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APRIL 1855_MARCH 1856




Address to Parents of the Working Classes on Earthly and Heavenly Parent, The, 39.
the Importance of their children, 6.

Encouragement to Christian Parents, 232.
Anecdote of Rowland Hill, 334.

Eternal Fellowship in Heaven; an Encourage-
Asking the Way, 61.

ment to Minister to Suffering Christians while
Books, Notices of,

on Earth, 208.
Millie Howard; or, Trust in God, 31.

Exeter Hall Lectures to Young Men, 115.
Thoughts on the Freedom of the Will: with Extracts of Letters from the East, 12, 53.

Remarks on the Rev. James Morison's Lec- Family Happiness, the Elements of, 75.
ture on this Subject, 31.

Future Sin and Future Punishment, 261.
Mornings with my Class : Questions on Pas. George Muller, and the Bristol Orphanage, 263,

sages of Scripture to assist in Bible Teach- 307.
ing, 31.

Ghost Story, A True, 214.
The Flower of the Family, 31.

Glasgow Mission to the Hospital at Scutari,
The National Restoration and Conversion of 23, 56, 92, 121, 159, 187, 219, 253, 285, 317, 346,
the Twelve Tribes of Israel, 31.

Thoughts on Sabbath Schools, 63.

Gleanings from the Mission Field,
Practical Analysis of the Act for better Regis. India Mission of the Church of Scotland-

tration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, Madras, 58.

Baptism of Seven Natives in Connexion with
Christ as made known to the Ancient Church, the Church of Scotland's Mission, Madras, 58.

Bombay, 59.
An Appeal in Behalf of Native Education in Mission to the Jews, 59.
India, 159.

Darmstadt, 59
The Scottish Psalm and Tune Book, 160.

Missions to Turkey, 60.
Recollections of Russia, during Thirty-three The American Board of Foreign Missions, 60.
Years' Residence, 223.

Glasgow Mission to the Hospital at Scutari,
Pilgrimage from the Alps to the Tiber, 256.

92, 121.
The Decalogue: Discourses on the Ten Com. St. Andrews' Students' Missionary Associa.
mandments, 287.

tion, 92.
The Suffering Saviour ; or, Meditations on the Kylius, the Pastor of Simpheropol, 93.
Last Days of Christ upon Earth, 32),

Progress of the Gospel in China, 95.
Doctor Antonio: A Tale, 351.

Church Missionary Society, 96.
Internal History of German Protestantism, Wesleyan Missionary Society, 96.
since the middle of last Century, 379

Sunday School Union, 96.
British Association, The-Its Men, 245, 274. Irish Church Missions, 96.

Its Recreations, 311. Notices of State of Religion and Ministerial
Buenos Ayres, Notices of the State of Religion Labours in Buenos Ayres, 124, 191, 220.
and Ministerial Labour in, 124, 191, 220.

Missions in India, 126.
Ceylon, Missionary Incident in, 297.

Gleanings on the War,-
Chansiel, a Peep across the, 144, 178, 240, 373. Prayer and the War, 17.
Children, Short Sermons for, 268, 296, 329, 368. Outline for United Prayer for the Army, 18.
Christian Baptism and Christian Education, 41. Letters of George Whitefield, 18.
Christian Education in Right Thoughts of God, Christmas in the Trenches, 54.

A Christian Soldier, 55.
Christian Medical Biographies, 107.

A Christian Hero-Colonel Shadforth, b7th
Church of Scotland in the Mission Field, 150. Regiment, 206.
Colonel Rawlinson's Assyrian Discoveries, 250. Fruits of French Evangelization in the Crimean
Correspondents, Notice to, 32.

Army, 206.
Crown Jewel, or the Miser, The, 328.

Harris, the late Richard, Esq , M.P., 201.
Dishonesty in Trade, 345.

Immortality, 30.
Larnestness, 300.

India, the New Education Measure for, 237, 270.


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Intercessory Prayer, 331.

Popular Superstition, Sketch of, 111, 140, 209. Jerusalem Revisited, 81.

Prayer for the Soldier or Sailor abroad by his Matthew vi. 12, Sermon on, 321,

relations at home, 20. Mind of Jesus, the, 117, 338.

Progress of a Penny Savings' Bank, 186. Missionary Record of the Church of Scotland Psalmody, 334, 359. for October, 255.

Reading, 49. Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem, Visit to the, 216. Religion in Common Life, 363. “ No More Sin," 365.

Sabbath School, the First, 77. Note by the Editor, 380.

Sacred Poets, Notes from my Journal- the Crimea, 280.

