Island which was begun spector who, while on leave of absence, last year?

attended a meeting in London, was called upon

to account for this; * MR. JACKSON : I have not yet been whether members of the Force are perable to get the information to enable mitted to become members of the me to reply to this question, and there- Gaelic Athletic Association, wearing its fore must ask the hon. Member to uniform, and acting as stewards; and repeat the question.

if he will say what is the number of the

Dublin Metropolitan Police, and how THE POOR RATE COLLECTOR AT many of them are Protestants ? INNISBOFFIN.

*MR. JACKSON : The Commissioner MR. FOLEY: I beg to ask the Chief of Police reports there are seven superSecretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that the intendents in the Dublin Metro

all local police sergeant acts as the Poor politan Police, and they Rate collector in the Island of Innis- Roman Catholics. There is no record boffin, and that, in some instances or trace of an occurrence of the nature where the process of the law was mentioned in the second paragraph. invoked in this island to recover Poor The Inspector referred to in the third Rates, warrants have been issued against persons who hold clear receipts paragraph had spoken at a public meetfor the rates now demanded ; and ing and was publicly reported. It was whether a constable is authorised to have brought himself thus prominently

pointed out to him that he should not perform the duties of rate collector?

before the public without previously *MR. JACKSON : The Constabulary obtaining the views of his superiors. Authorities report that it is not the case The reply to the inquiry in the fourth that the local police sergeant has been paragraph is in the negative. The Comengaged as a collector of Poor Rates in missioner adds that the question of Innisboffin, nor do the Constabulary religion does not form any factor in the act as Poor Rate collectors. But

promotions in the Force. I would venwarrants were addressed to the sergeant ture to deprecate these questions as by the Magistrate of Petty Sessions for regards the religion of men in the the recovery of rates, and two of these Public Service as being not conducive warrants were not executed because

to public interests. the defendants produced receipts for the money paid.

MR. JOHNSTON: May I be perMR. CRILLY (Mayo, N.): I would mitted to say I merely asked this like to ask the right hon. Gentleman question to show that the Protestants as he cannot answer the preceding in Ireland are not getting everything question when he can answer this one their own way.

the Society named for a great number ILLEGITIMACY IN SCOTLAND.

of years to deposit in the Post Office MR. CUNINGHAME GRAHAM Savings Bank" the funds of all their (Lanark, N.W.): I beg to ask the branches, and that by some 70 to 80 Lord Advocate whether he is aware branches the funds are so deposited at that 8 per cent. of the children this time without any question; whether born in Scotland are illegitimate; he can inform the House upon what whether he is aware that the present grounds an exception is made as regards law inflicts serious hardships on illegi- this particular branch; and whether timate children in all classes of society; it is the intention of the National Debt and whether he will consider in what Commissioners to withdraw the priviway the law may be amended, so as to lege so long enjoyed by the Trade Unions remove the legal disabilities of children of the United Kingdom of depositing born out of wedlock, and to bring home their funds in the Post Office Savings to parents as fully as may be the Banks, or of so limiting the amount as responsibilities of parentage ?

to render the privilege of but little *THE LORD ADVOCATE (Sir C. J. benefit to such societies ? PEARSON, Edinburgh and St. Andrews THE CHANCELLOR OF THE EXUniversities): I have no reason to CHEQUER(Mr.GOSCHEN, St. George's, doubt the accuracy of the statement Hanover Square) : I would ask the hon. made in the first part of the question. Member to postpone this question until Without expressing any opinion on the to-morrow. assertion that the present law inflicts hardship on illegitimate children, I IRISH NATIONAL GALLERY. shall be glad to consider any practical SIR T. ESMONDE: I beg to ask suggestions the hon. Member may the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieumake for its amendment.

tenant of Ireland whether Mr. ArmMR. CUNINGHAME GRAHAM: strong, of the Fine Arts Club, has been I would ask the Lord Advocate whether appointed to the directorship of the he will be good enough to inquire into Irish National Gallery in succession to the law as bearing upon illegitimate the late Mr. Doyle; and whether no children in reference to their parents Irishman could be found equally comclaiming damages from

from employers petent for the position ? where the children have been injured ? *MR. JACKSON: The Board of GoSeveral cases of this kind have occurred vernors of the National Gallery have in the mining districts.

reported the election of Mr. Armstrong *SIR C. J. PEARSON: I am not as Director. The appointment is not aware of any such cases as the hon. under the control of the Government, Member refers to, but if he will give nor am I aware of whether there were me details I will make inquiry into other candidates ; but I have no doubt the matter.

