Wolsey, the Cardinal and His Times; Courtly, Political and Ecclesiastical

Sherwood, 1824 - 590페이지

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8 페이지 - He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one ; Exceeding wise, fair spoken, and persuading: Lofty, and sour, to them that loved him not ; But, to those men that sought him, sweet as summer. And though he were unsatisfied in getting (Which was a sin), yet in bestowing, madam, He was most princely...
574 페이지 - Had I but served God as diligently as I have served the king, He would not have given me over in my grey hairs. But this is the just reward that I must receive for my indulgent pains and study, not regarding my service to God, but only to my prince.
573 페이지 - He is a prince of a most royal carriage, and hath a princely heart; and rather than he will miss or want any part of his will, he will endanger the one half of his kingdom.
281 페이지 - And for my part, as I take God to record, I am more joyous thereof, than if it had fortuned upon my person, knowing his excellent qualitys, most meet for the same ; and how great and sure a friend your grace and the emperor be like to have of him, and I so good a father...
266 페이지 - Would to God you had been at Rome, Master More, when I made you Speaker!
435 페이지 - Which was the strangest and newest sight and device that ever was read or heard in any history or chronicle in any region ; that a king and a queen [should] be convented and constrained by process compellatory to appear in any court as common persons, within their own realm or dominion, to abide the judgment and decrees of their own subjects, having the royal diadem and prerogative thereof.
574 페이지 - And say furthermore, that I request his Grace, in God's name, that he have a vigilant eye to depress this new pernicious sect of Lutherans, that it do not increase within his dominions through his negligence, in such a sort, as that he shall be fain at length to put harness upon his back to subdue them...
581 페이지 - Three may keep counsel, if two be away; and if I thought that my cap knew my counsel, I would cast it into the fire and burn it.
442 페이지 - I am an old man, both sick and impotent, looking daily for death. What should it then avail me to put my soul in the danger of God's displeasure, to my utter damnation, for the favour of any prince or high estate in this world? My...
573 페이지 - I do assure you, that I have often kneeled before him, sometimes three hours together, to persuade him from his will and appetite; but could not prevail...

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