I. George Herbert, 46, 87, 136, 172. Parables, 327.

II. John Milton, 339. Parish Tracts, 119.

Salvation, the Way of, 343. “Peoples' Day, the," 376.

Scriptures, on the Intelligent Study of the, 168. Perseverance, Sobriety, and Honesty, Illustra. Sensitive Plant, the, 306. tions of, 10.

Sermons byPoetry,

The Rev. J. L. Blake, M.A., Stobo, 1. War, (Coleridge,) 16.

David Brown, St. Bernard's Church, Sonnet, (J. D. Burns,) 19.

Edinburgh, 33. Memorial Lines, (J. D. Burns,) 29.

Alexander Rattray, M.A., Cam. A Remembrance, (J. D. Burns,) 29.

lachio, Glasgow, 65. Reflections on the Lord's Prayer, (Waller,) 52.

Walter Weir, Campbelton, 97. On Charity, 62.

Peter Macmorland, St. Luke's Ch., Humility. (J. D. Burns,) 63.

Edinburgh, 129. : Hymn, (Monsell's Parish Musings,) 80.

William Robertson, Monzievaird On Atheism, 110.

and Strowan, 161. To Blossoms, (Herrick,) 149.

James Craik, D.D., St. George's Peace and War, (Tennyson, ) 171.

Church, Glasgow, 193. The Brook-an Idyl, (Tennyson,) 186.

Archibald Nisbett, St. Stephen's To Daffodils, 206.

Church, Glasgow, 225. To a Wounded Sea-fowl, 209.

W. Herdman, Rattray, 257. The Mother and Child, (Donne,) 236.

David Runciman, D.D., St. Andrew's The Banks in Autumn, 244.

Church, Glasgow, 289. Solitude, (Mrs. Sigourney,) 244.

Thomas Gordon, Newbattle, 353. He Giveth His Beloved Sleep, (E. B. Brown-Shepherd, the Lord is my, 176. ing.) 360.

Sinai and Palestine, 371. Faith, (R. S S. Andros,) 267.

Statistics of Protestant Missions, 320, 350. The Angel of Patience, (J. G. Whittier,) 267. St. Luke, Readings from the Gospel of, 324. Man's Two Enemies, (Francis Quarles,) 273. Stray Thoughts, (from the German,) 269, 295, To the Dying Year, (J. G. Whittier,) 295,

332. The Alpine Flowers, (Mrs. Sigourney,) 326. “Strong in Him," 370. Re-union, 329.

Training, a Few Words on, 71. Industry and Prayer, (Carlos Wilcox,) 333.

Wanderings in Corsica, 21. The Idol, (Anon,) 333..




By the Rev. J. L. BLAKE, A.M., Minister of Stobo.

"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and & King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. In His days Judah shall be sared, and Israel shall dwell safely; and this is His name whereby He shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS."-JEREMIAH xxiii. 5, 6.

"Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us : we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God. For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew 110 sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him."-2 Cor. v. 20, 21.

The apparent contrast between those two , silence preserved before the fiercest accupassages of Scripture is one we frequently sers and tormentors. At one time His find in the prophetical books. And, in- progress is described as a triumphal prodeed, the verses from the Epistle are cession ; again, His humiliation is the parallel to some in the 53d chapter of deepest possible for man. Grace, dignity, Isaiah. It aids us, in taking a compre- and glory, are to crown His head; yet hensive view of the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF reproach and ignominy are wellnigh to CHRIST, to combine the two lights in break His heart. His name is to be the which He is represented by the ancient “ Lord our Righteousness;" and yet He is prophets, and in which He himself, and to be numbered with the transgressore. His apostles, have also spoken of His He is to be a conqueror, leading captivwork, and of its glorious results.

ity itself captive; he is to be a prisoner, Prophecy, at one time, tells of the great under sentence of death. His kingdom and honoured Ruler, with a divinity shall be an everlasting kingdom ; and yet about His power; at another, of the de. He shall suffer a malefactor's doom. A spised and rejected man. Now He is fore- prince of peace—a man of sorrows. The told as a king, with widespread authority; Saviour and friend of man-forsaken and and now as one of the lowliest of the friendless among men. The Holy One earth. We hear of regal preparation and the Just; tortured and condemned heing made for His coming; in the filling at an earthly tribunal, and bruised and up of valleys, the levelling of hills, and put to grief by divine justice !—who, making of highways through the pathless among the wise men of the earth, could desert : but we hear also of His being led have imagined the reconciliation of those as a lamb to the slaughter, and of meek | apparent contradictions, before Messiah

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