the Governors, in making the appoint

ment, endeavoured to secure the services POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK. of the gentleman who, in their opinion, MR. HOWELL (Bethnal Green, would be best qualified to fill the N.E.): I beg to ask the Chancellor of office. the Exchequer whether he is aware that an application, made by a branch EMIGRATION FROM THE HIGHLANDS of the Steam Engine Makers' Society,

OF SCOTLAND. at New Brompton, to deposit the funds MR. A. SUTHERLAND (Sutherof the branch in the Post Office Savings land): I beg to ask the Chancellor of Bank, was met by the reply, on the the Exchequer whether he has had part of the Commissioners for the any further communication from the Reduction of the National Debt, that Government of British Columbia relathe branch could not deposit its funds tive to the proposed scheme of emigrawithout limit, on the grounds "that, in tion to that country from the Hightheir opinion, your Society does not lands Scotland; whether the come within the class of cases contem- Government of British Columbia has plated by the Statute", whether he is accepted the offer of £150,000 for that aware that it has been the practice of purpose made by

by Her Majesty's

Government; whether he will lay the any action of the kind occurred the Correspondence referr

particulars will be communicated by ject upon the Table of the House; and the Commander-in-Chief in due course. whether Her Majesty's Government DR. CAMERON: May I ask the will advance a like or any sum for the right hon. Gentleman whether he purpose of settling the people of the means to say that the statement made Highlands in the unpeopled parts of in the Times is unfounded ? their native land?

LORD G. HAMILTON: I do not go MR. GOSCHEN: I have not re- so far as that. As communication is ceived any further communication from slow with the station referred to, it the Government of British Columbia may be the case that something has with reference to the proposed emigra- occurred of which we have not received tion scheme from the Highlands of full information. Scotland. The offer of a loan of

DR. CAMERON: I beg to give £150,000 made by Her Majesty's notice that I will repeat this question. Government has not yet been accepted by the Government of British Columbia,

LOUISBURG PIER. but the hon. Member has probably

DR. TANNER: I beg to ask the seen telegrams in the public Press Secretary to the Treasury whether any, stating that the Legislature of that and, if so, what, steps will be taken colony has the matter under considera- to make Louisburg Pier, County Mayo, tion. It will be desirable to wait for of some practical use to the inhabitants the conclusion of the negotiations of the locality ? before laying the Correspondence on the

*THE SECRETARY TO THE TREATable of the House. With regard to SURY (Sir J. Gorst, Chatham) : I the last paragraph of the hon. Mem- am informed that this pier is vested in ber's question, I am not aware that the county, and it is, therefore, not for any practical proposal has been made the Treasury to take action. in the direction which he indicates.


DR. TANNER: I beg to ask the DR. CAMERON (Glasgow, College):

Financial Secretary to the War Office I beg to ask the First Lord of the whether the gunpowder barrels used at Admiralty whether his attention has Ballincollig (County Cork) Powder been called to a telegram, dated New Mills are all imported from English York, 30th October, 1891, and pub Government factories ; and whether he lished in the Times of the following is aware that such importation has day, in which it is stated that

thrown out of work a large number of " Her Majesty's cruiser Royalist has been further ask the right hon. Gentleman

the Ballincollig coopers? And I would cruising among the Solomon Islands and inflicting punishment on the natives for out- if he is aware that this question intirages committed on British subjects there. mately affects ten families, including

Chief Tono refused to give up the 108 persons ? criminals, and accordingly Captain Davis, commanding the Royalist, landed with a party

MR. BRODRICK : Powder barrels of 25 bluejackets and attacked Tono's village, have up to this time been issued which was set fire to and destroyed ; Tono was from Government stores to the killed ";

Ballincollig Mills, as in the case and whether the Admiralty have now of all contract powder received received any information on the sub- from mills in England and Scotject ; and, if so, whether he will cause land. No change has been made inquiry to be made as to the alleged which could cause the throwing out of cruise among the Solomon Islands and work of coopers at Ballincollig. I may the operations there?

perhaps add that, judging from certain LORD G. HAMILTON: I understand samples which have been forwarded that the Royalist was at the Solomon from Ballincollig, there will be no Islands about the beginning of August objection to give the Company an last, but the Admiralty have received opportunity, if they obtain further conno report of her having inflicted any tracts for powder, to quote a price for punishment on natives for outrages. If barrels as well.


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